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*LATEST* Nvidia RTX 4080 specs, release date and price

With the ever growing power of PC components what can we expect from the likely hero of the next generation?

Updated: Sep 20, 2022 6:01 pm
Nvidia RTX 4080 latest specification release date and price rumors

Update: The cards have been announced at GTC!

It doesn’t feel like the current RTX 3080 has been around for that long but it will be two years in 2022. Maybe it’s due to the lack of stock but now we turn our eyes to the Nvidia RTX 4080.

Specifically, we bring you the latest rumors on the RTX 4080 specifications, release date, and price. With what we can look forward to in the latest best graphics cards.

We expect the 4080 to be as popular as the 3080 with it likely at the top of the more affordable selection. If the 4090 is anything like the 3090, it would most likely be expensive for what it offers to the average user.

RTX 4080 FE leak
Potentially leaked RTX 4080, Source: Twitter user @KittyYYUko

Latest RTX 4080 news

RTX 4080 specification rumors

For the latest RTX 4080 specifications, we have to turn to the rumor mill. With a few users that offer fairly accurate and up-to-date information.

Although this may be what the latest news is, it can still change. Nvidia is known to keep things under wraps or keep people guessing.

The final parts unbeknownst until the announcement most likely especially the topic of price. But we do make sure to keep this updated with what the latest has to offer.

Nvidia card leaks and rumors are predominantly offered by user kopite7kimi on Twitter. With suggestions, they have insider knowledge or connections to current happenings with the company.

So for the 4080, the latest suggests two different specifications, 16GB and 12GB memory variants. Which would mean immediately giving out variants unlike with the previous 3080 12GB version coming out much later.

RTX 4080 specs and price

As with the rest of the generation, it is expected to be on the Ada TSMC 4N node. And that’s where the similarities sort of end with a lot of differences in the rest of the specifications.

The 16GB is the AD103-300 GPU variant, containing 76 SMs, with 9,728 CUDA cores. These are meant to reach a boost clock of 2,505 MHz. For in terms of VRAm it will be GDDR6X across a 256-bit bus, clocked at 23 Gbps. This produces a bandwidth of 736 GB/s and has a TGP of 340W with a potential of a maximum of 516W.

Whilst the 12GB is an AD104-400 GPU, 60 SMs, and 7,680 CUDA cores. These are supposed to reach a boost clock of 2,610 MHz. Whilst the GDDR6X memory is clocked to 21 Gbps across a 192-GB/s it has a bandwidth of 504 GB/s. This has a default TGP of 285W and the potential to reach 366W if changed.

Following on from the 3090 Ti as well, the card will most likely feature a 16-pin power connector. Which would give it up to 650 W of power with data lines or 450 W without. As you may need an adapter without having to upgrade your power supply.

But this solution does mean we’ll be moving away from the three cabled connectors we have in current cards. Helping to improve the aesthetics of your build.

The 40 series is also expected to continue to use the same card bus interface. Which is PCIe 4.0 x16 while AMD Radeon RDNA 3 may upgrade to 5th gen.

Below you can find a handy table for comparison. Seeing what new upgrades the card brings over the old selection.

Update: A new update for Kopite7kimi gives us the latest info on what to expect in the 4080. It updates the card to feature fewer CUDA cores. With the count dropping to 9,728 as the SMs drop by four to 76 in total.

Update: New total card powers have been rumored. And newer rumors suggest a faster memory clock and higher board power.

Update: With the announcement we get the full list of specs for the two RTX 4080 cards.

RTX 4000 series specs
New specs from the announcement
RTX 4080RTX 3080RX 6800 XT
GPUAD103-300/104-400GA102-200/220Navi 21 XT
GPU process5nm TSMC8nm Samsung7nm TSMC
Memory16/12 GB GDDR6X10/12 GB GDDR6X16 GB GDDR6
Memory clock23/21 Gbps19 Gbps16 Gbps
Memory bus256-bit/192-bit320/384-bit256-bit
TDP340 W/285 W320/350 W300 W

Nvidia RTX 4080 release date rumors

Update: Although announced, there are no dates yet for the RTX 4080 like the 4090 so we have to wait and see. But it is set for a November release.

If you’re eager about when the new Ada cards are to launch so are we. The initial rumors for the RTX 40 series release date were for early Q3 even potentially in July.

But things have changed. With the crypto crash and GPU demand falling beside it, there is plenty of stock of 30 series cards. With what may seem like hope for the end of the shortage.

As miners sell off their wares, Nvidia has an overstock of current cards. And so much so that it wants to cut its order of next-gen chips from TSMC.

RTX 4080 2

This may indicate it thinks it will have too many cards overall with lowered demand. And along with any problems or issues has delayed the releases.

With VideoCardz reporting that the RTX 4080 release date has been pushed back from September to October 2022.

Although Moore’s Law is Dead on YouTube suggests that Nvidia has to launch the cards at least in 2022. With strong competition from AMDs selection, they can’t lose out on the market share.

These aren’t the final dates and the rapid changes in the graphics card market can further alter the situation. And even though the plan would be to sell off 30 series stock, Nvidia hasn’t officially altered the base price of the GPUs.

Nvidia RTX 4080 price speculation – How much is a 4080 going to cost?

Update: From the announcement we know there are two versions of the card. The 16GB variant will cost $1,199 whilst the 12GB version will cost $899.

Price is very much the last thing to get altered with changes possible right up until the announcement. Therefore there are usually very few leaks or rumors on the topic.

However, we can look back to what Nvidia has priced its cards at before. In particular previous XX80 models from previous generations.

There we have the RTX 3080 MSRP at $699USD/£649, and the RTX 2080 at the same price of $699USD/£649. Whilst the GTX 1080 was lower at $599USD/£529 and the GTX 980 was $549USD/£444.

From that, we can assume that the card will cost at least what the current 3080 does. But there is a chance the price will increase as we’ve seen before somewhere in the range of $100-150USD.

Therefore we can speculate the RTX 4080 will cost in the range of $699-850USD/£649-800. If higher it does put the price range quite high into the top end of what we’ve seen previously.

RTX 4080 performance

There are some rumors as the what the RTX 4080 can achieve in terms of performance. Kopite7kimi suggests the expected Time Spy Extreme scores based on the GPU specifications.

Where the RTX 4080 is expected to achieve 15,000 points. Whereas the RTX 4070 can possibly get a score of 10,000 and the RTX 4090 19,000 points.

RTX 4080 and RTX 4070 TSE scores

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RTX 4080 frequently asked questions

Will there be a RTX 4080?

Yes the RTX 4080 has been officially announced! And will be part of the Ada Lovelace lineup.

How many CUDA cores does a 4080 have?

There are two versions of the card. The 16GB variant will have 9,728 CUDA cores, whilst the 12GB has 7,680.

How much VRAM does a 4080 have?

There are two versions of the card with varying amounts of VRAM. The first has 16GB of GDDR6X memory across a 256-bit bus. Whilst there is also a smaller variant with 12GB of GDDR6X memory across a 192-bit bus.

What power supply do I need for a RTX 4080?

The RTX 4080 will have a TBP of 320W and 285W for the 16GB and 12GB versions respectively. These have a recommended power supply of 750W and 700W respectively. They will be using the PCIe gen 5 connector so will require an adapter or a new gen PSU.

When 4080 coming out?

Although announced, there are no dates yet for the RTX 4080 like the 4090 so we have to wait and see. But it has a vague release date of November 2022.

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