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NBA2K21 Best Point Guard Build

Build the Best Playmaking Shot Creator

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NBA2K21 has finally arrived and sets to be another storied edition in the 2K legacy. with updated graphics and player scans, new improvements to MyTeam, updated MyCareer storylines, and with the inclusion of the WNBA everything seems to be on the right track.

Now they’ve patched the awful shooting mechanics, everything seems to be leading towards a beautiful day in the neighbourhood for NBA2K21. We are going to be focusing on the PG position for today’s build for MyCareer mode.

For a Point Guard, you need a player that can hit shots, journey up and down the court without hindrance, and connect with teammates for some key assists and playmaking. That’s why we are creating a Playmaking Shot Creator build and this should be essential to any new 2k player.

You have two options to break your categories into, either Shooting/Playmaking variation or the wholly Shooting pie chart. We recommend doing the latter and choosing the shooting pie chart as it gives you more badge options later on and allows you to hit more varied shots.

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Shooting and Playmaking are going to take priority here but you don’t want to sacrifice your entire breakdown on them as you are still going to need defensive tropes (I always find dedicating a good amount to steals, lateral quickness, and rebounding helpful if you’re going to be stat chasing). You can see the breakdown from the pie charts. As listed, there is a fairly even spread across each of the four key areas, with obvious priority on Finishing, Shooting, and Playmaking.


Key Statistic Potential

Close Shot – 80

Mid-Range Shot – 90

Three-Point Shot – 89

Pass Accuracy – 85

Ball Handling – 85

Lateral Quickness – 80

Steal – 80


MyCareer PG skills breakdown

Height: 6″2 – 6’’4
Weight: 170-175
Wingspan: 75
Takeover: Shot Creator

Takeover Selector MyCareer 2k21

You should end up with a Point Guard that is akin to a prime D-Rose or current D’Angelo Russell. In terms of heading into your MyPlayer career, there are plenty of options for teams that will be on the lookout for a solid Point Guard including the Chicago Bulls, New York Knicks, Phoenix Suns and even Orlando Magic could be good places to build your career start.

You have a few more options for Point Guard builds whether you want to create a fully fledged creative out-putter or a two way slasher build.

The best playmaking shot creator build

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