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What is the 6900 XT equivalent to?

AMDs initial flagship is powerful in its own right but you may be interested in what its similar to

Updated: Oct 26, 2022 11:17 am
What is the 6900 XT equivalent to?

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The two GPUs can be used for activities that are comparable because of their many similarities. The 6900 XT is the Nvidia RTX 3080’s equal. Both display resolutions up to 4K efficiently.

However, RTX 3080 has more RAM and a quicker frame rate than the 6900 XT. With all that in mind, the RTX 3080 12GB and 6900 XT are both available; the question is which one you should buy if you’re ready to buy today and have a budget of $1500 or more.

The Radeon 6900 XT is typically the more economical of the two, but pricing varies significantly from country to region and even from day to day within a single area. However, the price difference between these GPUs is currently insufficient to make one of them the obvious pick. 

Gigabyte Radeon RX 6900 XT 16GB GDDR6 Graphics Card

RX 6900 XT

High Performance

4K Gaming


RDNA 2 Architecture with Hardware Raytracing

Memory Size

16 GB

RadeonRX6800XT 6

The additional 4GB of VRAM in the 6900 XT is the only factor you might favor, though it’s difficult to predict when that will be useful. Since this GPU generation should have a realistic lifespan for high-end gaming products, 12GB should be adequate for the foreseeable future and shouldn’t cause any problems.

On the other hand, the GeForce RTX 3080 12GB has the benefit of DLSS and more advanced ray tracing, which often produces far superior results. As quality and support for RTX-branded goods keep getting better, DLSS has become a key selling point. AMD still doesn’t have a viable response to DLSS in the meantime.

Regardless of your view, we believe that the RTX 3080 12GB is a compelling choice with these qualities. In other words, a GeForce GPU is a must if you’re eager to try out ray tracing and believe you’ll play the newest games enabled, as performance is often considerably better. Only if the 6900 XT was at least a few hundred dollars less expensive and we had no interest in ray tracing would we choose it.

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