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Will Crash come to MW2? Players are begging, and we couldn’t agree more

Will the fan-favorite return?

Updated: Mar 29, 2023 2:19 pm
Will Crash come to MW2? Players are begging, and we couldn’t agree more

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There seems to be an outcry of support for the idea of Crash coming to the latest game in the cod franchise, MW2, and here at WePC, we couldn’t agree more.

Long time fans of the Call of Duty series of games will no doubt have fond memories of the original Cod 4 map, Crash. You know the one, dusty war-torn town with a CRASHed, bisected helicopter as a central focal point.

According to a very popular recent post on on the r/ModernWarfareII subreddit, it seems like the community is yearning for this map to make a reappearance in MW2. Well, initial yearning, which inevitably turned into arguments: Because that’s the Reddit way!

crash mw2 2022

The downed sea knight helicopter, predictably, was the location of the B flag in games modes like domination, meaning that there were grenades exploding there every 5 seconds, and if you somehow survived the explosion, you’d be put down by a camper with an M40A3 from the roof of the adjacent building.

As, you can tell, we have a lot of deeply ingrained good memories of this map, as we do with most of the cod 4 maps, with the exception of Bog. Bog sucks.

will crash come to mw2

Will Crash come to MW2? It’s possible

Crash was one of the original 16 maps included with the base Call of Duty: Modern warfare game, released way back in November of 2007. Since then, Crash has made a few reappearances in various releases in the Modern Warfare series.

In fact, according to CallofDutyMaps.com, probably the highest authority on this subject, there has been 6 versions of the Crash map. 6!

The map as standard has appeared 5 times, in the original cod 4, original MW2, Modern Warfare remastered, and Call of Duty: Mobile. There was also a festive version covered in snow and fairy lights. There was even a Christmas tree, irrigated with the blood of your foes.

winter crash mw2

Anyway. The point is, the Call of Duty franchise is no strangers to re-releasing fan-favorite maps. After all, it’s been 16 years since Cod 4 came out, and we still can’t escape the killstreak chaos of Shipment. So, there’s certainly a precedent.

However, there might be maps higher up on the Wishlist for Call of Duty fans, like Bog. Just kidding, Bog still sucks.

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