ASTRO Headsets: A Buyers Guide

If you’ve been in the market for a new gaming headset recently, you might have stumbled upon a couple of ASTRO options. Although ASTRO isn’t as well-known as brands such as Razer, they create high-quality gaming headsets that consistently receive impressive reviews. 

Today, we’re going to round up some of the best ASTRO headsets out there, some of their key features, and what really makes them shine. Any of these headsets would make a great gaming companion, especially if you’re chasing the ultimate immersive experience. 

A good quality headset is about much more than the audio. A high-quality headset can help bring your games to life and really transport you into the action. Some of the higher-end models we’ll cover today will even have extra features that set them apart from standard headphones. 

Why Buy An ASTRO Headset?

If you are looking for a way to get the most out of your games, using a headset is a great way to do so. Wearing a comfortable headset when playing games is a great way to experience excellent sound quality without having to invest in a huge stereo system. You’ll find yourself being able to pick up sounds that you wouldn’t otherwise be able to hear and this can even improve your performance in games.

It’s sometimes easy to get sucked into the world of budget headphones, especially ones that appear to offer premium features for a fraction of their competitor’s price. Choosing a headset from a well-regarded manufacturer such as ASTRO is a great way to ensure you’re receiving a quality product when you part with your money. 

ASTRO offers a great mix of gaming headsets that include both wired and wireless options – they even have some that are designed especially for consoles. These headsets also come in a variety of different colors and styles ranging from simple-but-stylish black to white and luminous green. 

Where Can You Buy An ASTRO Headset?

One of the first places you can start is to take a direct look at the ASTRO website. They have a list of their latest models and even allow you to filter by platform. This also includes some online exclusives that you won’t be able to find in your local technology store. 

You can also find a great number of headsets on tech websites such as Overclockers, Scan, and Ebuyer. While these might not have as large a range as the official website, you might be able to find some savings. 

Websites such as Amazon and eBay make it easier than ever to find the products you need. Not only will you be able to buy headphones from the official manufacturer here, but you can also shop by external sellers and even warehouse deals. You’ll also be able to compare reviews and even ask questions about headsets you may be considering. 

Which ASTRO Headset Is Best For You?

ASTRO A50 Wireless Headset

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Tech Specs

  • Frequency Response – 20 Hz – 20 kHz
  • Connection Type – Wireless, up to 15 hours
  • Weight – 380 g

First on the list is the ASTRO Gaming A50 Wireless headset which is a great choice for those who are looking for an immersive sound experience. 

This headset has a built-in amp which boosts the sound quality and improves audio reproduction. This makes it a fantastic option for those who wish to use the headset for not only gaming but also for music and movie watching.

This is a solidly built headset which is incredibly comfortable due to the high-quality cushioning in the earcups. The materials included in the headset are strong and built to last so this will make a great investment for your gaming station for years to come. 

The main downside to this is that it’s one of the most expensive headsets on the market but you can easily see why. Another thing to consider is that it’s quite bulky and there’s no removable microphone. This means it’s probably not the best option to take with you on your morning commute or even away from your desk for very long which is a shame. 

For this price, you may prefer a headset that has multiple uses and some versatility – in this case, the ASTRO A50 may not be the ideal choice. 

For more information on this headset, you can read our full review

ASTRO Gaming A10

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Tech Specs

  • Frequency Response – 20 Hz – 20 kHz
  • Connection Type – Wired, 3 m cable length (with extension)
  • Weight – 346 g

Moving onto the other end of the scale, the ASTRO A10 is a much more affordable headset. This headset offers great value for money, simple and stylish design, and good sound quality for the price. 

The sound quality is specially tuned for gaming to help create a more immersive experience with accurate audio. That means it might not always be the best for other uses such as watching movies or listening to music but it’s a great headset for gaming

As this is an entry-level gaming headset, there are understandably some features missing and compromises. While it looks good enough, it’s perhaps not the flashiest or fanciest designed headset when compared to other ASTRO models. It has a bit of a cheap feeling to the build as well given that it’s mostly made of grey plastic. 

The headset is built with memory foam in the ear cups which makes it great for long gaming sessions. However, despite this, some people note that this headset isn’t the most comfortable to wear. While it may be fine for some people, the ear cups are a bit on the small side and can hold too much heat after a while. 

However, given that you can pick this headset up for around $60 it’s hard to complain about it feeling cheap. It’s a great budget model for those who value quality sound reproduction. Four our full verdict on this headset, you can check out our review.

ASTRO Gaming A20

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Tech Specs

  • Frequency Response – 20 Hz – 20 kHz
  • Connection Type – Wireless, up to 15 hours 
  • Weight – 320 g

The ASTRO Gaming A20 is another high-quality wireless headset. This headset comes in a couple of different colors including the gamer-favorite fluorescent green. However, the colors are only on the logo and the design isn’t too distracting to put off those who prefer more muted designs. 

The ear cups are built from cloth fabric which helps to keep you cool and comfortable during long gaming sessions. This headset is built with aluminum for a premium look and feel as well as great durability. It’s a solid choice that should last you a good few years. 

The headset’s sound quality is impressive when it comes to gaming, allowing you to hear every last detail around you with the amplified stereo sound. There are several controls on the ear cups including a power switch, a volume wheel, and a preset toggle button to help you switch between equalizer modes in a single touch. 

The battery life is about 15 hours so this should be more than enough to take you through most gaming sessions. 

There aren’t many downsides to this headset, but some people report a slightly muffled sound when using the microphone and some difficulties getting the headset to connect with your PC and/or console. 

ASTRO Gaming A40 Gaming Headset + MixAmp Pro

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Tech Specs

  • Frequency Response – 20 Hz – 20 kHz
  • Connection Type – Wired 
  • Weight – 369 g

ASTRO’s Gaming A40 is another high-end headset that comes with an external amp customization handset. This means you have full control over your audio and as a result, the sound quality is fantastic. The sound quality is further boosted by Dolby’s surround sound compatibility. 

This headset is customized and tailored for PlayStation consoles but it works just as well with PC too. 

The A40 has great levels of comfort in the ear cups blending soft and breathable material for hours of comfortable gameplay. 

The external amp features a great mix of volume control, an equalizer, an option to switch between 7.1 surround sound or stereo mode, and even chat-controls. The amp comes with RGB backlit wheels which turn red when you’re muted which is a great addition.

You can get the headset without this amp but this leaves the controls for the headset a little more disappointing – especially considering the price. It seems that ASTRO is keen for you to purchase the amp alongside the headset, so we’d recommend looking for a bundle deal if possible.

The downside of this is that the amp takes up room on your desk which could be a bit of a pain if you’re short on space. 

Things to Consider

Price Range

Most people will have a firm budget in mind when shopping for a new headset. While gaming headsets are slightly cheaper than standard (non-gaming) headsets, you can still find yourself paying over $250 if you aren’t careful. 

It’s good practice to have a clear idea of the features that are essential to you before buying so that you know exactly what fits into your price range. Typically, the more features or greater the sound quality of a headset is, the higher the price. 

If you aren’t looking for big-name brands or mind-blowing audio fidelity, you can save yourself a nice chunk of change. 

Sound Quality

Depending on how much you are willing to spend, you can walk away with some pretty impressive levels of sound quality. Each headphone will sound different in its own right but of course, some will technically be better than others. 

With built-in surround sound becoming more common in gaming headsets, this is a great way to add another level of enjoyment and immersion to your gaming setup. You’ll easily be able to slip into the atmosphere of your favorite game and you may start to pick up on things you’ve previously missed. 

If you know you’re going to also be using this headset to listen to a bit of music or wind down with your favorite TV show, you’ll probably want to look towards headsets that offer more of a premium level of sound quality.


One of the best parts of buying a new headset is picking up something that you know will be comfortable to wear. If you’ve been struggling along with the same tired headset for a while now, anything new will likely be a massive upgrade. 

Not all headsets have the same level of comfort though. You’ll want to pay attention to the material used in the ear cups and headband and whether or not it is likely to last. If you know you are going to be wearing your new gaming headset for hours on end, you’ll want something that is light and won’t cause you any discomfort. 

Breathability is another factor to take into account. Earcups made with leather material are more likely to make your ears feel hotter than a mesh fabric for example. Although it doesn’t initially seem to be related to comfort, having a wireless headset is a great way to improve your enjoyment – after all, who likes getting caught up in wires, right?


One of the greatest parts of owning a gaming headset is that they typically have a lot more features than standard headsets. If you want, you can go as wild and wacky with the design of the headset to really make it stand out. This can include different color schemes, shapes, and even lighting. 

Some features that you’ll see on high-end standard headphones such as noise-canceling are also starting to make their way onto headsets. There’s no better way to increase immersion than shutting out the outside world. 

Microphone quality is something we haven’t touched on too much in our reviews today, but it goes without saying that you’ll want a good quality microphone if you’re going to be playing a lot of online games. Sturdy, detachable microphones are a great feature to have in a headset, especially if you plan on using it away from your console or PC. 

Our Verdict

That’s about all we have time for today, we hope you’ve enjoyed some of the best ASTRO headphone picks on the market today. If you haven’t had the chance to check out any ASTRO related products just yet, you’ll find yourselves pleasantly surprised. 

While this is by no means an exhaustive list of ASTRO headsets, be sure to head on over to their official website to check out the full range. We’ve tried to include a bit of a varied list for you today, but we couldn’t cover everything.