What Is The Best Gaming Chair Under $200? – 2019 Reviews and Top Picks

best gaming chair under 200

After sorting through lists upon lists and dozens of Amazon reviews, we’ve finally found the best gaming chair under $200. Or more accurately, the five best gaming chairs: which one you choose to go home with is entirely dependent on your preferences and your budget.

Of the five options we’ve selected, though, we believe that the OPSEAT Master Series is overall the best gaming chair under $200. The other chairs put up a valid fight, too, though, especially if you’re a heavier guy or you just have different needs out of a chair.

WIth no further ado, let’s hop into our five picks and see what’s what.

The Best Gaming Chair Under $200: Breakdown

#1OPSEAT Master Series PC Gaming Chair

OPSEAT Master Series PC Gaming Chair

  • color options: Blue. Green, Grey, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, White, Yellow
  • weight capacity: 300 lbs
  • height capacity: At Least 6’4
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#2Lorell Execute High-Back Chair

Lorell Execute High-Back Chair

  • color options: Black
  • weight capacity: 250 lbs
  • height capacity: 6’ (Estimated)
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#3AmazonBasics Big & Tall Executive Chair

AmazonBasics Big & Tall Executive Chair

  • color options: Brown
  • weight capacity: 350 lbs
  • height capacity: At Least 6’5
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#4Homall Computer Racing Chair

Homall Computer Racing Chair

  • color options: Red, Blue
  • weight capacity: 300 lbs
  • height capacity: At Least 6’1
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#5Merax High-Back Ergonomic Racing Chair

Merax High-Back Ergonomic Racing Chair

  • color options: Red, Blue, Yellow
  • weight capacity: 225 lbs
  • height capacity: 5’10 (estimated)
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OPSEAT Master Series PC Gaming Chair

The OPSEAT Master Series straddles the $200 line, but does so while being the most fully-featured chair on this list.

First up, it has good weight capacity and great height capacity, offering full back support to people of up to 6’4. It offers quality materials and included cushioning for the headrest and lumbar support as well.

Ultimately, this will provide probably the best comfort out of any of the other chairs on this list. That’s what matters most when shopping for gaming chairs- long-term comfort and support, throughout even the most intensive gaming sessions.

In addition to the superior comfort, it offers a full reclining functionality. This is great for extended hours gaming, working or simply relaxing at your desk.

Finally, there’s a whole lot of color options to choose from. This chair has by far the most color options out of any of the other options on this list.

With the great comfort, recline function, general build quality and a wide variety of chair colors, the OPSEAT Master Series is our top pick for best gaming chair under $200.


Lorell Execute High-Back Chair

The Lorell Executive High-Back Chair is one of the more popular options on this list, but it does make some sacrifices.

Let’s start by talking about the upsides. First and foremost, it offers a truly crazy level of adjustments, to everything from the basic height adjustment to armrest width adjustments.

Second up, it offers a mesh design all over the surface of the chair, including the back, allowing air to pass through and providing comfortable support to the user.

Last and certainly not least, the chair is built with high-quality materials and offers good comfort through its curved, high back design.

Unfortunately, it does have a few problems.

The weight capacity of the chair is relatively poor, unfortunately. There’s no cushioning for the headrest and lumbar support, either, which is distinctly lacking in comparison to the Racing chairs in this price range.

Lastly, there’s no color options available for this chair. If black isn’t your color, this chair doesn’t give you any customization options to change that.


AmazonBasics Big & Tall Executive Chair

Sold straight from Amazon themselves, the AmazonBasics Big & Tall Executive Chair sticks out from most options based on brand name alone.

Fortunately, it offers more than just a brand name. It offers the best height and weight capacity out of any of the chairs in this price range, meaning that big and tall gamers can comfortably use this chair for their gaming needs.

In addition to the capacity of the chair, it offers full back support for comfortable reclining, and cushioned armrests alongside it.

The material of the chair is a soft, quality leather, offering a basic but fairly comfortable seating experience. As the “Executive Chair” name implies, it’s probably what you’d expect your boss to be seen sitting in.

The only real downsides of this chair are a complete lack of color options, and no extra cushions for the headrest and lumbar. The latter downside is somewhat compensated for by the design of the chair itself, and its built-in adjustments.


Homall Computer Racing Chair

The Homall Computer Racing Chair is a fine budget option for the best gaming chair under $200. This makes sense, especially when you take into consideration its slick $120 price tag.

Among its features, we’re going to start by covering the most interesting one: its four modes of operation.

Through a locking system, you can lock the chair into one of three positions: gaming, reading and resting. There’s also an unlocked mode that allows a rocking motion for those who like rocking chairs- this is seemingly unique to this chair, out of all the others on this list.

In addition to the various modes you can put the chair in, it also offers full back support and high-quality leather materials for great comfort.

In addition to good comfort and adjustments, there’s also good weight and height capacity. While not the best in this range, it’s a damn sight better than the sub-250 weight capacities of lower-end gaming chairs.

The only real downside of this chair, in comparison to the others is a lack of color options, and a lack of cushioning for the headrest and lumbar. Everything else is solid.


Merax High-Back Ergonomic Racing Chair

The Merax High-Back Ergonomic Chair is the cheapest option on our list of best gaming chairs under $200, but still provides a pretty good experience for a chair in this price range.

It goes all-out with full back support, cushioning for the headrest and lumbar support, and features a full recline functionality. In addition to the basic features on offer, it’s made with quality, comfortable materials that should provide a good seating experience to anyone that meets its specifications.

Why then, is it rated lower than the other options on this list?

Unfortunately, the answer lies within an unusually low weight and height capacity for this kind of chair. This significantly decreases the amount of people who could comfortably use this chair for a long period of time, making it less ideal than the higher-ranked options on this list.

While this is great if you’re on a budget and fall beneath its specifications, it may be a bit too wobbly or weak otherwise. If you’re a larger guy, we strongly recommend against investing in this chair.

It’s still a solid budget pick, though. Not great, not bad, just good.

Selection Criteria

Weight Capacity

Weight capacity is an important factor to consider when shopping for a chair, because it determines whether or not a chair can handle your weight. It also determines if it can handle that weight while still feeling sturdy and lasting a long period of time.

In general, you want to buy a chair with a weight capacity that’s at least 20 pounds or so higher than your own. Failing to do so will result in a chair with a shorter lifespan, and a chair that will also generally feel less sturdy and reliable than a chair properly suited for your weight class.

Height Capacity

Height capacity is another thing to take into consideration. It’s pretty simple, fortunately- since you’re unlikely to shoot up another foot anytime soon, just shoot for a chair that’s close to your height or slightly above it in capacity.

A Note For Big & Tall Gamers

If you’re a big and tall gamer, you probably notice that not a lot of the chairs in this price range are suited for you. Worry not: we’ve written a separate article on the best gaming chairs for big and tall guys, which you can read here.

Basically, though, most of the gaming chairs you’ll see aren’t made for people with above-average height and weight capacities. A lot of those options are also more expensive than their smaller alternatives.

Fortunately, our article provides a wide range of chairs to choose from. Head over there if you aren’t satisfied by the selection in this one.

Making Your Choice

Ultimately, your choice depends on a balance between your budget and your needs.

Keep your height and weight in mind, then just go with the chair that looks like it’s the most comfortable to you. And, of course, if you want something bigger than what’s on offer here, you can go check out our article on all that.

Which of these chairs is the most interesting to you? While I find the OPSEAT Master Series to be the most strong overall chair, I’m also finding myself leaning toward the AmazonBasics Executive Chair.

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Comment below and let us know what chair is most interesting to you.

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