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Who has the best deals on TVs? Early Black Friday deals arrive

Amazon, Best Buy, Samsung, & Crutchfield are already offering big savings on select TVs

Updated: Nov 7, 2022 3:23 pm
Who has the best deals on TVs Early Black Friday deals arrive min

The coveted best TV deal question doesn’t really have a single answer, the biggest retailers and brands compete daily to get their panel into your living room.

This presents us buyers with rather lovely scenarios, as they compete for our business, the prices seemingly continue to drop. So who has the best deals on TVs you ask? Well, we are actually spoilt for choice.

You are probably aware it is almost Black Friday and TVs are high on the majority of shoppers’ lists when fall arrives. This is largely down to major retailers such as Amazon, Best Buy, and Newegg starting Black Friday sales early.

Who has the best deals on TVs?

It is no secret that the likes of Amazon and Best Buy regularly have deals throughout the year, so we would say they are always a great place to start.

Who else? If for whatever reason you couldn’t find your next television, you may want to spread your search out to Samsung direct, Crutchfield, or if in the UK, Currys.

Now we are a few weeks from Black Friday, all of the above will start to lower prices on select electronics, which in some cases may be locked all the way till the end of Black Friday itself.

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If our top 7 selections don’t suit your needs, check out the best deals from retailers below:

Top 7 early Black Friday TV deals 2022

Whether you are looking for an upgrade on your current panel technology, want the latest 8K TV, or fancy completing that home theatre setup, these are the best deals currently live.

This high-end, 4K, Mini-LED, QLED model from TCL is now under $1000, a steal. For those that love to create the ultimate home viewing experience, whether it’s just for your stories, sports, or the occasional family film, this would be perfect.

Arguably one of the best 8K TVs on the market with some of the latest and greatest technology all rolled into one. NEO QLED and the accompanying ‘Infinity Screen’ gives buyers one of the best home theatre experiences possible.

Featuring Quantum Matrix Pro with Mini LEDs, you are looking at ultra-fine precision for intense contrast and all the colors you can think of.

Sony needs little introduction when it comes to TVs, as their Bravia XR line is up there with the best. The beauty of OLED shines with this panel and the depth this smart TV can go to will satisfy your needs for years to come.

Quality doesn’t always have to mean thousands of dollars. The QN50Q60B holds a lot of value and gives you the QLED experience for much less. Featuring Quantum Dot and Quantum HDR 10, you can expect 100% color volume, plus extended contrast and brightness.

LG’s C2 is arguably one of the best TVs on the market, offering a high-end experience that doesn’t break the bank. This TV makes any viewing experience a top-class one, with a 4K resolution, 120Hz refresh rate, and Dolby Vision IQ/ Dolby Atmos giving you everything you need for a quiet night in.

Samsungs NEO QLED panel is back, this time for those in the UK. Currys are slashing £500 off this high-end 55-inch model, featuring Quantum HDR 2000 which will give you some of the best color and contrasts available at this price.

For those on a strict budget that want to experience 4K, this model from TCL could be right up your street. A 50-inch panel, 4K resolution, basic HDR capabilities, and smart technology at its core, give you everything you need to enjoy those films in a crisp manner.

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