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Why CS2 should have a league system like Valorant Premier

Do you think a CS2 league would be good?

Updated: May 17, 2023 10:28 am
Why CS2 should have a league system like Valorant Premier

Valorant’s latest integration is that of a League-like system. Where teams of 4 players can compete weekly for points that eventually amount to prizes. Seems like a hoot for those who play Valorant, but what do we CS:GO players get? Here’s why CS2 should have a league system like Valorant Premier.

Not long to wait for the release of CS2, would you like to see some sort of league system? Let us know how you feel.

What is Valorant Premire?

Valorant Premire allows a team of 4 to compete in two weekly matches of pre-determined maps for points. Players will be placed in divisions based on the MMR of their top players. A win will grant your team 100 points, whereas a loss will grant your team only 25.

Teams with 375+ points or a minimum standing of 3-3 will clash in a double elimination tournament bracket at the end of 4 weeks, for the chance to win a banner! You read correctly, a banner!

Why CS2 should have a league

You could argue that CS:GO already has competitive game mods, and you get rewarded with a rank for being proficient in those modes, but wouldn’t it be fun to gather 4 more of your friends and compete in a league just like the pros in CS2?

The league could be a part of an operation, or happen every few months, Valorant has gotten this right, we think that Valorant Premire is a step in the right direction for a game of that caliber and something similar could only help CS2 go down in the history books.

What could you win in a CS2 league?

Maybe the reward could be a skin for the league, or a banner offering some profile customization within CS2. We’re not game developers, but the point is that a feature like this could enrich the gameplay of CS2 further beyond any sort of graphical bump. Food for thought.

Final Word

Valorant’s integration of the League-like system, Valorant Premier, allows teams of 4 players to compete for points and prizes. CS:GO players may wonder why they don’t have a similar league system in CS2. Implementing a league in CS2, similar to Valorant Premier, would provide an exciting opportunity for players to compete like the pros.

The league could be part of an operation or occur periodically, enhancing the gameplay experience. Potential rewards could include league-themed skins or banners for profile customization, adding depth to the game beyond graphical enhancements.

I like what CS2 is shaping up to be, regardless of whether Valve decides to add a sort of league system for the little guys. We think it’d be cool to play like the pros in a tournament-style event. This was why CS2 should have a league system like Valorant Premier.

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