PS4 Wireless Headset: A Buyer’s Guide

ps4 wireless headset

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Love your PlayStation 4? Of course, you do, who doesn't? It has so many games that it's capable of keeping you entertained for weeks on end. The problem is not finding something to play, but finding the willpower to actually stop for a bit.

If you're a fan of PS4, we're sure that you either already own, or have considered purchasing, a wireless PS4 headset. A headset is an accessory that goes a long way to make your gaming sessions even more entertaining and immersive. It lets you hear every little detail that speakers will not put across, and the built-in microphone lets you talk to your teammates to improve your win rate.

Whether you're shopping for a new headset or you're a first-time buyer, picking out a good wireless PS4 headset can be a tricky task. We're here to make it all easier for you. Let's delve into the world of gaming headsets for the PS4.

Why Buy A PS4 Wireless Headset?

A good wireless headset has the potential of altering your entire gaming experience for the better. A lot of the titles available on PlayStation 4 are highly polished, top-notch games that come with gorgeous soundtracks which add a lot to the game. Moreover, in a lot of games, hearing everything properly can make or break the match!

Competitive or not, the ability to hear the enemy sneak up on you can give you an edge that others do not have. And even if you don't much care about winning or beating the game effortlessly, you will surely appreciate diving into it headfirst and forgetting the world outside. This is what a good gaming headset can aid you in.

The difference between a proper PS4 headset and a pair of headphones you've got lying around is most likely going to be huge. As gaming headsets are tailored to the needs of gamers, they tick boxes that some of us may not even be aware of. They're also fit to be worn for hours on end without annoyances such as overheating or even mild ear pain.

Going with a wireless option only adds to the general comfort of use. Why would you want to be restricted by a wire, which is often not too long, when you can move freely? 

Don't be swayed by outdated myths. It's true that just a few years ago wireless headsets were less reliable, but the industry has made huge leaps and bounds since then. You too can have the perfect combination of comfort and top-notch audio quality, accessible anytime you want it.

Where Can You Buy A PS4 Wireless Headset?

As more and more gamers convert to wireless headsets, the market rises to meet their expectations. The result? Thousands of headsets available at your fingertips, anytime, anywhere… which is great, but also makes picking the right one a little difficult.

Wireless headsets that work with PS4 can be found in most electronics stores, although depending on the area, the stock might be fairly limited or mostly focused on a single brand. As there is no guarantee that you will find a model you love by going to an old-fashioned store, we usually recommend shopping online.

If you've already got a brand picked out, you can check their website — most companies offer the option of ordering directly from them. However, for most users, we found Amazon to be the best source of wireless headsets.

With a wide selection and some of the most competitive prices, Amazon is, for us, the easiest way of getting a new headset. The only issue lies in actually picking one out. That is why we prepared a list of our favorites for you to check out!

Which PS4 Wireless Headset Is Best For You?

PS4 headsets come in many shapes and sizes, and most of all, they're produced by many different brands.

You will find that there are brands that can be considered to be leaders of the market. Among them are Razer, Turtle Beach, SteelSeries, Corsair, Logitech, Creative, and several more. These are the pioneers that introduced gaming headsets to the market at large and continue to cater exclusively to gamers. Buying their products pretty much guarantees that you'll be satisfied with the purchase.

Even if you narrow it down to these few brands, there's still a whole lot of headsets to choose from. To make things easier, we picked out our favorites for you to check out.

SteelSeries Arctis 7

For a high-end option at a moderate price, check out Arctis 7, one of SteelSeries' multi-platform wireless headsets. 

Arctis works just fine on multiple platforms: PC, Mac, PS4, Switch, and even mobile, so if you tend to play on more than just one platform, with this headset you can do so. The 2.4G connection installed in this model delivers solid, lossless wireless audio that is not plagued by high latency or interference.

Elaborating on the sound quality, it really is superb. 360 degrees of precision audio with surround sound guarantees that you will hear every tiny little noise without any disturbances. The distortion is kept at an absolute minimum, so much so that it's not a stretch to call the sound "crystal clear".

The solid audio is matched by a fantastic, Discord-approved microphone. Often regarded as one of the best, the mic in Arctis 7 provides excellent noise cancellation and zero static. 

The battery life in this product is one of the best we've ever seen and is estimated at around 24 hours. You'll never have to charge mid-session because of poor battery — do it in your own time without interrupting your gaming.

Equipped with high-end audio solutions and created by one of the best brands on the market, Arctis 7 is a solid bet for both seasoned and new gamers alike.

Read our full review of the SteelSeries Arctis 7 here

PlayStation Gold Wireless Headset

This one is not made by any of the most popular gaming brands — instead, it's been developed by Sony itself and made exclusively for PlayStation 4. While that means you will not be able to use it on your PC or any other console, buying directly from the source is never a bad choice.

The audio here is a testament to Sony's long-standing experience in making headphones. With a stunning 7.1 virtual surround sound, you can hear the loudest explosions and the quietest footsteps equally well.

Aside from the basic sound settings, you will also get a companion app for the headset. This allows you to download custom audio modes for some of your favorite titles, enhancing the experience even further.

The microphone is hidden, giving you more freedom of movement and not getting in the way. Despite that, it still picks up your voice very well and has noise-canceling capabilities to ensure the resulting audio is crystal-clear.

It has a light build and is comfortable to wear for hours on end. This is because the headphones do not apply a lot of force, so the pressure on your ears is nearly non-existent.

Lastly, it was designed with PlayStation VR in mind, so if you like to lose yourself in virtual reality, you can do so without a hitch!

HyperX Cloud Flight

Don't like to bother with frequent charging? HyperX has got you covered with this wireless headset for PS4, PS4 Pro and PC users. It can serve you well for up to 30 hours of battery life!

It has a strong wireless connection (2.4GHz) that prevents interference, latency, and packet loss. The microphone is excellent and detachable for your convenience. You will hear every detail in the game, and your teammates won't miss a single word of what you say.

HyperX has placed a lot of emphasis on comfort when designing this model. The ear cups rotate up to 90 degrees and are accompanied by a durable, adjustable steel slider. The pressure on your ears will be minimal, allowing for hours of uninterrupted gaming.

Speaking of comfort, you'll also enjoy knowing that the range of the wireless connection is quite impressive here: up to 12 meters. You don't have to worry about sitting too far from TV; you can relax on the sofa and game on.

The headphones themselves have some LED light effects to further add to the cool black-and-red look of this model. 

One more thing: you can also use this headset with a wired connection allowing for it to be used on other platforms too. The versatility combined with top-notch performance makes it a solid pick for all gamers.

Razer Nari Wireless

We don't have to introduce Razer by anything other than the name. They're well known in the world of gaming, and rightfully so. Their headsets and other gaming peripherals are enjoyed all over the world, and Razer Nari does not disappoint in the least.

As far as Razer's timeless brand goes, this headset does not stray from the usual mix of black and neon green. It's sizeable, durable, and slightly futuristic. It also has Razer's RGB Chroma, allowing for many more color combinations.

The audio is perhaps the best aspect of this headset. Equipped with THX spatial audio for the ultimate levels of immersion, this headset simulates a full 360° surround sound. Losing yourself in the game has never been easier!

The headset itself is equipped with volume mixers and microphone mute buttons right there on the headphones, making it easy access. As for the microphone itself, it's a noise-canceling model that blocks out almost all background noise.

Razer Nari has a 16-hour battery life, which is more than adequate for nearly all gamers. It has managed to find the perfect balance between performance and comfort of wearing, and for that, we recommend it.

Things To Consider When Buying A Wireless Headset

You've had a glimpse of our favorite PS4 wireless headsets, but does that mean you know what to pick? Possibly. If you've already decided, that's great; but if not, don't worry. Let's talk about the various aspects you need to consider before making your purchase.


Comfort is one of the most important aspects — if not THE most important aspect — to take into consideration when shopping for a headset. 

An average headset will cause a feeling of pressure to build up, but a bad headset may cause you actual physical pain. That's why it's crucial to pick up a headset that has an adjustable headband, preferably adjustable/foldable ear cushions, and the right size. 

The rule of thumb here is that you don't want a headset that has cushions that press your ears down. You want to pick out something with large headphones that will encompass your ear as opposed to resting on top of it.

Material Quality

This may not seem that important, but believe us — you'll be glad later if you invest in a sturdy headset now. If there's anyone here that has yet to drop their headset at least once, it either means you barely use it, or you're really extremely careful.

Headsets may be dropped on the floor, sat on, or otherwise wronged by even the wariest of us. This is where build quality plays its part. 

Many headsets, especially budget options, are made out of fairly cheap plastic. This is a standard that you can accept from a known brand, but you should aim higher if possible.

Look for things like a steel frame and sturdy materials that barely include flimsy plastic. You'll be glad you did so later.


Equally important as the other two, the sound quality is going to be the main reason why you either keep or replace a headset. A lot of cheap, aged gaming headsets may offer quite poor audio quality. If you're used to it, you may not even notice, but put on a good song and you'll see.

Music certainly adds to the immersion, but for gamers, the main concern is whether you can hear everything in your favorite title. The good thing is that most modern headsets are going to be a massive step up from your old one, no matter which one you pick. But if you want the best of the best, try to invest in the best audio. Don't go for something without surround sound unless you really don't want to add to the extra expense.


Unless you're a die-hard single player, it's very probable that you will play and chat at the same time more often than it seems. Due to that, you want to make sure you have a decent mic that will not blow anyone's ears up.

Some modern headsets have a variety of cool options added, such as removable microphones or even being able to control your headset (and mic volume) via an app. 

For removable or foldable mics, the question falls to you. If you plan to use your headset exclusively for gaming, the microphone doesn't need to be removable, as it's likely that you'll be using it most of the time. However, if you'd like to listen to music or watch movies as well, you'll enjoy being rid of the mic for those activities.

Wireless Vs. Wired

If you're here, odds are you've already made up your mind and you want a wireless headset. It is an excellent choice that gives the most comfort and ease of use during long battles. It's important to remember that the sound quality may not be quite the same as it is in their wired counterparts, but it will be close. 

Another consideration is battery life, but it's almost a non-issue when most headsets can be in use for upwards of fifteen hours (some even up to 30!) without needing to be recharged. However, this calls for a bit of a schedule, because you may just run out of battery at the worst possible time if you're not careful about it.

Headsets have been improving by leaps and bounds over the last years, allowing us to fully recommend the "wireless" route for anyone but ultra-demanding audiophiles.

Our Verdict

PlayStation has found its way into our hearts many years ago, and it's definitely there to stay. For many of us, our PS4 is the main platform that we use for gaming, so it's only natural that you want to gear up and have the right set of peripherals to further enhance your gaming experience. A wireless headset will go a long way in adding to your fun and immersion, especially if it's a dedicated model that will draw the most out of your favorite titles.

We hope that our guide has been helpful in letting you know of the various options that are available on the market! Have you picked out your PS4 wireless headset yet? Let us know down below and hit up our Community Hub to chat with other console gaming enthusiasts!