Best Computer For 3D Modeling

bets computer for 3d modeling

3D modeling is the process of creating a virtual three-dimensional model of a physical object. This technique is used in many different industries — so much so that these days, the vast majority of our favorite games or movies would not exist without the help of 3D modeling. It is also used in many scientific projects and helps pave the way to new breakthroughs.

If you have an interest in 3D modeling, you probably know that it's among the most demanding things your computer is ever going to face. While it can be attempted on machines that weren't specifically built for it, a lot of them will struggle under such a heavy stress test.

Now that you've decided to get a PC tailored to the needs of 3D modeling, you might be feeling dread instead of excitement due to all the questions that are tied to the purchase. What kind of a CPU do you need? How much RAM? What graphics card?

We know that the process of picking the right PC to invest your money in can be just as daunting as it is thrilling. For that reason, we've decided to create this guide.

We have thoroughly researched and tested several pre-built desktops with the purpose of finding the best computers for 3D modeling. Through trial and error, we were able to create this comprehensive buying guide with a set of recommendations for the best PCs currently on the market.

Whether you're looking for a budget option or a true beast for rendering and modeling, you've come to the right place. Let us introduce you to some of the best computers for 3D modeling!

Best Computer For 3D Modeling: First Look

Best Overall
CyberpowerPC Supreme

CyberpowerPC Supreme

CyberpowerPC delivers a powerhouse of a computer while keeping the price reasonable. With a combo of a strong GPU and a fast, reliable, liquid-cooled CPU, this is the #1 pick on our list.

Throughout many hours of 3D modeling and rendering, this PC is sure to offer reliable performance without as much as making any noise. Thanks to its Intel Core i7-9700k CPU and top-notch NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 8GB graphics card, this is a PC that is almost second to none.

Best High-End
OMEN HP Obelisk Desktop Computer

OMEN HP Obelisk Desktop Computer

If you want to have the absolute best PC for 3D modeling regardless of cost, OMEN by HP is likely to blow your mind. Armed with some of the best specs on the market, this computer is capable of everything and then some.

You'd be hard-pressed to find a pre-built machine with a better set of components than what can be found in this high-end HP computer. From the outstanding i9-9900K processor to the 32 GB of RAM, this machine is suited to anything from 3D modeling & rendering to competitive gaming.

Best AMD
CyberpowerPC Supreme Liquid Cooling PC

CyberpowerPC Supreme Liquid Cooling PC

Sporting the latest AMD Ryzen 9 processor and the impressive GeForce RTX 2080 Super graphics card, this PC combines top-notch performance with failproof reliability.

If you prefer AMD over Intel, you're in luck, as this CyberpowerPC model is comparable to our Best Overall pick. It has one of the best CPUs the market has to offer and includes water cooling for supreme reliability and quiet performance.

Best Cost-to-Performance
SkyTech Shiva Desktop Computer

SkyTech Shiva Desktop Computer

For those that want to make sure that their every penny is well-spent, SkyTech Shiva is a very solid pick for 3D modeling. It has a full arsenal of good components that perform well regardless of the load your PC is under.

Aside from its unique, sleek look, SkyTech Shiva is a collection of great products joined together to create a balanced desktop. Whether you're doing heavy 3D modeling work or wanting something more casual, you're getting your money's worth when you pick this model.

Best Budget
SkyTech Blaze II PC Desktop

SkyTech Blaze II PC Desktop

This desktop by SkyTech is the perfect proof that you don't need to empty your wallet in order to get a solid computer for 3D modeling. Equipped with a CPU that you can overclock up to 3.9GHz, it's a solid, cost-effective alternative to high-end PCs.

This is the second AMD model to make it onto our list, and it's there with good reason. SkyTech delivers a computer that has some of the best cost-to-performance ratios on the market with its superb Ryzen 5 CPU and an affordable price.

How We Choose

Testing and reviewing PC parts, peripherals, and components is both a job and a passion for us here at WePC. Even though we've already picked out and recommended countless different products, it never gets dull. However, this means that we've got the process down to a T, and we're here to use our experience to help you make the most informed choice for yourself.

We scour the Internet for exciting new releases as well as hidden gems, read user feedback, and pick out the best items to review. Once we're able to, we put them through extensive testing and benchmarking and only then do we form our final opinion.

We're aware that choosing the right PC can be a stressful task, especially if you need one for something like 3D modeling and the requirements are high. To make things a bit easier, we've already done all the research — all you need to do is pick the computer you like the most!

How We Test

In order for us to refer to a product as the best of the best in a given category, it has to first undergo hours of research, benchmarking, and most of all, stress testing. We don't use the word "best" lightly and we're quite picky. After all, it's your hard-earned money — we want you to be happy with your final purchase.

Our testing process begins before we even get our hands on a given product. We scour the internet in search of information, benchmarks, and user feedback. We consider things such as build quality, individual components, the manufacturer, and how highly rated each part of the PC is. 

When purchasing a pre-built computer, you save yourself a lot of time and headaches. However, pre-builds come with the risk of hiding subpar components underneath the guise of a high-end computer. We eliminate that factor for you by researching and testing each and every part of your future PC.

The final part is stress testing. As long as we can get our hands on a given product, we push it to the limit and then push it further. A good machine will perform well under stress, and that is what we looked for when assembling our list of best computers for 3D modeling.

Things To Consider

You've seen our quick summary of our favorite five computers for 3D modeling, but we're willing to bet that your list of questions hasn't grown shorter just yet. For that reason, before we talk about our recommendations, we want to address some common concerns.

Which Components Matter The Most?

As mentioned above, 3D modeling ranks high amongst some of the most taxing things your PC can do. The most popular software takes quite a bit of power to run, and then your computer is going to be even more strained under the pressure of heavy projects.

As 3D modeling relies heavily on the CPU, your processor is going to be the most important part of the whole build. However, contrary to popular belief, you don't need to aim for something with a lot of cores. Instead, consider picking a model with a powerful CPU that has a high clock speed and can also be overclocked.

The second thing for you to look at is the graphics card. The heavier the workload, the better the GPU — that's the general rule. It's also good to aim for at least 6GB of memory in a graphics card. As you are likely to do GPU rendering and not just CPU rendering, your computer needs to be strong on both fronts.

Some of the other things to consider include:

  • RAM — while you can make do with 8GB and will be comfortable with 16GB, it won't hurt to have more.
  • Storage — most modern PCs come with an SSD, and we highly recommend one. SSDs help your computer run much faster and save you time in the long run.
  • Cooling — as 3D modeling is a constant stress test of sorts, basic cooling is almost never good enough. We took that into consideration and only included models that offer superb cooling capabilities.

Not everyone knows that 3D modeling is actually split into two types: CPU rendering, which makes use of the processor, and GPU rendering, which prioritizes the graphics card. The major difference lies in which part of your PC is going to be used the most.

The vast majority of 3D software in this day and age specializes in CPU rendering, so we stand by the opinion that your processor will play a crucial role in the overall performance of your PC. CPU rendering can handle more complex tasks and has more memory to use, so this is usually a good thing.

Before you settle on a given PC, make sure to check what type of rendering you're going to mostly be doing. However, the desktops on our list all have good CPUs and graphics cards, so they will suffice regardless of the 3D modeling type.

What Budget Should I Aim For?

We know that picking the right budget is one of the first things you will do when it's time to shop for a new PC. That is why, when assembling this list, we made sure to cover all the bases and have also included a budget option.

We won't lie to you — computers suited for 3D modeling are not exactly the cheapest on the market, but that is not to say they have to be expensive. Only you can know your needs fully, but to help you make up your mind, we've prepared a set of budget guidelines. Take a look and decide what to aim for!

  • Low-end PC for 3D modeling - $600-1100
  • Mid-range PC for 3D modeling (CPU) - $1000-1500
  • Mid-range PC for 3D modeling (GPU) - $900-1500
  • High-end PC for 3D modeling - $1500-2500

While some of the most pricey models will cost upwards of $3000, don't feel like you can't achieve good results with a budget build. Based on our tests, we were able to pick out computers that offer a mix of good features combined with an acceptable price tag.

Now that you know all the important factors for you to consider, read on to take an in-depth look at the best computers we were able to find!

What Is The Difference Between CPU And GPU Rendering?

Best Computer For 3D Modeling

You've already had a look at our top picks, but a few lines of info will not suffice. When you buy a new PC, you're choosing something that will likely stay with you for years. That is why it's important to familiarize yourself with all the different specs and recommendations.

Without wasting any time, here are our five best desktops for 3D modeling!

Best Overall

CyberpowerPC Supreme

Having spent hours on our search for the best of the best, we can say with confidence that we found what we were looking for in this CyberpowerPC model.

It will catch your eye right from the start with its modern and sleek design topped off with the latest trend: RGB lighting inside the case. The colors, instead of being borderline oppressive, dip into pastel shades that blend in nicely without losing any of their charms.

While having a good looking PC is definitely a nice bonus, it's the components that we are truly here for — and in that department, CyperpowerPC has managed to succeed. As the CPU is the most important part of any PC for 3D modeling, let's cover that first.

This computer has a processor that is known to be reliable — Intel Core i7-9700k. It runs at 3.6GHz with eight cores and can also be overclocked. This type of speed is more than sufficient for any type of rendering you may want to do. Topping off the smooth performance is the adequate amount of 16GB of DDR4 RAM.

The graphics card in this model is just as well-known as the processor: NVIDIA'S fairly recent model GeForce RTX 2070 Super 8GB. With such a power-duo of a CPU and GPU, this computer will not just breeze through 3D modeling — it will also let you play top games at high framerates.

If we were forced to find a downside, we'd mention the limited number of USB ports and perhaps the lack of an HDD. However, both of those things are easily fixed with minimal additional expense if it's something you feel you need.

For those that want a machine that has supreme levels of versatility and performance, we recommend CyberpowerPC as a worthy candidate.

Best High-End

OMEN HP Obelisk Desktop Computer

As long as you have a budget that can stretch just a bit, you may want to consider aiming high. If you do, choosing OMEN is a good way to go.

This is a high-end HP computer that comes with an increased price tag to match. However, we'd still go as far as to call it cost-effective — simply because of the amount of top-notch equipment you get when you purchase this desktop.

Intel's 9th generation Intel Core i9-9900K processor is the main showstopper here with its 8-core 3.60GHz clock. While not the newest model on the market, it's still fresh and largely unmatched in terms of performance. Any person interested in 3D modeling will stop and consider it for the overclocking options alone, as this can go up to 5 GHz in Turbo Mode.

On top of this beast of a CPU, you also get one of the newest NVIDIA graphic cards: the RTX 2080 SUPER 8GB, which only adds to the speed and versatility of this PC. Those two things alone make this PC worthy of being included in our list, but then there's also 32GB RAM to consider. Need we mention the 1TB SSD?

The SSD is actually one of the things we both like and dislike about OMEN, as it's the only storage you get. If you have an external drive or plan to purchase an extra HDD, this will only be a perk. Otherwise, you may run into issues with storage space somewhere down the line.

If you're willing to invest in a PC that will last you for years and years of 3D modeling, rendering, streaming, or gaming, this PC is most likely an investment that will pay off many times over.

Best AMD

CyberpowerPC Supreme Liquid Cooling PC

If OMEN was our high-end pick for Intel, this would be our high-end pick for fans of AMD. CyberpowerPC Supreme delivers on nearly every level while remaining well within the price range of some mid-end models.

We know very well that both Intel and AMD have their fair share of fans, and that some of those fans just do not mix. Who has never had a brand or a piece of hardware that they didn't love? For that reason, we searched specifically for a top-notch AMD desktop. After a lot of research, we chose this one to recommend instead of the other options.

Through both stress-testing and reading the reviews of other users, we have to say that CyberpowerPC deserves a pat on the back — this PC is almost second to none when it comes to versatility and multitasking. Capable of running programs such as Photoshop, After Effects, Inkspace, Camtasia, and a lot more all at the same time, this is a PC that won't slow you down with sluggish response times.

The AMD Ryzen 9 3950X 3.5GHz CPU has 16 cores and is also equipped with a reliable water cooling system. This will help you keep the temperatures in check even when you're working on something massive.

32GB of RAM is more than acceptable here and in fact, it actually is in the higher end of RAM amounts in PCs. You'll also find a GPU capable of handling your every request, from professional-grade 3D modeling to gaming for hours on end.

Much like in the case of OMEN, the main downside here is going to be the lack of a dedicated hard drive that you could use for extra storage. We'll be the first to admit that it is a shame, but it's definitely not a dealbreaker.

Are you interested in AMD and don't mind setting a higher budget for your new PC? Based on our research, we can heartily recommend this for both professionals and budding 3D modeling enthusiasts alike.

Best Cost-to-Performance

SkyTech Shiva Desktop Computer

When picking out a new PC, we all want to make sure we're putting our money towards something great. Budget or high-end, most computers tend to make a dent in our savings. It's easier to find overpriced models than to score a good computer for cheap, but SkyTech defies the odds with the Shiva.

With the trademark white case and a rainbow of colors inside, SkyTech's Shiva may catch your eye with its pleasing aesthetic, but it's the performance that will make you really stop and consider it.

For the relatively affordable price, we found that this computer was able to deliver surprisingly outstanding results in our testing. The AMD Ryzen 5 2600 CPU (3.4GHz that you can turbo boost to 3.9GHz) stood its ground compared to competitors. Even during stress tests, this PC maintained smooth performance and correct temperatures. The RGB fans that light up the case offer great ventilation and keep your PC safe from burning up.

The downside here is, like with the previous models, a lack of storage which is felt even more keenly in Shiva. You will get a 500GB SSD to start with, which is up to 30x faster than a traditional HDD, but we wouldn't mind if the SSD was bigger.

Despite being rather short on storage space, Shiva covers the most important points: it's fast, reliable, well-ventilated, and a real multitasker. If you're not aiming for absolute high-end PCs, we can fully recommend this one as a good choice.

Best Budget

SkyTech Blaze II PC Desktop

As you might expect, 3D modeling and budget PCs don't seem to mix very well. Considering that you need all this power to handle complex rendering and a whole bunch of required software, one might think that it's impossible to not destroy your savings account for your new PC.

Despite its truly affordable price, we're not willing to call this PC low-end. After all, it has a strong CPU that you can overclock up to 3.9GHz, an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 6GB card, and an SSD for swift storage.

With the solid clock and high memory on the CPU, you can fully expect a lot from this PC — and then some. While it may not be suited for professional-grade 3D modeling experts that have already seen their fair share of desktops, it's sure to satisfy newer users.

Despite the rather low RAM (we recommend adding a stick or two for even better performance), SkyTech's Blaze is still very cost-effective. If you're looking to get started or your budget is tight, you won't regret checking out this desktop.

Rounding Up

There we go! We've covered five truly outstanding PCs for 3D modeling. All of the models we chose are known to be versatile but also reliable, effortlessly joining an assemble of solid CPUs and a few fantastic GPUs.

As we know that the detailed information may have been a lot to digest, below you will find a shorter list of our recommendations. 

Our Best Overall pick is the CyberpowerPC Supreme which strikes the perfect balance between pricing and sheer power. Remarkably quiet and reliable, this is a PC that could very well be placed higher thanks to its amazing performance during testing.

If you're not worried about splurging and want to buy one of the best desktops on the market, take a closer look at OMEN HP Obelisk Desktop Computer. Including some of the newest, most-demanded components, OMEN blew us away with the number of tasks it could simultaneously perform.

For those that prefer AMD over Intel, we recommend this CyberpowerPC. Made of some of the best available components, this desktop is similar to our best overall pick.

SkyTech Shiva was made for people that like to know what exactly they spend their money on. It sports a surprising versatility that is achieved thanks to the top-notch components. Even so, it maintains an affordable price.

SkyTech Blaze II PC Desktop is our second recommendation from SkyTech and just like its slightly more pricey counterpart, this desktop will not force you to tap into your savings. It makes for a good budget alternative to many more high-end options.

The above computers are, in our opinion, sure to satisfy even demanding users. However, as the market is filled to the brim with interesting options, we weren't able to include each and every one that we liked. In case you're still not convinced, check out the three options that didn't make the cut, but were still impressive in their own right.

CUK Stratos Micro Gamer PC (AMD Ryzen 9, 64GB 3200MHz RAM, 1TB NVMe SSD +...
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 10GB GDDR6X | Motherboard: B550M Motherboard; Power Supply: 850W Gold PSU | Operating System: Windows 10 Home x64
iBUYPOWER Pro Gaming PC Computer Desktop Trace PRO9600 (AMD Ryzen 7 3700X...
1 Year Parts & Labor + Free Lifetime us tech support | Assembled in the U S A

Final Word

If you're on the market for a desktop to help you with all your 3D modeling needs, we don't blame you if you're feeling overwhelmed. With the number of options out there and all kinds of specs to consider, even tech-savvy people may end up settling for something subpar instead of searching for the best.

Our aim was to create a comprehensive guide that will help you decide what you need and then pick it out without the hassle of having to assemble it all by yourself. We hope that you were able to find your future PC amongst our picks. Whether you've already placed your order or you're still thinking, we recommend hopping over to our Community Hub. It's the best place to discuss everything computer related!

Take your time, read through all the options, and then, at last, take your pick. The right PC is right around the corner!

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