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Where to watch the Nvidia GTC keynote – GeForce Beyond

Project Beyond has been teased for a few weeks so now we see what the GTC keynote will hold

Updated: Sep 20, 2022 11:29 am
Where to watch the Nvidia GTC keynote – GeForce Beyond

The Nvidia GTC keynote is coming up, now named GeForce Beyond it is a likely look into the new generation from Nvidia. Now the keynote is part of GTC a more AI-focused event but that doesn’t stop them from giving us something new.

Although first it was announced as just a GTC keynote it has evolved further. With new teases up to date, we can expect a lot of exciting new hardware to be shown then.

How to watch the Nvidia keynote?

The GTC 2022 event is being streamed on Nvidia’s website and YouTube channel. Although it is a stream it has already been uploaded so it’s unlikely to be a live stream from the event.

Meaning that most of the details will be set already and ready to be announced on the day. So save the date and be ready to watch the new tech it has to show.

The stream is scheduled for 20th September at 16:00 BST/17:00 CEST/8 am PDT.

What to expect from the Nvidia GTC keynote

It is likely that we will see RTX 4000 series news at this keynote. With the recent Project Beyond takeover on its Twitter, Nvidia seems to be teasing the next generation. With a lot of hints to Ada Lovelace which is the expected architecture name of the new architecture.

Although it may announce the new generation, we only really expect to see the RTX 4090. As with the recent GPU market recovering with MSRP pricing after the hike of the shortage, there is now plenty of stock. Which is usually not the case.

So now with an abundance, there is no inventory space for the new cards. Nvidia will want to move the old stock to make space for the newer graphics cards. Which would allow them to charge normal pricing compared to the drops seen in the 30 series. Whilst this time without EVGA as a partner.

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