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Genshin Impact video teases Yelan, Yunjin, and FuHua as possible new characters

Are Yunjin and Yelan coming to Genshin Impact as part of 2.2 update?

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Yunjin and Yelan are two Genshin Impact characters that we can assume will soon be added to Mihoyo’s increasingly abundant gacha MMORPG. The duo have been teased in a new video which sets the story for the upcoming Moonchase Festival event, which is scheduled to take place in a few weeks in the city of Liyue Harbor.

The Moonchase Festival video goes into a lot of backstory about the event, focusing on how the Stove God (aka Guoba) founded Liyue Harbor. Both Yelan and Yunjin appear in the background of the video, which has caused many to suggest that they are destined for greater things. Whether Yunjin and Yelan become playable characters in Genshin Impact as part of the 2.2 update remains to be seen, but we live in hope.

We’ve posted the video below, but if you what to avoid spoilers ahead of the event starting, you might want to skip past.

Observant fans have noticed the similarities between Yelan and Yunjin and Fu Hua. Fu Hua is a character in Genshin Impact’s sister game Honkai Impact, who’s unlikely to make the crossover.

We’ll keep you updated about the future fate of Yunjin and Yelan (and FuHua, if appropriate), but for more details and speculation about the highly anticipated Genshin Impact 2.2 update, we have all you need to know.

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