Splitgate Secures $100M, teases new Battle Pass, Battle Royale and bigger Esports

Splitgate raises $100M, teases new content

Splitgate 100M

1047 Games, the studio behind the popular Halo-meets-Portal competitive shooter has secured $100M of funding. The indie studio has gained consistent funding to make their game more and more successful, and the new one hundred million dollars is going to help support some incredible projects, like Battle Pass changes, esports, new game modes and technical upgrades.

Splitgate has gone from growth to growth recently. Since they made an appearance at E3 back in June, they have gone through several rounds of funding. With the amount of money has generated, they can now go on to make the game the community and the game want. Here are the things the developers said they want to do during the Splitgate dev stream.

Splitgate Technicality

1047 has confirmed that Splitgate Ray Tracing is not happening. However, the developers do want to do DLSS. As for other functions, they are considering Splitgate split screen and a splitgate mapmaker.

Splitgate Esports

Splitgate reaffirms that it most certainly wants to do Splitagte esports, with confirmation that more news is coming soon. They mentioned they are in conversation with a massive partner that will Splitgate esports go from community cups to an even bigger deal. It could be something like ESL Gaming, Gamebattles, PGL etc, but nothing is confirmed just yet.

Halo Infinite like Splitgate Battle Pass

The developers said they think doing a Halo Infinite style battle pass is a good idea and they don’t see why they shouldn’t give it a go. The current Splitgate Battle Pass is not going away, and they give a rough estimate that the battle pass will end sometime in November and December for Season 0. But, after that, Splitgate’s Battle Pass could see some big changes in the very near future.

Splitgate Battle Royale

1047 Studios has said that a Splitgate Battle Royale mode isn’t happening – at least for now. They will only do it if they can find a unique angle and can come up with something cool. However, if the community wants it then they can consider it more and more and try to think of something cool. But it needs to be something different other BRs don’t do. It is also worth mentioning that now they have the Splitgate $100M Investment, nothing is off the tables.

There’s a lot of good things coming for Splitgate, here is to the game going from indie wonder to one of the biggest games on the planet.