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Xbox Series S Screen Attachment – Make Your Xbox Portable

What's the fuss about this new portable Xbox screen

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There will be a few of you console lovers out there that have considered buying a portable gaming monitor for your Xbox or PlayStation but probably decided against it. Well, UPspec Gaming has developed something quite revolutionary that may take the portable gaming industry by storm, a screen that turns your Xbox Series S into a portable gaming device!

The Xbox Series S is Microsoft’s compact model, a very lightweight console that is quite easy to carry, especially when you compare it to the bulky PS5. With this design, a screen attachment actually starts to make sense, almost turning the Xbox Series S into a powerful gaming laptop that you could take anywhere.

So What Is The Xbox Series S Screen Attachment?

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The xScreen, developed by UPspec Gaming is on Kickstarter and apparently was fully funded in as little as 20 minutes when it went live! The xScreen is an attachable screen that essentially converts your Xbox into a portable gaming device. The screen is 11.6 inches, 1080p, and features an IPS panel with a 60Hz refresh rate, not bad. The product also comes with built-in speakers and plugs directly into the HDMI/ USB ports on the back of the Xbox.

The screen comes with a pass-through, so you can still plug in the power cable or a storage expansion card, however, the main feature is that the xScreen doesn’t require its own power source! The screen can fold down, like a laptop, for greater functionality, and apparently, the whole device may be able to fit inside a large laptop bag.

It looks as though Kickstarter backers may receive the screen attachment by January 2022 but we are unsure when this may come to market.

Buy An Xbox Series S In Preparation For the Launch

Preorders for the Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X are live, here’s where you can pick one up, but be quick, because stock is extremely limited.

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