The PC Xbox App Has Begun Mod Support

Xbox Game Pass for PC is one of the better ideas to come from the Xbox house in recent years, but with the arrival of Xbox games on PC, so too arrived the launcher which presented some unique problems for PC users that were hard to ignore.

However, one feature that gamers had been sorely missing on PC looks like it’s going to be introduced into the beta Xbox app; that feature being mod support. Mod support is something that has long been called for within the console gaming sphere, with lots of different gamers recognizing the potential for mod support on (what have been up until now) console-exclusive games.

The new patch to the beta Xbox app allows users to do just this. After navigating to a game’s dedicated page, you will be able to select an option that enables mods – and after accepting a warning, you’re fully capable of opening up that game’s file structure and layout so that you can insert whatever mods you want into the game.

Whilst the feature is still in its infancy, it’s definitely welcome in the app. There are plenty of games that can be made better via the inclusion of mods, and it sets a promising precedent concerning the future of the Game Pass on PC. Think about how in the future for example all first-party Xbox games will be coming to Game Pass, and that these games are going to be playable on PC as they are on console.

Basically, in the future, if you feel the performance of a game on the console could be improved with some added aftermarket mods, you can take to your PC in order to fiddle with the game’s files as you like, enhancing your in-game experience.

Whilst the mod support is only available currently on Into the Breach and Phantasy Star Online 2, Microsoft has promised that there will be a greater level of support for mods on the platform in the future – how far this is going to extend isn’t clear at this stage, but here’s hoping the way is paved for previous-generation Xbox games receiving mod support, and some level of mod integration appearing on the next Xbox console rather than being restricted to PC.