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Xbox Series X Boot Time Cut Down By New Update

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Updated: Jul 25, 2022 1:31 pm
Xbox Series X Boot Time Cut Down By New Update

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Xbox Series X is already an incredibly fast console, as is the Xbox Series S. Yet Microsoft has found a way to make them even faster it seems.

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Microsoft has pushed an update that will cause the booting process for both consoles to be a full five seconds faster than previously.

Xbox Series X Becomes Even Faster

As stated by the Director of Integrated Marketing over at Xbox:

Can confirm- worked with Harrison Hoffman and Jake Rose to create a shorter boot up animation (-4s) from the original boot up animation (-9s), helping to reduce the overall startup time.”

In order to reap the full benefits of this new update though, you’ll need to set your console to Energy Saver mode rather than the standard of Standby mode. This is basically the difference between shutting down your computer and putting it in sleep mode.

These changes will make the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S boot times a measly fifteen seconds, down from the already rather impressive twenty seconds.

The Benefits Of An Xbox Console

Xbox Series X Boot Time
Xbox Series X

This will no doubt entice even more people to purchase an Xbox Series X or an Xbox Series S, adding to the already existing draw of Xbox Gamepass.

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Gamepass offers a massive catalog of games for players to choose from and download, meaning that you can jump straight into a game the second you unbox the console. All you have to do is download the game itself and you can get going.

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