Could AMD Be Set to Refresh the Ryzen 3000 Lineup?

There has been an interesting little rumour going around that AMD could be looking to refresh their Ryzen 3000 lineup with a couple of new SKUs. This all came about when Twitter user HXL posted a list of names for the new Ryzen 3000 SKUs.

These refreshed processors will apparently be the 3750X and 3850X if this rumour proves to be correct. The dates mentioned in the tweet could be when we see this refresh land. However, originally it seems these dates referred to the AMD B550 motherboard launch, so we can’t be sure. 

Was This Rumour Just Confirmed by Gigabyte?

It’s always worth taking Twitter rumpus with a huge pinch of salt but in this case, we may have seen some confirmation from Gigabyte. They appeared to indirectly mention this Matisse Refresh during their B550 presentation by having a “Matisse & Refresh” listed alongside “Vermeer” and “Renoir” APUs. 

Gigabyte news

Although this doesn’t look like the most convincing slide we’ve ever seen, it does get us wondering if there’s any stock in these rumours after all. 

Final Word

It’s an interesting rumour for sure, but it looks like we’ll have to wait and see with this one. If we do see a refresh of these two processors, it will be interesting to see where they fall in the market and what kind of improvements they’ll gain. 

We’ll be on the lookout for any more information concerning this Matisse refresh and be sure to let you know if we find anything. What do you think of these rumours? Do you see a need for the refresh or do you think there is a pretty slim chance of this happening? Let us know down in the comments section below.