Best 240hz Monitors in 2019

Best 240Hz monitors in 2019

Quite a few years ago with the release of 144Hz monitors, gamers couldn't believe their collective eyes and anyone who moved from a 60hz to a 144Hz monitor wouldn't dream of going back now. Going to 240Hz is similar in the sense it’s a quicker response time but the noticeable difference is much smaller and it's one of those things you would have to try for yourself to see if it's worth it aside from the fact its an investment in the future.

What is a 240hz monitor?

Let's start with what a refresh rate is, a refresh rate is simply the number of times the monitor refreshes the image on display every second and can be thought of like FPS on your graphics card. The refresh rate is referred to as Hertz(Hz) and for example, a 240Hz monitor will refresh the page you see 240 times a second.

A 240Hz gaming monitor is a holy grail for gamers out there as it offers a fantastically high refresh rate that was unheard of up until a few years ago. When you pair this technology with G-sync, Freesync, and a decent graphics card you are going to be getting an insane display for your games.

What are the benefits?

Upgrading your monitor to a higher refresh rate will always bring you benefits with the only downside being the cost of the technology.

  • High Refresh Rate. 240hz is one of the highest refresh rates gamers can enjoy. Although going from 144Hz to 240Hz isn't as noticeable as going from 60-144 it’s a much smoother gaming experience. Motion feels fluid in games and it provides a fantastic crisp display.

  • Packed With Features. These monitors come with some excellent compatibility to different technologies such as G-sync and Freesync. They sometimes feature some brilliant stands with added customisation, cable management solutions and pass-throughs for some of your peripherals.

  • Built With Gaming In Mind. Lower latency means FPS gaming feels highly responsive and can give competitive players an edge.

Our 4 Best 240hz Gaming Monitors

Product Details

BenQ ZOWIE XL2740 240Hz

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    The BeastASUS ROG Strix XG258Q

    ASUS ROG Strix XG258Q

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      The HeavyAlienware AW2720HF

      Alienware AW2720HF

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        Best BudgetAcer XF250Q Cbmiiprx

        Acer XF250Q Cbmiiprx

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          BenQ ZOWIE XL2740 240Hz

          The first thing you notice on the BenQ XL2740 is the ‘flappy paddles’ on either side of the monitor. They are actually designed to stop that pesky sun reflecting off your monitor's screen. It may seem ugly but they are quite practical. These sun blocking panels could put people off this monitor for aesthetic reasons, however, from a performance perspective, this is one of the best 240hz monitors on the market right now.

          This monitor is packed with all the features you would want from a gaming monitor, a lightning-fast response time of 1ms, 240hz refresh rate, and its G-sync compatible. 240hz is great for competitive players looking to gain an edge and find the ultimate in a smooth gaming experience.

          This monitor comes with excellent connection options and superb performance specifications. If you are seriously considering a G-sync 240hz monitor then this one should be high on your list of considerations. 


          ASUS ROG Strix XG258Q

          As you would expect from the Republic Of Gamers division at Asus this monitor is a flashy looking bit kit. The design is sublime and it looks and feels excellent quality with thin bezels and a unique looking stand. The signature ROG Helix stand is aesthetically unique and you can customise the lighting that emits from underneath the stand projecting an image. Oh, there is some RGB featured on the back which looks quite nice in a dark room but is probably pointless without the lights off.

          The features are as good as any in this monitor with it being G-sync/Freesync compatible, it has a 1ms response time, and of course the glorious 240hz refresh rate. Considering the size and what's on offer here, we have a reasonably priced monitor that will give everyone a silky smooth experience.


          Alienware AW2720HF

          This sleek monitor from Alienware is the HF version which is Freesync compatible and of course the cheaper model. This monitor is a seriously good looking one and has some great features to go with it, which includes some well thought out RGB lighting. The thin bezels look fantastic and the sharp edges on the stand and feet do wonders for the aesthetics. The branding is subtle and attractive and goes well with the simple design.

          Its an incredibly sturdy stand and had almost no wobble when the desk is shaken which is largely down to the monitor having some weight to it. The monitor is packed with great features like a USB and audio pass-through making plugging in peripherals less of a chore. The refresh rate should create some of the smoothest gameplay you will see if you have the machine to power it. It’s rare we see hardware from Alienware for such a reasonable price and this has to be considered one of the nicest looking Freesync monitors on the market.

          Design is unreal on this monitor and the performance is not too bad either! This monitor sports a 240Hz refresh rate which is unrivaled at this price, when you add in the fact it has a low response time too it makes for a great competitive gaming experience. The monitor also comes with AMD's Freesync technology meaning you can get some buttery smooth gaming with a max FPS set to 240!


          Acer XF250Q Cbmiiprx

          Our budget recommendation is an impressive steal for this value and comes with some great features that will suit a lot of gamers. While most 240Hz monitors are around $300 and above this one from Acer breaks the mould and caters for those on a tighter budget.

          The Acer XF250Q Cbmiiprx will improve the smoothness of your gaming experience with a fast response time of 1ms and the 240Hz it should give you that edge when it comes to competitive gaming. Despite being so cheap this monitor is Freesync compatible and with Nvidia's recent updates it now has G-sync capability. So if you want to improve your gaming experience for half as much then this monitor has to be considered.

          Is it worth it?

          If you are looking for a monitor that is at its peak for gaming then a 240Hz is a smart investment but you should consider if your graphics card is up to scratch. You don't need the latest pricey cards to take advantage of 240Hz but a decent powered graphics card that can give you higher frames on demanding games is a good start. An Nvidia GTX 970 or the AMD equivalent and above would be more than adequate for a 240Hz monitor but bare in mind a fairly recent CPU would also be a beneficial factor when buying a 240Hz monitor to prevent bottlenecking.

          If you are unsure about the overall cost and if your current system is worth the upgrade to 240Hz then consider a 144Hz monitor. A 144Hz monitor has a huge display difference if you are used to 60Hz and its also a lot cheaper than the 240Hz counterparts. That being said if you can afford to buy a 240Hz monitor and your PC is a decent enough spec then go for it as it will only benefit you more.