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The New League Champion, Vex – Release Date, Abilities and Skin

League's New Champion Joins the Legends along with their frightening Shadow.

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The New League Champion to the League of Legends roster is Vex: The Gloomist. 

League’s new champion has been announced and will be released within the next two patches, no exact date just yet!

Riot has shared their new League champion by showing her Champion Trailer.



The trailer showcases the new Champion, Vex, and her abilities. 


Who is The New League Champion ?

League’s new champion is a gloomy and grim-looking yordle called Vex. With a unique and bright design, Vex is nicknamed The Gloomist. With bright neon pink eyes and a quiet mumble, she’s certain to be some players’ new favourite.


“Can we just… not?”


The new League champion is followed around by her Shadow, a being which she uses for her attacks and abilities. She seems to have a certain love/hate relationship with the umbral beast.


Vex’s Release Date

Vex will be making her debut in one of the two September patches.


  • Patch 11.8 – September 9th
  • Patch 11.9 – September 22nd 


The New League Champion Vex’s Abilities


League of Legends Vex


The New League Champion Vex’s abilities were shown in her trailer, but Riot has not released any official names. As such, we’ve provided some makeshift names for the time being but will update once official names have been confirmed.

Shadow Attack

The New League Champion Vex’s abilities involves her firing her Shadow out. It starts off slow then builds up speed as it doesn’t need to target enemies.

Shadow Grappling

Another of Vex’s abilities has her mark an enemy before they’re pulled in through her Shadow. This pulls the enemy closer towards her and invokes Fear.

Fear Portal

Vex can place an expanding portal on the ground, all enemies inside become feared.

Vex’s Ultimate Ability

Vex’s ultimate ability involves her firing out her Shadow to an enemy, then teleporting to that position. This ability seems like it can be used multiple times which could prove very beneficial to battles.


Vex Skins

Vex Alt skin


There’s not been any official releases for alternative the New League Champion Vex’s skins, however one alternative skin was shown in the trailer. Vex is features to with a much brighter neon-color scheme in this alternative skin.

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