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Witchfire Gets Gameplay At Summer Game Fest

Updated: Jun 9, 2022 7:39 pm
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After a full five years, Witchfire has been shown off at Summer Game Fest. The game got a full gameplay trailer for the game.

Witchfire had a gameplay demo shown off at Summer Game Fest that was a demonstration of Witchfire, a dark-fantasy shooter. The Witchfire blog post states the following:

PC, Early Access, Fourth Quarter of 2022. Final release/platforms: TBD. Why Early Access? Well, this is something that never made any sense for basically any games we’ve worked on before? How exactly would EA work for a game like Bulletstorm or The Vanishing of Ethan Carter. But it makes total sense for Witchfire. A game with world-building and lore, but heavily focused on the roguelite gameplay loop. We’re looking to how Hades or Dead Cells or Risk of Rain 2 or other notable roguelites did it, and will most likely combine elements of these paths to reach the full release.”

What is Witchfire?

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Witchfire was revealed back in 2017, and has been relatively radio silent since then. However as of today the team has finally shown us more of the title. The team over at The Astronauts have been hard at work on the game, so hopefully the game releases in an early access format sooner rather than later.

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