2018 Black Friday Monitor Deals: Find the Best Deals Here

black friday monitor deals

You know it’s Black Friday when people are about to get trampled over-- don’t be a victim. You don’t want to buy a fragile quality monitor and go home just to see it damaged from the day’s war.

Shop like a boss when looking for LED monitor deals, IPS monitor deals the best Black Friday PC deals or monitors. Browse safely through the list we compiled below and get the best without having to get up from your chair or bed.

What is Black Friday?

Black Friday is the day following Thanksgiving Day in the United States. What makes it special is that it’s regarded as the first day of the traditional Christmas shopping season.

Shops in the United States will open very early, and I mean very early-- like overnight-hours early. Sales will be everywhere and people who saved their entire year’s salary for this day will leave no stone unturned.

When is Black Friday?

This year’s Black Friday will be on November 23. It’s literally just less than 50 days from now. That’s also 3 days before Cyber Monday-- another day for a shopping spree!

Though it’s still well over a month from now, you just can’t tell when deals pop up, which is why we’re actively checking deals online from time to time to keep you posted.

The Best 2017 Black Friday Monitor Deals

We’re going to update the list as often as we can when deals are live but in the meantime, let’s look at some of the best Black Friday monitor deals from last year. If you missed some of last year’s deals, you might get another chance this year. Who knows?

You may have missed the chance to get 4K monitor deals last year but considering how they’ve become affordable today, you might not just get 1 but 2 for the price of one based on last year’s retail price.


The 24" GN246HL Bbid 1080p 144Hz monitor was one of the cheapest 144Hz monitors you could find, even today. It may be 3” smaller than its brother-- the 27" GN276HL, but both basically share very identical specs if you compare it side by side.

Unfortunately, the price of this 24” monitor deals stayed the same throughout the event. Unlike the GN276HL, that cost $199.99 that day from its original retailed price of $240.

Another was Acer’s 28" CB281HK 4K monitor. This was one of the best computer monitor deals that day. It’s a 4K monitor that cost $320 on Black Friday from its original retail price of $360.

But, if you were lucky enough to spot a few good websites keen enough to look at price drops before the big day, then you’d have been one of those lucky people who purchased a 28” 4K monitor for only $189.99!

Will this be one of the best 4K monitor Black Friday 2018 deals? We’ll see….


Alienware’s 25" AW2518HF 240Hz FreeSync monitor was a monitor to die for. It’s a monitor that has an out of the box 240Hz refresh rate that supports AMD FreeSync technology, great at reducing screen tearing.

It was originally retailed at $440 on October but prices nosedived to $320 during the last week of October and first week November. Unfortunately, prices rose up to $380 just before it hit the $350 mark on Black Friday.


You can get AOC’s 27" I2757FH 1080p IPS monitor for $215 during last year’s Black Friday event from its retail price of $265. One of the things that made this stand out is it’s very slim bezels.

Planning to get one these days may not be in your best interest, especially now that they cost $349. However, chances are that you can catch a glimpse of these again at a relatively lower price.


Another hit from last year’s 27" monitor deals was the 27" ROG Swift PG278QR 1440p monitor. This doesn’t just have a far more detailed graphics but it also has a fast response rate of 1ms and 165Hz refresh rate!

It’s price during the event? Just $480 from the original retail price of $640-- that’s $160 off for a monitor with great features.

The 24" VG248QE 1080p monitor is also worth grabbing-- priced at $170 on Black Friday from $260, this 144Hz monitor deals really is something you’d be more than happy with.

Possibly the cheapest among the list from last year’s Black Friday event was the 23" VC239H 1080p monitor from Asus. It already was cheap, priced at $135 in October, but on Black Friday, you can get yourself a 1080p monitor at $96!


The 27" S2716DGR 1440p 144Hz monitor from Dell originally cost around $500 but on Black Friday last year, you can grab one at $398.


This 29" 27UD68-P UltraWide IPS monitor with AMD FreeSync technology is also worth grabbing, from anywhere between $260 to $350, you can grab yours at only $200 from last year’s UltraWide monitor Black Friday deals.

It should also be noted that the lowest this cost was $86 this year, so it’s really worth keeping a peeled eye on this monitor.

The competitor was its cousin: the 29" 29UM68-P UltraWide IPS monitor. It also supports AMD FreeSync but this one was just a little cheaper-- with a retail price of less than $200 from anywhere between $260 and $340 before Black Friday.


It’s also going to be worth keeping an eye on this 24" 24UH 1080p monitor by HP. Last year’s Black Friday event, these cost $110 from around $115 in the past few weeks but you can get one of these now at $110. So chances are these will cost lower this year.


Samsung’s 28" LU28H750UQNXZA UltraWide 4K monitor appealed to a lot of professional content creators and gamers-alike. With a retail price of $450 down to $329.99, it surely is something you should look forward to.

This 32" LS32F351FUNXZA 1080p was also appealing not only because it’s all white but considering it’s size, this was priced for only $196 on Black Friday from around $360 to $400.

How to Keep Yourself Updated with the Latest 2018 Black Friday Monitor Deals?

You can choose to bookmark the items but it’s going to be a challenge keeping up with all of the prices separately.

Here at WePC, we aim to give our readers the latest and up-to-date Black Friday deals in a very convenient manner. It may be too early to find Black Friday deals but we’re dedicated to giving this page a fresh update from this day on.

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