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*UPDATED* AMD Radeon RX 7900 XT release date US & UK

There is a lot to look forward to with the next flagship from AMD

Updated: Dec 13, 2022 11:20 am
AMD Radeon RX 7900 XT release date, price, and spec rumors

It’s an exciting time looking forward to the next graphics card release. This time we’re looking at the AMD Radeon RX 7900 XT.

What we thought might have been the flagship is in fact the runner-up. But it should be a good contender for the best graphics card. With the improvements, there is a lot of hope for good competition.

Previous iterations have shown a good form and fight towards Nvidias lead in the market. With a good selection of RX 6000 series cards is a good alternative option.

Now with RDNA 3 on its way we can expect even more. As the lineup has now been shown off we know it’s coming out in just over a month. And not being the top dog it can still offer a lot of performance at an appealing price point.

And with the high price point of the Nvidia alternatives, AMDs top end is quite appealing. Even with a high price point its less, so if the performance is there then it might be time for a change.

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AMD Radeon RX 7900 XT release date revealed

With the new AMD RDNA 3 announcement, we now know the card is launching alongside the XTX on the 13th of December 2022.

The Radeon cards are now in fact coming by the end of 2022. With two SKUs the first to release in the middle of the last month. Another staggered release as seen from the RTX 4000 series.

This is likely coming from previous stock struggles both companies suffered during the pandemic. And now trying to prevent that and scalping. It also comes with suggestions that the companies have had an outstanding stock of its previous cards so will want to shift more of those.

RDNA 3 release date and price

Updated RX 7900 XT specs

Now with the announcement, we have some more details on the final specs with 84 CUs, 2GHz clock, 20GB GDDR6, and only 300W board power.

The rumors that were previously were in fact for the 7900 XTX and the full-fledged Navi 31 chip. So there are now in fact slightly lower specs for the second-best card.

Following on we have more info on the card. As it will have a base frequency of 1.5 GHz, with a boost up to 2.4GHz but a game clock of 2GHz. The die will also feature 84 ray accelerators, 192 ROPs, and 5376 stream processors. The 6 shader engines have a peak half-precision performance of 103 TFLOPs and a peak single-precision performance of 52 TFLOPs.

The die also has 58 billion transistors on it. With the support of an 80 MB infinity cache. And the memory is clocked at 20 Gbps giving it a bandwidth of up to 800 GB/s.

For its displays, this generation will feature the first 2.1 DisplayPort support. With support for 2.1 DP, 2.1 HDMI, and USB type C. For its power, it will be using 2x 8-pin connectors on the reference card, which may be pushed to a higher number in custom cards.

Whilst in terms of dimensions, the lower TDP means it does need to go much bigger than before. With a length of 276mm and a thickness of 2.5 slots. Making it easier to upgrade it without much worry.

RX 7900 XT specs
RX 7900 XTRX 6900 XT
ArchitectureRDNA 3RDNA 2
Fab processTSMC 5+6nmTSMC 7nm
GPU packageMCMMonolithic
Chiplet config1X GCD + 6x MCD
GCD size~308mm²
MCD size6x ~37.5mm²
Full GPU~533mm²520mm²
Shader engines64
Shader arrays?8
Compute units8480
Stream processors5,3765,120
Memory bus320-bit256-bit
Memory bandwidthUp to 800 GB/s512GB/s (16 Gbps)
Infinity cache80MB128MB
PCIe interfacePCIe 5.0 x16PCIe 4.0 x16
Clock rate1.5 GHz base, 2.4 GHz boost, 2 GHz game1.825GHz base, 2.26 GHz boost, 2.105 GHz game
Board power300 W300 W

AMD Radeon RX 7900 XT price

From the announcement we now know the card is going to cost $899.

This is a great price point. It is competitive against what Nvidia is offering which is $1,199 for the 4080 and $1,599. So AMD is keeping it grounded and more affordable.

So we don’t expect the new cards to fight right up with Nvidia’s offering but they are likely to hold up on their own. With likely plenty of performance without breaking the bank or your house circuits.

So we expect a much better price-to-performance ratio. As well as costing you less to run overall, with a lower board power than the two Green cards.

RX 7000 series lineup

If you’re wondering about the rest of the possible cards coming out in the next-gen AMD selection we have the pages for you. With a likely three different options as well as the main hub we will keep you posted on what to expect.

RX 7900 XT FAQs

How much will the 7900XT cost?

The RX 7900 XT is going to cost $899 USD. A very competitive price point as long as the performance can follow it.

What is the RX 7900 XT equivalent to?

The RX 7900 XT is likely to be equivalent to the RTX 4080. As it is closer to its price point and not the flagship of its generation.

When was 7900 XT released?

The AMD Radeon RX 7900 XT is coming on the 13th of December 2022, alongside the XTX version of the card.

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