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Where to buy Raspberry Pi 4: Pi 4 stock US & UK

Looking for a slice? Here's where to buy Raspberry Pi 4 in all regions

Updated: Apr 6, 2023 1:42 pm
Where to buy Raspberry Pi 4: Pi 4 stock US & UK

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Today we’re going to go over where to buy Raspberry Pi 4, given that there’s still a while to wait before the Raspberry Pi 5 release date.

This means that buying a Raspberry Pi 4 is still a strong value-for-money proposition. Whether you’re into robotics, programming, or any other hobbyist pastime, the Raspberry Pi 4 is the premier mini-computer to make myriad cool stuff.

However, actually getting a hold of one can prove tricky, as the microcomputer circuit board design is so easy to counterfeit that it can be difficult to tell what’s genuine and what’s a weird no-name knock-off.

So, we thought we’d tell you exactly where to buy Raspberry Pi 4 for all regions, as you can’t actually buy the Raspberry Pi 4 from their website, you instead have to go to an approved retailer. Don’t worry, though, as today, we’re going to give you the retailers where you can buy the Raspberry Pi 4 per region.

Raspberry Pi 4 available retailers:

Where to buy Raspberry Pi 4 – US

When it comes to buying the Raspberry Pi 4 in the US, you have, according to the Raspberry pi foundation themselves, 5 options to choose from, and they are, in no particular order:

Where to buy Raspberry Pi 4 – UK

Buying a Raspberry Pi 4 from Blighty also nets you 5 approved options. it seems at this point like the Raspberry pi foundation just isn’t a Jeff Bezos fan.

Where to Buy Raspberry Pi 4 – France

The Marcel Marceau fans out there also have 5 options for buying a Raspberry Pi 4. At this point, it seems like 5 retailers is the sweet spot for David Braben and co.

Where to buy Raspberry Pi 4 – other regions

We can’t list every country here, however, the official Raspberry Pi website has a where to buy tool, which should set you right.

When will Raspberry Pi 4 be in stock?

Stock is an ongoing issue for some but it is region dependent. Certain Raspberry Pi 4 models are harder to get than others but it looks as though stock levels in the US are ok.

How much does the Raspberry Pi cost?

The 8GB DDR4 Raspberry Pi 4 model currently retails for around $75/ €105/£60

Is the Raspberry Pi 4 hard to find?

Yes, it can be tricky to find the Raspberry Pi 4. Stock levels tend to fluctuate due to the popularity of the device. Additionally, the global semiconductor shortage still hasn’t been totally resolved, putting even more strain on the supply chain

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