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Displace set to unveil first wireless OLED TV at CES 2023

Learn more about the exciting new wireless OLED TV from Displace

Updated: Jan 4, 2023 11:44 am
Displace set to unveil first wireless OLED TV at CES 2023

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If you want to know about the announcement of the world’s first truly wireless OLED TV at CES 2023 then you’re in the right place.

CES is the biggest consumer tech event of the year and every CES has new technology to wow. In 2022 CES was marked by VR and Metaverse announcements and it looks like 2023 will delve into the realm of AI and transport.

That being said we’ve already started to see some exciting news in the world of TVs. LG have already announced significant updates to their range of OLED TVs. Perhaps the most innovative news for the TV market has come from a relatively unknown company from the USA, Displace.

Displace have announced the release of what they’re calling the first “truly wireless” OLED TV to hit the market. This is undoubtedly an exciting prospect so let’s delve into what we know about this exciting new wireless OLED TV.

A truly wireless OLED TV from Displace

I’m sure, like us, your interest has been piqued by the prospect of a truly wireless 55″ 4K OLED TV but what exactly does displace mean by that?

Before you start making plans for taking your new TV on extended road trips or down to the beach to watch the game we have to let you know that this new TV isn’t perhaps as wireless as you might be hoping. Displace’s TV runs on swappable batteries and does indeed have no wires connected to the screen itself. However, the screen must remain close to a base unit which must be connected to an electrical outlet and wifi.

Displace claim their TV has an impressive month-long battery life based on average 6-hour-a-day usage. There is however no indication yet of how long the TV’s batteries may take to charge.

Remote controls are deemed an unnecessary addition here with Displaced having developed a system for interacting with hand gestures. You can alternatively utilize voice commands to navigate the TV.

We think the most exciting proposed features of this TV are its active-loop vacuum technology and seamless ability to link with other Displace TVs. Active-loop vacuum technology in combination with its light weight means this TV will require no wall mounting. Displace have also announced the ability to combine multiple TVs to create a bigger, higher-resolution display.

We think these features will make the TV a great prospect for artistic endeavors and minimalist spaces. The lack of messy wires are ease of setup in new places will make this a rather slick bit of kit.

Displace’s TV goes up for preorder on January 5th and we’re excited to learn more at CES 2023.

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