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ASUS PBA – Maximum performance prebuilt PCs powered by ASUS 

ASUS PBA - bringing the best to the prebuilt market.

Updated: Apr 15, 2024 12:17 pm
ASUS PBA – Maximum performance prebuilt PCs powered by ASUS 

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ASUS PBA is here, and it’s changing the game. ASUS, as we know is the proprietor of some of the best PC hardware and peripherals on the market. The ASUS brand is known for breaking down barriers and exceeding expectations when it comes to high-performance components.

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Normally, the very top end of ASUS’s arsenal is reserved for custom PC builders, avid enthusiasts, and the people who must have the very best. But with PBA, that all changes. 

By now you must be asking yourself, what is ASUS PBA? Well, you’re not alone. Over 90% of the consumer market hasn’t the foggiest idea of what ASUS PBA is, or what it entails. That’s all about to change for you. 

What is ASUS PBA? 

PBA stands for “Powered by ASUS” and is a new series and certification that extends ASUS’ commitment to bringing the very best quality into the prebuilt PC market.  

These systems are constructed by award-winning manufacturers, using only the best ASUS and ROG hardware. 


Not only that, the PBA certification extends to the capabilities of the machine, if it’s stated to be a “high-end gaming machine” then it is. If it’s stated that a system is “built for 1080p gaming”, then it must be. It’s not just marketing mumbo jumbo. You get a PC that will serve its purpose and beyond from some of the best system integrators in the market. 

PBA is split into 3 categories, catering to different end-user needs:

What makes a build “Powered by ASUS”? 

A build that is powered by ASUS, is exactly that, it’s a PC that contains hardware designed and manufactured by ASUS. Most of the components that do all the heavy lifting in the system will more than likely be manufactured by ASUS. 

These parts may include, but not be limited to: 

  • Power supply
  • Motherboard
  • GPU
  • CPU cooler
  • Case

PBA even offers prebuilt with exclusive or “harder to find” products, such as EVA, Gundam, and the Soul Eater line of hardware. These can be incredibly hard to find, not to mention expensive when you do, but ASUS has teamed up with three amazing UK-based partners to bring you this limited hardware in readily available systems across the web. 

The Powered By ASUS name extends beyond the system itself and into peripherals and monitors. 

The PBA certification also ensures that the PC in question performs as stated in the promotional material. A “High-end PC” will be just that, no more, no less. That’s the PBA guarantee.

Who are the Powered by ASUS “Powered Partners”? 

The Powered by ASUS program has multiple leading UK partners currently. These include a PCSpecialist, (where our prebuilt today is from), Scan, eBuyer, OCUK, Stormforce, and More. As you can see, only the biggest names in PC prebuilt manufacturing are featured here.

These are the partners you’d expect to find a PBA PC, remember, the PBA guarantee is not only the fact that the PC is packed to the brim of ASUS’s greatest hardware, but it’s a promise. The PBA certification ensures that the prebuilt PC you’re looking at can actually do what it says it can. 

How PBA can stand out from just another build

PBA systems can also stand out from the crowd in a very unique way, IP collaborations!
Over the years ASUS has worked with iconic anime/manga themes such as Gundam, Demon Slayer, and most recently Evangelion!

PBA partners such as PC Specialist also offer custom water-cooled designs, offering the best performance to match the craftsmanship of their builds. 

PBA Hyperion PRO – By PCSpecialist 

We actually have a PBA prebuilt PC in the house with us, that we have put through an extensive testing process to determine whether or not it’s worth the press. 

ASUS PBA prebuilt

The Hyperion-PRO truly is powered by ASUS, featuring an ASUS motherboard and graphics card. Specifically, the ASUS TUF x570-PLUS and the ASUS ROG STRIX 3070Ti, are easily two of the most important components of any PC. Excluding the CPU, of course. 

The full range of hardware that is contained within the Hyperion is as follows: 

  • AMD Ryzen 7 5800X
  • 16GB Corsair VENGEANCE RGB PRO 3200MHz
  • 256GB PCS PCIe M.2 SSD
  • Corsair RM850e PUS

These components put together make for a pretty capable system, utilizing pretty much the best value-for-money parts you could get your hands on in the last generation. 

One thing we have to note is the use of non-proprietary parts. There’s nothing we hate more than a prebuilt manufacturer who locks its users into the current setup. The way manufacturers do this, is by building the case or motherboard to accept a non-standard configuration, preventing the consumers from upgrading their own rigs. 

We’re happy to report that the Hyperion uses off-the-shelf parts, there’s nothing proprietary about it. 

But how does the Hyperion-PRO perform? Let’s take a deeper dive into the performance of the PBA Hyperion PRO. 

PBA Hyperion PRO – Performance

We put the Hyperion through a pretty standard set of tests, half of which consisted of a  synthetic component, and the other half a real-world component. We tested in as much of a controlled environment as possible and used only the hardware within the Hyperion PRO. 

First up then, is the synthetics. 

Synthetic benchmarks 

The synthetic benchmarks consisted of Cinebench R23, CPU-Z, Geekbench 5, and Timespy from 3DMARK. 

On the surface, they appear to be standard CPU synthetic benchmarks, and they are. But there’s more than just CPU performance that goes into scoring a CPU on performance. Motherboards, power delivery, and CPU cooling can all have an effect on your CPU score. 

The aim here is to decide whether ASUS and PCSpecialist can put together a combination of parts that work well together. 

The scores for the synthetic tests are as follows: 

Asus Prebuilt Synthetic Benchmarks CPU

These scores are pretty good, well within the range, we’d expect a 5800X to perform. The cooling seems to be adequate for the 5800X under synthetic testing conditions. The 5800X is a phenomenal CPU and is well placed in the TUF X570-PLUS motherboard from ASUS. 

The X570 is the chipset designed for the likes of the 5000 series. This ensures the CPU is properly supported, gets the right amount of power when it’s needed, and is packed full of all the latest features, 

An interesting point appears when we perform our synthetic 3DMARK test. The scores are as follows: 

Asus Prebuilt Synthetic Benchmarks GPU

The 3DMARK Timespy scores indicate that the system is actually performing a good 3% above the average compared with systems that feature the same components. That means that yet again ASUS and PCSpecialist have managed to put together a capable system. 

Real-world benchmarks 

The real-world benchmarks we speak of are just games. No fancy algorithms or software are required here, just good old-fashioned gaming. This test helps us gain an understanding of how well the Hyperion will perform when given a real-world load. 

The games were all tested at 1440p with the MAX setting preset, all apart from Cyberpunk 2077, which was set to high. We wanted to test the PC not kill it. 

Here are the results of the testing: 

Asus Prebuilt Real World Gaming Benchmarks

As you can see, the Hyperion produces a sea of incredibly playable framerates, there isn’t a game on the list that drops below 60 FPS average. Quite an achievement when you consider the games are all running Max settings at 1440p. 

If you were to drop the resolution down to 1080p, you’d easily add another 20% on top of those FPS numbers. 

The proof is in the pudding, this prebuilt PC is definitely Powered by ASUS. This is the kind of performance we have come to expect out of ASUS. 

PBA Hyperion PRO – Build quality 

The Hyperion, as we have previously mentioned, has been constructed with an arsenal of ASUS and Corsair components on the inside. But how is the overall build quality? 

We understand that construction and packing are more to do with PCSpecialist. But since ASUS has given its stamp of approval to this company, we’re treating this partner as an extension of ASUS itself. 

We examined the Hyperion from inside to outside, placing everything we could think of under the most intense scrutiny. As ASUS prides itself on quality, we wanted to ensure that translated into the products it sent out to its customers. 

When the Hyperion arrived, it was neatly boxed and packed full of protective packing materials. As you’d expect. As a result, the case was undamaged. 

Everything was assembled and connected properly inside the case, the cable management around the front left a little to be desired, and there were a few free cables. However, the cable management around the back was as neat as a pin. 

Essentials inside the BIOS were properly configured, such as Boot order, D.O.C.P, and PBO. It’s very common for PC prebuilt manufacturers to forget to go back into the BIOS and properly configure its settings for the hardware installed in the PC. This can result in performance losses as the hardware is not fully utilized. Thankfully, this was not the case here. 

The Hyperion PRO gets our seal of approval. 

The conclusion – Powered by ASUS 

Well, the prebuilt PC sent to us certainly gets a thumbs up from us. We weren’t always a fan of pre-made machines, but this is because manufacturers liked to include preparatory parts inside their PCs to inhibit upgradability. There is no such case here. 

ASUS seems to be instilling trust in its partners to deliver the same care and quality it would on its own products. So far, PCSpecialist seems to be holding true to that and providing a quality product. 

This is one of the best results we have seen in a while and is a true testament to ASUS and the partners it has made to bring you the best PC hardware on offer.

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