5 Best Gaming Monitors Under $150: 2019 Reviews and Top Picks

5 Best Gaming Monitors under 150 dollars 2019 reviews Top Picks

When it comes to the best monitor for under $150 it can sometimes be slightly tricky to find the best of the best. We searched to bring you the best deals for your cash and made sure we kept gaming feature and quality at the forefront of our minds.

In the world of PC gaming, people tend to focus their budget more towards components on their build rather than on the display and peripherals. A monitor is crucial for the setup regardless of what you plan on using it for and it is important you don't buy the wrong gaming monitor especially if you are on a tight budget.

The best of the bunch was the Acer SB270. It offers exceptional performance with a large 27" screen, a 1ms response time, and an IPS panel.

However, for those considering alternative options, we’re presenting more choices for the best gaming monitors under $150 below. We even have a list of the best gaming monitor under $200 for those who could spare a few dollars more

Breakdown of The Top 5 Gaming Monitors Under $150

Product Details
#1Acer SB270

Acer SB270

  • size: 27"
  • refresh rate: 75Hz
  • response time: 1ms
  • resolution: 1920 x 1080
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#2AOC 27V2H


  • size: 27"
  • refresh rate: 75Hz
  • response time: 5ms
  • resolution: 1920 x 1080
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#3BenQ RL2455

BenQ RL2455

  • size: 24”
  • refresh rate: 60Hz
  • response time: 1ms
  • resolution: 1920 x 1080
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#4Acer Nitro VG240Y

Acer Nitro VG240Y

  • size: 23.8"
  • refresh rate: 75Hz
  • response time: 1ms
  • resolution: 1920 x 1080
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  • size: 25"
  • refresh rate: 60Hz
  • response time: 2ms
  • resolution: 1920 x 1080
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Acer SB270

Although we are still in entry-level monitor territory here we start to see what an extra $50 can get you. The Acer SB270 comes with a combination of a large screen, quick response times and an IPS panel.

Quick response time of 1ms on an IPS display is always welcome as it brings bright crisp pictures but it does it quick time too! Acer makes a good variety of monitors which are often lurking in the budget waters apart from their predator range but they are established and can be trusted for monitors. This is, of course, the bigger brother to the 22" version we recommend on our under $100 article and both do a stellar job for such low prices.

The monitor features Freesync to eliminate screen tearing on the cheap and when paired with the refresh rate of 75Hz it makes for some smooth gameplay. The IPS display doesn't just give off more vivid colours it also improves the viewing angle making this monitor an option for more than just gaming.

The design is a bit plain and other manufacturers have put a bit more effort in design wise but the monitor does its job and that is what is most important. The bezels are actually very thin and the monitor its self is virtually thinner so some positives on the design front there.

This is a very good value for a budget monitor and its jam-packed with features to match so if you are after a monitor that can handle your day to day browsing, watching movies, and playing games then this should be considered!


Acer Nitro VG240Y

The Acer Nitro VG240Y is the bigger brother to the smaller 22" version that features on our best monitors for under $100 article. Out of the box, it's a very visually appealing monitor with plenty of good gaming features too!

This monitor boasts a crisp IPS display which delivers great colour performance that isn't compromised by viewing angles! Not only do games look good on this monitor but they are completely responsive too with the response time on this being only 1ms.  The monitor also features AMD's Freesync technology which is great meaning you can play your favourite games without getting any lag input resulting in a screen tear.

This model features Acer's' Game View Technology' which can quickly tune your monitor's settings to optimised the colours depending on what game you are playing. These settings are predetermined and can be found as presets in the OSD controls.

The design is simple but sleek and looks really clean and professional with a touch of flare coming from the unique looking stand. Acer calls this a zero frame and it looks great but there are plenty of thinner bezels than this on the market if that is what you are into. It is worth noting its quite a bulky monitor especially compared to the ultra-thin selections that also feature. The monitor is VESA mountable giving a variety of options depending on your setup.

For the price, this 1080p monitor is a bargain and will enhance your overall gaming experience if that's what you want this for, don't forget with its IPS display this could be used for media too!




The first thing that strikes you from the AOC 27V2H is its fantastically thin bezel edge, it's not existent! This 'frameless' monitor is one of the nicest looking for its price and does come with some great features making it a viable option.

the monitor only has a response time of 5ms which is the max we recommend for gaming so no issues there. For $150 you can get 27" of display but it doesn't stop there, you also are getting an IPS panel bringing a bit more brightness into your media and gaming which is cool. You get AOC's flicker-free and anti-blue technology again adding to the overall experience.

This model from AOC features AMD's Freesync technology giving you the option of tear-free gaming but you will have to cap your frame rate to the max refresh rate (75).

The design is the main strong point of this monitor and its not hard to see why. It appears like there is very little extra material situated around the monitor and the stand making it look very clean. The frameless edge isn't exactly necessary for gaming but it looks amazing especially as part of a semi-serious gaming setup.

The stand does have some front and back tilt going on but that's it however it can be VESA mounted and this could be a great budget pick for anyone looking to build a 3 monitor setup thanks to the almost non-existent bezels!



BenQ RL2455

The BenQ RL2455 is a good monitor for console gaming but it's an equally good budget monitor for the PC also.

The monitor has a 1080p resolution with a 24-inch screen. You may think that 24-inches is small, but it’s still the sweet spot for 1080p gaming monitors. This one features a TN panel with a 1ms response time, which is always a preferred feature for competitive players.

Aside from that, the physical build is also very similar to the RL2755 but without the headset holder. It even comes with the same ergonomically designed stand that has a console rest to keep things tidy. Unfortunately, it only has tilt adjustment but supports VESA so wall mounting is an option here.

The connectivity featured is:

  • 1 x Audio in
  • 1 x 3.5mm headphone jack
  • 1 x HDMI 2.0
  • 1 x HDMI
  • 1 x DVI
  • 1 x VGA

Gaming for long hours won’t be an issue as well because this supports Eye Care technology, which removes flickers and reduces the low blue light to reduce eye strain and fatigue.

Compared to the BenQ RL2755, the buttons aren’t located on the front of the monitor’s right bezel but are rather located on the right. They are, however, marked by a grey dot on the front to subtly indicate the location of the buttons.

There are loads of preset game modes you can choose from to give you the edge when playing games. If you’re an FPS player, then the preset monitor settings for FPS games should work well. Alternatively, you can take advantage of the Black eQualizer setting, a gamma boost setting that brightens dark areas in-game which can be really good for competitive FPS gaming as you can see in those dark areas a little clearer.

If this is still too pricey, then you can possibly check out our best Gaming Monitors for Under $100.



The VIOTEK H250 monitor just makes this list thanks to its overall build quality and fantastically low price. The monitor's profile is very slim with even thinner bezels making this an ideal candidate for a multi-monitor setup.

The monitor delivers accurate colours through its wonderful IPS panel and the viewing angles haven't been compromised meaning you can use this for more than just gaming. If you are interested in gaming with this monitor though it does boast a relatively quick response time of 2ms so there will be no visible lag whatsoever.

This 1080p monitor may not feature any Freesync technology but it has been designed brilliantly. The ultra-thin edges and profile make this not only look fantastic but it makes the VIOTEK H250 perfect for wall mounting. You can also VESA mount this for the perfect multi-monitor display. The monitor also has an anti-glare feature which can come in handy if you plan on wall mounting this.

The monitor is almost frameless and does look great so it is well worth considering however you can get a few more features for only a little extra in the budget.


Selection Criteria - Things To Consider

There is no shortage of displays for the budget gamer. While even televisions have the ability to hook up to your PC and output a display, most of these options aren’t optimal for gaming and usually come with a slow response time as their primary function is just for entertainment purposes.

With that being said, there are certain areas to focus on when it comes to gaming optimised monitors for under $150.

Before anything else, the monitor has to have at least a resolution of 1920x1080. At this point in time, it is simply unacceptable to be gaming on anything less than this resolution, with 4K becoming more of a mainstream consumer option by the day.

Response Time

Quick response times are incredibly important in a gaming monitor. This isn’t the measure of input lag onto the screen, but rather how quickly the monitor can change a pixel from one color to another.

A faster response time means that the panel will produce the next frame faster, leading to a more fluid gaming experience. All of the monitors on this list (with the exception of one) have a response time under 3ms.

Refresh Rate

The refresh rate of a monitor is the measure of how many times in a second that a display updates it’s buffer, whether the frames are unique or identical. All of the monitors on this list of a refresh rate of at least 60Hz. The refresh rates may seem quite low but you will normally have to pay a bit more for a superior monitor as you can see from our best monitor recommendations.

Wrapping it Up

For $150, it can be difficult to find a display that holds up with the various needs of gaming. However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t solid options at the price point.

At a slight sacrifice for screen space, there are high-quality monitors that can suit gaming needs perfectly with HD resolution, 75Hz refresh rate, and low response times.

While all of the options on this list are solid, the needs of your rig will determine what monitor you need to buy.

If gaming is just your thing, then consider one of these monitors that feature a low response time of 1ms and some Freesync technology. If you want to do a little photo/video editing as well, then The IPS option in the list is great.

Overall, any of these monitors would be a solid addition to any gaming rig at under $150 but if this is a little steep for your budget then consider one of our under $100 picks. If you can save a few extra pennies and stretch your monitor budget to over $200, this is where you start to see some monitors optimal for gaming with many improved features.

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