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Does Nintendo Switch Sports have Offline Coop?

Local coop in Nintendo Switch Sports? Yes please!

Updated: May 10, 2022 7:40 am
Does Nintendo Switch Sports have Offline Coop?

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With a game like Nintendo Switch Sports the first questions that comes to mind is about the multiplayer options. The game can obviously be played online, but with the trend of split screen games fading. Can Nintendo Switch Sports be played locally in offline coop?

Short Answer: Yes

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Couch Coop in Nintendo Switch Sports?

Offline cooperation, split screen, couch coop is more and more forgotten by both game developers and the players. With the games focusing on online modes, and the general access to the internet many players just prefer to play from their own homes.

It is an understandable move, but it makes every game that offers offline coop much more exciting and precious. Nintendo Switch Sports is no different to the other games from Nintendo Sports series and allows you to play with up to four friends locally.

Nintendo Switch Sports Art

You can compete in six different sports that are available at launch in Nintendo Switch Sports. Learn all the tricks and best your mates in an exhilarating duel in Chambara or an intense Soccer penalty shootout.

Make sure you have enough controllers and leg straps to satisfy all of your friends. It is in my opinion the only downside to this game, but in every scenario a split screen title requires a second or third controller.

The ability to meet with your family and/or friends and having a laugh when your grumpy uncle can’t hit the ball is uncanny.

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