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PrivadoVPN Review

A closer look at PrivadoVPN to see how it stacks up in an extremely competitive market

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As technology continues to advance, unfortunately, the chances of your private data being breached also continue to rise. Sadly, a strong firewall doesn’t really cut it in the 21st century – with hackers and third parties becoming more and more equipped to swoop in and snatch your valuable data.

Fortunately, virtual private networks, or VPNs for short, allow you to disguise yourself when browsing on public networks – reducing the risk of your data being breached almost entirely.

With that in mind, today we’ll be focusing on PrviadoVPN – the self-proclaimed fastest and most private VPN service on the planet. We’ll be looking at all the major features of PrivadoVPN to see how it compares to others in today’s market.

So, with plenty to get through, let’s waste no time and jump right into it!



Privado VPN: Speed Test

Let’s be honest, a VPN is pretty pointless if it can’t offer you close to your native internet speeds – regardless of how good it is at disguising your geo-location. For that reason, we like to test each VPN  for speed and efficiency – using a standard internet speed tester.

For this test, we like to test our internet speed natively, test the speed when using a VPN from the same country, then using a VPN from a distant country. Here are the results for Privado VPN.

Native Speed

Internet speed wo VPN

As you can see, the internet we’re using is around 250MB per second. A good VPN will not reduce the speed of your internet too much.

Speed W/ Privado VPN (London)

Internet speed w VPN

Taking a look at the speed of the internet when using the VPN, you can see that a decent drop in both download and upload is experienced. Whilst that’s the case, we’re still getting a playable latency and the drop in speed is fairly standard for VPNs – around 50%.

Speed W/ Privado VPN (Argentina)

Internet speed w VPN far away

Changing the VPN settings to Argentina does have a rather detrimental effect on your internet speed. Using a country that is considered ‘distant’ sees a reduction of around 40 times. We also experienced a 400ms latency – unplayable for many online gaming titles.


Privado VPN: Main Features

With speed out of the way, it’s time to take a closer look at some of the main features this VPN comes equipped with. Whilst most VPNs operate in a similar manner, they often differ when it comes to the fundamental features. Like any good virtual private network, Privado also boasts a tonne of handy features that makes usability a lot easier.

Here’s the best:

User Interface

Let’s start off by looking at the layout and ease of use.

Privado offers up an incredibly simple interface that is self-intuitive and very easy to use. After installation, Privado offers a simple, easy-to-follow user guide that talks you through most of the main features it offers. Once completed, connecting to a server of your choice couldn’t be simpler. Clicking the connection button will connect you to the first available server – or the one you were last connected to. You can change the server by clicking the drop-down menu under “selected Servers”.

PrivadoVPN selected servers

The burger menu offers quick access to all areas of the Privado VPN, including Quick disconnect, Main window, settings, undock, Logout, and exit. You also have full access to software details and ‘contact us’ details.

privado burger menu

Inside settings, users have access to a number of different protocols, kill switch settings, auto-start options, GUI options, and account settings.

The layout of the software is very easy to use, with no area feeling complicated or too technical.

Large Server Base

Like any good VPN, Privado also offers a tonne of servers based across the globe, enabling users to gain access to all kinds of content. Users can quickly download the app and automatically connect to hundreds of servers based in 45 countries across the globe.

Privado Servers

Unlike other VPN services that make use of third-party data centers and fibre lines, Privado actually owns its own – giving them full control over the hardware they utilize. This helps to not only increase on security but also helps when it comes to network speed as well.

Furthermore, whilst Privado VPN isn’t the biggest in terms of server base, it certainly offers up servers from all the key locations. Let’s not forget that most of Privado’s servers are physically located either – meaning none of their servers are virtually located. All Privado servers are located exactly where they say they are.

Kill Switch

Another great feature that comes with the Privado VPN service is the Kill Switch functionality. VPNs started to introduce the Kill Switch feature to add an additional layer of security to people’s data whilst browsing the web. It effectively cuts all open internet applications and browsers if the VPN was to go down for any period of time.

Kill Switch FEature

Let’s be honest, no VPN is perfect – many tend to stumble and go down for short periods of time. It’s in these short windows where your data is at its most vulnerable. Luckily, the kill switch feature has you covered, ending all internet applications as soon as you lose connection to the VPN. If personal security is your number one priority, you can not overlook this cool feature.

Torrent & Netflix Friendly

For me, one of the best features this VPN comes equipped with is how it still allows you to utilize Netflix and torrenting. With Privado VPN, you won’t have to worry about geo-blocking anymore, with access to streaming music, video, social channels, and even torrenting with this versatile virtual private network.

Privado NetfLix

I did a quick test using Privado VPN and a US server to see if we can access Netflix content. I instantly logged into Netflix with no issues and was greeted with the ‘top 10 in the US today’ section. Nothing was restricted whilst using Privado VPN and speed still felt very watchable – with no stuttering or loading errors.

Zero Logs

For those that are up to speed with general internet privacy, you’ll be fully aware that your ISP will be tracking your every move when browsing the web. Fortunately, Privado vows to never log your online browsing, offering a no logs service that can effectively prevent your ISP from doing the same.

Cost & Pricing

So, with all the features boxed off, it’s time to take a closer look at the pricing of Privado’s premium option. Let’s no forget that there is a free version up for grabs, offering a decent server base and data allowance.

That said, pricing for the Privado premium option starts at $4.99 a month – with that price increasing to $7.99 if you aren’t will to pay yearly.

Privado pricing


As you can see, Privado is confident enough with its service to allow for a 30-day money-back guarantee – something other VPNs certainly don’t offer. The premium package sees users get unlimited data, hundreds of server locations, 10 devices, SOCKS5 proxy, P2P support, 24/7 customer service, Zero-log, and access all apps. The free version does not see such features but does offer 10GB of monthly data which, when compared to competitors, isn’t actually that bad.

Customer Support

Customer support is arguably one of the most important factors that should come into your VPN selection. As VPNs are vulnerable to the odd blip, having good customer support is absolutely essential.

Privado’s customer support is very comprehensive, giving users access to a knowledge base, user setup guides, FAQs, and 24/7 email support as well. We tried customer support and, to my surprise, got an email back very quickly. The support was efficient and helped us solve the problems we were having – followed up with questions regarding any other issues we may be having.

Having said that, other companies out there do offer slightly better customer support packages, including live chat that is available with instant reply.

Final Thoughts

So, there you have it, our comprehensive guide to Privado VPN, one of the world’s most secure virtual private networks. So, what did we think in the end?

Well, let’s start with the positives. Privado offered an easy-to-use interface that made using the VPN straightforward and uncomplicated. It was packed with features that offered good functionality and added to the levels of protection it offered you when browsing the web. Connecting to servers was incredibly easy – albeit a little on the slow side – and using Netflix and torrenting was still very feasible when using this VPN.

As far as pricing goes, you’d have to say $7.99 is probably accurately priced considering the service and features you receive. Whilst it’s not the cheapest VPN, it’s by no means the most expensive either.

Overall, Privado VPN seems to tick a lot of the right boxes. If you’re looking for an easy-to-use interface, decent features, and a price tag that falls south of $10 per/month – look no further.



Why Use A VPN?

A VPN is a virtual private network that effectively disguises your geo-location by masking your IP to another location. A VPN is a great way to increase your personal security when browsing the web. It also allows you to access geo-blocked data from other countries, including music, video, social channels, and programming.

How Secure Is Privado VPN?

Privado VPN is an incredibly secure network that has years of experience in the ‘privacy’ space. The premium plan offers the greatest levels of privacy, with the company offering what they call the most private network on the market.

Is Using A VPN Illegal?

Contrary to many people’s beliefs, VPNs are completely legal – in most countries anyway. Yes, some countries do restrict the usage of virtual private networks – but these are countries that have incredibly strict laws regarding this particular subject. For most countries, however, VPNs are completely legal and often encouraged for self privacy.

Can I Be Tracked Using A VPN?

The nature of a VPN suggests that no, your actual IP address can not be tracked whilst using one. A VPN will encrypt your IP address meaning your online activity is hidden.

Whilst some ISPs and websites may know you’re using a VPN, there’s nothing they can do to actually track you when doing so. Using a VPN is an excellent way to stay hidden when browsing the web.

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