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Overclockers UK Cyber Monday deals 2021

Want to make the most of the Best Overclockers UK Cyber Monday deals?

Updated: Nov 29, 2021 11:00 am
Overclockers UK Cyber Monday deals 2021

Want to make the most of the Best Overclockers UK Cyber Monday deals? We’re here to help. Easily the most recognized PC component outlet in the UK, Overclockers has been sourcing enthusiasts with GPUs, CPUs, and all manner of other PC building parts for years.

Overclockers’ high standing amongst PC enthusiasts is chiefly due to the broad selection of parts the retailer carries allied to fast shipping and some of the best post-sale service in the game. If it exists, Overclockers has it, whether you’re looking for a choice storage upgrade, a nippy CPU for your new build, or top-of-the-line cooling gear to keep your rig nice and cool.

Where do we expect the best Overclockers UK Cyber Monday deals?

US US Deals
UK UK Deals
Canada Canada Deals
More Deals Coming Soon!

Historically, Overclockers axes prices on SSDs, CPUs, cases, motherboards, peripherals like VR headsets, and much more. Unfortunately for those hoping for a flood of new GPU stock just in time for Cyber Monday, we can confidently say that Overclockers won’t be discounting any graphics cards this year.

But, not all is lost, as a big part of Overclockers UK’s business is pre-built PCs geared towards gaming, office work, and home use. Overclockers’ builds feature AMD, NVIDIA, and Intel hardware in all manner of configurations, including those elusive Radeon and GeForce GPUs.

Demand for these has shot up over the past 18 months as they currently represent the single most reliable path to securing a GPU at a more or less reasonable price. We expect Overclockers UK to pull out its best deals on pre-builds featuring both the latest RTX and Radeon GPUs, as well as older 16 and 20-series NVIDIA cards.

What are the best Overclockers UK Cyber Monday deals?

The global chip shortage and supply chain woes mean this Cyber Monday will be a peculiar one. There will be deals aplenty at Overclockers UK, but minimal stock. As such, you’ll need to be on the ball to count among the lucky few to snap up a shiny new PC or component at a great price.

We’ve trawled through the outlet’s Cyber Monday offering to bring you the best Overclockers UK Cyber Monday deals, which you’ll find in a neatly ordered list just below.

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