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Will NBA 2K22 Be Delayed?

Growing concerns about the lack of marketing material from the NBA 2k22 game has people thinking a delay is imminent

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Growing concerns over a potential NBA 2K22 delay are starting to snowball within the game’s fanbase. Whilst fans can pre-order the game and have an official release date, the lack of marketing material (trailer, gameplay footage) has some individuals thinking the game is set for a lengthy delay.

Will NBA 2K22 Be Delayed?

At the time of writing this, we’re around 3 weeks away from the official release of the latest NBA game from 2K Games. Despite the game being only weeks away, fans of the franchise have yet to see any solid marketing material.

The ‘official’ trailer was released some time ago now, showcasing very little game footage. It was more of a reveal video than an official game trailer. Again, at this time of year, you’d expect the game to be fully marketed and ready for high pre-order levels. That just doesn’t feel like its the case

As of now, all we’ve received is the same screenshots of ‘new player graphics’ that have been doing the rounds for some time now.

It’s safe to say, the lack of official game content has sparked anger amongst the community – with many Tweeters voicing their opinions on the matter.

To further strengthen the chances of delay, we can look back 5 years to when NBA Playgrounds was delayed at the last minute.

In that case, marketing material was lacking and the game’s developers (Sabia Interactive) ended up delaying the game at the last minute – as 2K Games wanted to add additional features and gameplay changes.

NBA 2K22 Release Date

The original release date for NBA 2K22 was set for September 10th, 2021. Pre-orders are now live and fans of the game can purchase it before seeing any gameplay footage or an official trailer – strange.

Whether or not the game will officially launch on that date is still unknown. However, with lack of actual content, the chances of a delay are starting to increase.

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