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Will From Software Be Developing Popular Anime Games?

The end of From Software as we know it?

Updated: May 13, 2022 6:33 am
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From Software is the developer behind popular soulslike games like Elden Ring, Dark Souls, Demon Souls, and more. Kadokawa Corporation is planning on using some of their internal gaming studios including From Software to create licensed Anime games for consoles.

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The End of From Software as We Know It?

After the financial report from Kadokawa there is emphasis on the isekai genre.

From Software JPG

This decision is made due to the success of games like ReZero. There is no guarantee that From Software will only do this type of games. They might only help a little with the development.

Player’s opinions seem to be divided. Some think that it might be a good decision with a lot of possibilities. From Software experience can be used to make these games bigger and better.

A From Software Re:Zero game Isekai-Soulslike! LET’S FUCKING GOOOO! ~Helix

On the other hand some fans are not as excited and fear for the future of the developers.

If I see FromSoft being wasted on a generic isekai/light novel dreg. I will be joining Three Fingers and ending this horrid reality. ~Dust

I personally hope that the help of From Software is minimal. Elden Ring has been a smash hit, with a lot of new players joining the soulslike genre. From Software really nailed this one when it comes to accessibility and fun from the gameplay. They made us at WePC very excited about the future of their games. It would be a shame if they were occupied with creating only isekai games.

However, if they were involved mostly in helping out with creating of such games. If they are still able to do their own projects then it is fine by me as long as there is no excessive crunch in the company.

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