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WWE 2K22 Gameplay – Full Match Showcase

A whole match with a lot of new features showcased at the first ringside report from WWE 2K22.

Updated: Feb 3, 2022 7:16 am
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Official match gameplay of WWE 2K22 was showcased at the first Ringside Report episode on the official WWE 2K channel. The developers showed us the whole match between the cover star Rey Mysterio and the current WWE United States Champion Damian Priest.

The first thing covered was the new animation system. It serves the purpose to make the gameplay much smoother than before. A lot of new transition animations were added to the game to make the game fluid.

New physics mechanics that were also added to the game allow for more realistic experience than ever before with not only characters reacting to the moves but also props, weapons, and other elements of the ring. For example, in this year’s WWE 2K game players will be able to destroy weapons by hitting their opponents with them. A chair might bend, and a kendo stick may break in half.

Barricades and other environments will not break with a set animation but according to the player’s position as well as characters performing and receiving the moves.

One of the most notable changes this year is also brand-new controls. Players have designated buttons for light and heavy attacks, grapples, reversals, and dodging. This time reversals only counter light and heavy attacks. You can also try and dodge a specific action, but this will require you to bend your thumbstick in the opposite direction to the move that is being used your way.

WWE 2K22 will also feature Combos which are superstar-specific combinations of moves. For example, you Grapple your opponent then execute a Light, Heavy, Light attack or Light, Heavy, Heavy attack.

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