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Windows 11 is getting a huge ‘Sun Valley 2’ update in 2022

Microsoft looks to rehaul Windows 11 sooner than you think.

Updated: Dec 31, 2021 11:23 am
Windows 11

With Windows 11 having officially launched earlier this year, it’s not unsurprising to see Microsoft’s brand-new OS getting its first major update, which may be coming sooner than anyone thinks. Windows 11 launched with a handful of issues, which we hope will be addressed in the purported forthcoming updates. This news comes from reliable leaker @Shadow_Leak on Twitter.


When is the next Windows 11 update going to be released?

According to the tweet from Shadow_Leak, the next major Windows 11 update will be released in Summer 2022. This is not entirely unexpected, as the OS launched with a handful of issues. Meaning that uplift on the brand-new OS may have been slow, to begin with. With this new update, we could be seeing more people using Windows 11 once it sorts its own stability issues out. It still remains to be seen if Microsoft is actually going to address users biggest complaints with Windows 11, or not.

What is the new Windows 11 update called?

The new Windows 11 update due Summer 2022 is being developed under the code name ‘Sun Valley 2’. This is incredibly interesting, as this shares the same name as Windows 11 itself from rumors swirling around in mid-2021. Due to the naming, this looks to be a major rehaul, where we could also potentially see some aspects of the UI changing, too.

What will be updated in the new Windows 11 update?

Our best bet is a handful of stability and bug fixes, which may fix many common Windows 11 issues. The intention of the update will be to ensure that the OS is as stable as possible in order to ensure that more users move to Windows 11, rather than sticking with the now-mature Windows 10 OS. Additionally, the naming of the project internally being ‘Sun Valley 2’ means that we could also be seeing potential UI updates, too. If you already have Windows 11, be sure to check out our optimization guide. Alternatively, if for whatever reason you do not want to update Windows 11, we’ve got you covered there, too.

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