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Where to buy Sony handheld Project Q – expected retailers & pre order details

Project Q is announced, let's see where to buy one

Updated: May 25, 2023 5:46 pm
Where to buy Sony handheld Project Q

An interesting design choice from Sony with their latest handheld device, so let’s find out where to buy Sony handheld Project Q. This new device should be seeing it’s release date this year according to the recent PlayStation Showcase where Project Q was revealed. It’s certainly got a lot of people talking, for both good and bad reasons (just like any tech reveal).

If this device has piqued your interest, you may actually be wondering where to buy one already. Well, as we said the release date is further down the pipeline, but that doesn’t stop us from showing you some expected retailers. As we grow closer to the launch, pre orders will likely be appearing – and we’ll keep you updated in that regard too.

Where to buy Sony handheld Project Q – expected retailers

Just like the upcoming PlayStation Earbuds, which we’d say garnered just as much (if not more) interest, there are plenty of retailers that should be stocking the handheld Project Q. PlayStation peripherals and accessories like this are commonly sold across multiple retailers – not just directly from Sony themselves. So without further ado, let’s find out where to buy a Project Q.

US – expected retailers

The US is a huge market for PlayStation, and of course PlayStation accessories. Project Q should be stocked in the US by the retailers below.

Canada – expected retailers

We expect much the same for Canada as we can see in the US. However, you do need to account for the different storefronts, where stock can vary between the regions.

UK – expected retailers

Now moving all the way over to the UK. Retailers here aren’t exactly the same as you’d see in North America, so check out the links below if you’re situated in the UK.

Sony handheld Project Q pre order details

To put it frankly, pre order details have yet to appear online. It’s really not been long since Project Q was announced. ‘Project Q’ is likely a codename still, so obviously it’s still early on. However, Sony expects to release this device this year, so pre orders may be showing up sooner than you think.

We’ll be back to update you with any pre order details. In the meantime, you can check the retailers above to see if they start listing the Project Q PlayStation handheld early.

Where to buy Sony handheld Project Q FAQs

What is Sony handheld Project Q called?

Project Q is the current name of the upcoming PlayStation handheld device, but Sony says this is what it’s called ‘internally’, which means it’s likely a codename for now.

Earlier leaks and rumors were calling the device the PlayStation Q Lite.

Is Sony handheld Project Q a standalone console?

No, this new portable handheld, currently named Project Q, is an accessory for the PS5 which uses Remote Play over Wi-Fi.

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