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Sony 65″ BRAVIA XR X90J now $300 off at Best Buy

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Updated: Nov 2, 2021 10:54 am
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Early Black Friday deals are starting to filter through more frequently as we get closer to November 26th, with Best Buy slashing an impressive $300 off the Sony BRAVIA XR X90J. This excellent TV makes for a great early Black Friday gift, with Best Buy guaranteeing the cheapest price through its ‘Black Friday price guarantee’ scheme.

If you’re on the hunt for a new TV, look no further, the Sony BRAVIA XR X90J ticks all the right boxes, including price.

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$300 off Sony’s 65″ BRAVIA XR X90J

Sony know what they’re doing when it comes to producing high-end TVs, designing some of the best-performing options within today’s market. The BRAVIA XR X90J series is a fine example of the quality Sony produces in all its products – delivering superb picture quality, build quality, HDR performance, and features.

The 65″ TV offers a standard LED backlit panel which delivers crisp image quality thanks to a 4K screen resolution and 120Hz refresh rate – a great combination for most content consumption. The fast refresh rate is arguably the standout feature of this TV, providing smooth visuals that are void of stutter.

Alongside great image quality, the BRAVIA XR X90J also provides excellent HDR performance via its FALD support. Full array local dimming is essential for providing a true HDR experience, and that’s exactly what you get with the BRAVIA XR X90J. A 65″ screen size helps to create immersion when watching TV series and films, with vibrant colors being delivered thanks to a wide color gamut.

Additional features of this TV include a whole list of streaming services, Amazon Alex, Google Assistant, and more.

Where to buy the Sony 65″ BRAVIA XR X90J

So, if you’re interested in the Sony 65″ XR X90J, there’s really only one place to buy it right now – and that’s Best Buy.

Best Buy offers an impressive $300 off the Sony 65″ variant, which usually retails for around $1500. Other sizes within the series are also featuring excellent discounts, so if 65″ isn’t big enough, you do have the option for a 75″ variant as well.

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