Roblox YouTube Simulator X Codes (January 2022)

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roblox youtube sim x 2

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UPDATE: January 2022 — There haven’t been many new codes in the last few months, but we’ve listed below those codes that are still redeemable as of January 2022 and have removed those which have expired. Keep checking back in for more codes as soon as they’re available.

YouTube Simulator X Codes and Rewards:

Code (Case sensitive)Reward
GHOSTGhost decoration
PUMPKINJack O’ Lantern decoration
fatMakes your avatar wider
flatMakes your avatar thinner
tallMakes your avatar taller

Roblox continues to baffle and amuse me, as I have absolutely no idea what YouTube Simulator X actually is. It looks like The Sims, but also still seems to incorporate the idea of having to be a YouTuber, but then it also somehow includes miniguns?!

I feel like Principle Skinner. Maybe Abe Simpson.

Either way, this appears to be the latest trend on Roblox and, other than the guy that made it appears to be incredibly enthusiastic about the game, it does come with some codes for you to get the edge on your friends and others on your server. I think.

roblox youtubesim x drink

I asked two younger people, aged 16 and 17, for answers about YouTube Simulator X, but – at 9:30 am – the two teenagers were rightfully still asleep. When they eventually woke some time in the afternoon, what they tried to tell me about milk and green drinks still didn’t make a lot of sense. Those codes have now expired anyway, so who knows if strange-colored beverages gave any competitive advantage when making an imaginary YouTube channel.

Outside of YouTube Simulator X, Roblox continues to confuse and entertain, with codes for the popular One Piece knockoff being reported on recently.