BIOS Update For New Ryzen 3000 Processors – x470 & B450

Step by step guide to BIOS update

If you haven't heard about the highly anticipated new range of Ryzen chips that are due for release this Sunday, then where have you been for the last six months? They are LITERALLY huge news and boast performance levels which are set to eclipse Intel's CPUs for the first time since, well, since I can remember.

There are a whole bunch of new CPUs which are set to hit shelves on July 7th that range from the 3600 right up to the 3900x. Furthermore, AMD has released a next Gen range of APUs as well which have been recorded showing some excellent benchmarking. All in all, it's looking very prosperous for AMD, and not so great for Intel.

CPU war aside though, if you're looking to purchase one of the latest Ryzen chips then you probably have a couple of questions regarding compatibility as well. The most common question we've heard is whether or not your old motherboard will be compatible with the new chips? And the short answer is yes. Praise the lord.

This being said, consumers will have to do a BIOS update in order to accommodate the latest chips. Now, don't be worried, even though the BIOS sounds like a scary place, it's actually quite easy once you know what you're doing, and in some cases, a BIOS update doesn't necessarily require you to access the bios at all.

For those that aren't convinced by my effort to destress the BIOS situation, this article is going to walk you through a simple step-by-step guide of how to find out whether your BIOS needs updating and how to update it.

Firstly, let's take a look at some of the motherboards which are going to have relevant BIOS updates.

List of Motherboards Requiring BIOS Update

AMD has made a statement, well several, saying that the new chips are built using the AM4 socket and will be compatible with 300/400 series motherboards. However, it wasn't clear which 300/400 series boards would be compatible until recently.

MSI & ASUS are the first manufacturers to print a list of motherboards which will, or already do, have BIOS updates available for the new Ryzen 3rd gen chips. Below is an official, but NOT up-to-date, list of currently confirmed compatible MSI & ASUS chips.

As mentioned above, both MSI and ASUS have confirmed that this is not a finished article. If your motherboard is not on this list then don't worry, they will be updating it as further motherboards become BIOS compatible.

Both manufacturers have made sure their flagship X470 boards are compatible, which is useful as a lot of people are opting to purchase the cheaper x470 instead of splashing out on a fancy x570. Just be aware, if you want to utilize new features such as PCIe 4.0, then you will have to take the plunge and splash out on an x570.

Bios Support Links

Obviously, it isn't just MSI & ASUS making sure relevant BIOS updates are ready for when Ryzen 3000 customers come knocking. Almost all the manufacturers are getting geared up for the big launch day.

Here is a list of manufacturer websites and their compatible motherboards:

All the data can be found via these links on what motherboards are compatible.

Updating BIOS From New Parts

This is where things become a little bit trickier. If you already have an AMD setup, updating the BIOS is going to be a piece of cake, we'll show you how a little further down. However, if you're an intel user who's doing the switch, or have an old AMD build with a non-compatible board, you're going to have to buy one of the motherboards listed above. This is where some problems start to arise.

So, if you don't want to splash out on a new X570, and decide to opt for let's say, an older x470, you need to update the BIOS before you can use the motherboard and CPU together. Unfortunately, to update the BIOS, you need a working CPU to do so (unless the board has a flash BIOS which only a few do). This is where the problem arises. How are you meant to update the BIOS when you only have the Ryzen 3000 CPU? Well, you have a couple of options.

The first, and easiest way, is to take your new board down to a local computer store and ask the guys in there if they can update the BIOS for you. They may do it for free, more likely will charge you $15 to do so — a small fee considering how cheap the CPUs actually are.

Secondly, you could buy yourself an extremely cheap CPU from Amazon, update the BIOS using it, then sell the CPU on as second hand.

Thirdly, you could buy a cheap CPU from eBay for the sole purpose of updating the BIOS, then re-sell once you've completed the update.

Lastly, you could buy a board that has a flash BIOS built in, meaning you don't need a CPU at all, you can just load the update from a flash drive.

Updating BIOS For Ryzen 3000

So, you've established that your board needs a BIOS update, now how do I do it! This is the step by step guide of how to update the BIOS, let's get straight into it.

Before you get started it's worth getting CPU-z, so you know exactly what board you've got. This will enable you to choose the correct BIOS update file via the manufacturer website. It's also essential that you have a FLASH DRIVE to perform the update from.

Ok, so once you've established which motherboard you have, go to the manufacturer website, search for your motherboard and select the product page.

Once on the product page, select the support tab for your motherboard and search out the BIOS section.

Once in the BIOS section, search out the latest version of BIOS for your motherboard. You will be able to download the file onto your flash drive.

Once downloaded onto the flash drive, extract the documents of the zip file onto the flash drive. This is the prep work done for the BIOS update files.

Now, restart your computer, with the flash drive plugged in, and enter the BIOS menu. This is usually DEL, F2 or F8.

Once in your BIOS, select the flash drive and double click the BIOS update file to start the update. This will take a little while depending on the version and speed of your build.

Once the BIOS is updated, restart the computer make sure everything still works normally.

Your motherboard now has the latest version of BIOS and is ready to use the new CPU!


There you have it, the simplest way of updating your motherboards BIOS to enable it to run Ryzen's latest CPUs. Admittedly, it's going to be a bit of a pain for those who can't do this themselves, however, I know in time manufacturers are going to prepare pre-updated BIOS for older boards. It's just a matter of time.

If you want to beat the curve though and enjoy the new CPUs now, this is the best way to do it!

Any questions feel free to ask in the comments section below.


  1. Juan Doe says:

    Numerous MSI b450 motherboards have yet to receive ryzen 3000 support. MSI has posted a few beta bios available on a forum however many don’t work or won’t even show when trying to flash the motherboard

  2. David says:

    I’m on the trickier side of the equation! Trying to build for the first time, I know that I want a Ryzen 3000 + x470 Mobo combo. Which cheap cpu should I buy? Ryzen 2000?

    1. crabjoe says:

      Not sure why you want to buy an older CPU, if your plan is to get the Ryzen 3000 series.

      AMD does has a loaner program, if you need to borrow a CPU to flash a BIOS update. If you’re looking for a older CPU to hold you over till the pricing on the 3000 series comes down a bit, I’m not sure it’s worth it.. But if that’s the plan, I saw Micro Center has a sale on the 2600X for $139 right now.

  3. Benson Carver says:

    Try to go even older. You can find dirr cheap amd cpu’s way under 100

  4. Giacomo Lawrance says:

    I bought the B450 Pro Carbon AC Plus for my 3600. Has anyone had success using it with the 3000 series after updating the bios?

    1. Wsyne says:

      ROG STRIX B450-F GAMING [BIOS 2406] broke mouse support. BIOS is bugged. I contacted Asus and thing basically told me to F off and it my fault there update is bad. Last time I ever support Asus.

  5. Psyn1x says:

    Do new motherboards need a bios update?I am moving from FX to a Ryzen 5 3600 to the Pro-M2 V2, so I am just wondering if it will need one because I dont want to have to spend more money on another processor to update it as I am on a tight budget.

    1. adam says:

      Only X570 motherboards don’t need BIOS update.

    2. Charlie Noon says:

      Hi Psyn1x,
      If you’re looking at purchasing an X570, you will not require a BIOS update to run your processor, any other compatible chipset, x470, x370, b350, b450, WILL need a BIOS update .

      Hope this helps.

  6. Graham says:

    Ive just bought a ROG Strix X470-F, because its brand new is there a way of telling if it already has a BIOS version new enough to support the new 3000 ryzen, is it written on the board anywhere or any other way? As these boards are still being manufactured surely Asus would ship with a newish BIOS version.

    1. Charlie Noon says:

      Hi Graham,
      When did you buy the board and can you check to see what BIOS version your X470-F is running?
      Asus released Bios version 4804 which supports Ryzen 3000 on the 2019/06/05.
      They have also recently released 5007 as a further improvement. If the motherboard comes with either of these 2 Bios versions then you will be good to go.
      Hope this helps :]

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