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DOOM Eternal showcased running on an RTX 3080

First real benchmark for Nvidia’s latest top-end card

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In the first real performance benchmark for the RTX 3080, based on an already released game, Nvidia have shared a 5-minute gameplay video of id Software’s Doom Eternal running on their new flagship GPU, and comparing it with their previous generation RTX 2080Ti.

For the purposes of this demonstration, the game is set to run at 4K resolution, with all the settings on maximum, to really put this new card through its paces. Exact performance varies from moment to moment, with cutscenes and quiet moments typically hovering around 150fps, but sometimes reaching heights of 200fps. Even during more hectic gameplay moments with lots of enemies on screen, and lots of visual effects popping at once, it still typically holds at around 120fps, with only a few occasional dips to around 100fps.

Sharing footage like this is certainly a good way of communicating the improvements offered by Nvidia’s latest GPUs, and does a far better job than just showing us a bar chart with some numbers going up. If you’re gaming on a high resolution, high framerate monitor, this game configured with these kinds of settings would be a fantastic way to put that display to good use, and particularly for a fast-paced game with frenetic action like Doom Eternal, you’ll really feel the benefit of the increase in framerate.

This isn’t quite reaching the highs of the liquid-nitrogen cooled experiment to get the game running at 1000 fps, but we’d love to see how high that number could go if they repeated that same experiment with an RTX 3080 rather than an RTX 2080Ti.

What other games would you like to see benchmarked on the RTX 3080? We certainly can’t wait to get our hands on Nvidia’s newest graphics cards, to put them through their paces with a variety of games. Here’s our guide to where you can buy the RTX 2080 from, which we’ll be updating with various different options as they become available.


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