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Glorious PC Gaming Race Buyer’s Guide

Glorious by name, glorious by nature

Updated: Apr 25, 2022 3:12 pm
glorious pc gaming race

Glorious PC gaming race has become a household name when it comes to gaming mice and keyboards over the last few years. Those of you who have been present in the PC gaming space for a while are probably familiar with the meme that inspired the company’s name, arrogant PC gamers who flaunted the superior hardware of PCs over consoles gave birth to an in-joke centered around ironic elitism.

Initially, the meme ironically utilized the ‘master race’ phrase, Glorious smartly chose not to include this controversial term in their company name, in this meme, PC gamers were represented as stoic, musclebound godlike figures with flowing hair, in stark contrast to console gamers who were delineated as filthy plebians. This amusing machismo image then became the branding of Glorious PC Gaming Race, more commonly known as Glorious.

Glorious had humble beginnings back in 2014, initially just producing mousepads, They then expanded their range of products to include gaming mice, keyboards, mouse bungees, and more. We recently reviewed the Glorious Model O- gaming mouse and were very impressed by the ergonomics, performance, and overall design. Now we’re here to give you a rundown of the other products manufactured by those glorious fellows over in Texas.

Glorious Model O/Model O Wireless gaming mouse

Possibly the most sought-after product from Glorious’ extensive range is the esteemed Model O gaming mouse. This gaming mouse is aimed squarely at the ergonomic, ultra-light market and has a swathe of features that make it very competitive, especially for the price. Given that Glorious’ mission statement is maximum performance the impressive specs come as no surprise, the big ones being a competitive-standard Pixart PMW-3360 sensor, 12,000 max DPI, and a 61g/2.1oz weight.

In our full Glorious Model O- mouse review we noticed a few design choices that struck us as very conscientious, as most peripheral companies don’t take as much care in our experience. our favorite is the 100% virgin grade PTFE mouse skates. While virgin grade PTFE isn’t impressive in and of itself, we were very pleased to discover that Glorious applies a slight bevel to the edges. This eliminates the wearing-in period so the mouse glides smoothly right out of the box. We ended up giving the Model O- a 4.5/5, very impressive.

51YW1q3PsVL. AC SL1440

Glorious Model O- wired gaming mouse

Pixart® PMW-3360 Sensor
Size (H x W x D) mm
120 x 63 x 36 mm)

Glorious GMMK/GMMK Pro

Next up is the GMMK. A premium enthusiast board that spares no expense, though it is expensive starting at $169.99. It’s gasket-mounted and comes in the popular 75% layout, compact, but without limiting functionality too much. We also like the south-facing LEDs and the 5-pin compatible hot-swappable PCB. This means it’s compatible with the widest variety of aftermarket switches, making it an ideal board for expansion and upgrades. Another oft-overlooked feature is the volume knob, something which quickly becomes essential for many gamers. Additionally, it’s fully programmable via the Glorious Core software, so you can set its function as whatever you want.

Glorious has a comprehensive and fun configurator on their website, allowing you to select switches, keycaps, cables, and other such options. Be warned, it can get dizzyingly expensive very quickly, the cost can rapidly climb into $500+, but the quality of the GMMK is generally unquestioned and buyer’s remorse is rare.

It’s worth noting here that Glorious is opening public pre-orders for the GMMK2 as of March 23, 2022, so it might be worth holding fire on the GMMK in case the sequel interests you more. Additionally, the GMMK2 is available in your choice of 65% or full-size, so those of you who are inseparable from your Numpad might prefer the newer model. For the Europeans out there, it’s also going to be available in either ANSI or ISO layout too, which is a big deal as ISO layouts are far less ubiquitous than ISO.


If you want to know more about their keyboards, head on over to our Glorious keyboard buyer’s guide where we cover each keyboard, their switches, and the accessories in more detail.

Glorious Mousepad

Mousepads might strike you as a somewhat dreary category of product, but they are, without a doubt, essential for an enjoyable typing and gaming experience. Fortunately, Glorious PC Gaming Race has provided availability of various sizes and thicknesses, we find this particularly nice because many manufacturers out there tend to only offer one or two different sizes, and rarely different thicknesses. The sizes range from standard mousepad, to inordinately, almost grotesquely huge full-coverage desk pads.

Those of you who favor a lower DPI for gaming will certainly benefit from a larger desk pad as it expands the usable area and allows for less frequent lift-offs. We previously covered the other positive aspects of desk pads, one of the main benefits being aesthetic, a large desk pad provides a more uniform look to your gaming setup. Available sizes of the glorious mousepad are as follows.

  • 3XL Extended Dimensions: 24x48in (61x122cm)Thickness: 3mm
  • XXL Extended Dimensions: 18x36in (46x91cm)Thickness: 3mm
  • Extended Dimensions: 11x36in (28x91cm)Thickness: 3mm
  • XL Extended Dimensions: 14x24in (36x61cm)Thickness: 3mm
  • XL Heavy Dimensions: 16x18in (41x46cm)Thickness: 5mm
  • XL Slim Dimensions: 16x18in (41x46cm)Thickness: 3mm
  • Large Dimensions: 11x13in (28x33cm)Thickness: 2mm

Other accessories

Of course, Glorious produces more than just the necessities, they also offer a full complement of the more optional products. These include wrist rests, mouse bungees, and mouse feet. Those of you who are into competitive FPS will be familiar with the need for a mouse bungee to eliminate cable drag. Likewise, wrist rests are becoming increasingly popular for their ergonomic and comfort benefits.

Glorious PC Gaming Race: Final word

Despite their relatively new arrival to the PC gaming peripheral scene, Glorious has managed to make a significant name for themselves. Offering quality peripherals, at (mostly) reasonable prices and creating an open ecosystem, allowing end user’s to expand and upgrade their products with an unlimited range of products from other brands. This is vastly preferable to creating a closed system of proprietary parts as we saw with the Cooler Master CK531. Glorious is definitely worth your consideration check out their official website and have a look around.

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