A PC that overheats is no use when you want to run it at optimal levels. For the best PC builds, you need to make sure you’ve got the best cooling solution too.  We’re here to help with our guides to the best cooling systems, products, and installations so you can keep your PC as cool as you desire. We help you choose between liquid and air cooling, make sure your fan fits your case, and allow you to push your PC to the absolute limit to improve your gaming performance.

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What is a CPU Cooler & what does it do

A CPU cooler is a piece of hardware which sits on top of the CPU to try and keep it cool. Its main goal is to dissipate heat from the CPU to ensure it runs at optimal levels. CPU coolers can come in many forms, with the most popular being fan based coolers but there are an abundance of water based AIO coolers which use liquid for more efficient cooling.

Why is a CPU Cooler important for gaming

CPU coolers are extremely important, mainly because they keep your CPU from overheating which could potentially lead to a decreased lifespan. Alongside degradation, overheating CPUs can run much slower, leading to a poorer gaming experience.

How to choose the right CPU Cooler for your build

Picking the right CPU cooler for your build really comes down to one thing, the CPUs TDP requirements. If you have a CPU that requires 65W TDP, you must get a cooler that offers that amount of heat dissipation. We constantly review & recommend the best CPU Coolers, including liquid or air cpu coolers, so we’re always on hand to provide recommendations for your gaming needs.

If you’re considering overclocking your PC you might want to consider buying something a little beefier. Overclocking will increase the CPUs heat output and will require much more powerful cooling solutions, in this case you may want to consider an AIO cooler.

Cooling & Case Fans / what does it do

Case fans reside within the PC case providing additional airflow to try and keep other components cool. The amount of fans your case can have really comes down to the case, but generally speaking, most cases come with ½ intake fans and a single exhaust fan.

Why they are important for gaming

Many may not realise that good case fans actually do impact you from a gaming standpoint. It’s all to do with keeping your “key” hardware cool. Even though your GPU and CPU have dedicated coolers, the air around them still contributes to their rising temperatures. That being said, having good case fans will ensure that air stays as cool as possible, meaning your key hardware can run at optimal temperatures.

How do I find out which case fans I have

Finding out what case fans you have really comes down to taking a look at the fans inside the case. That being said, there are a tonne of different case fan options available, so finding the exact model you have can be difficult. A lot of the time, however, case fans will have the manufacturer and model number labelled on the side.

How to choose the right Case fans for your build

Choosing case fans really comes down to one main factor, how much heat dissipation do you require in your case or more accurately how hot are your components going to be? We’re always reviewing the best case fans so you can rely on WePC to help you identify the one for you. Ultimately, you need to figure out how hard your components are going to be working and buy fans according to that, especially if you’re overclocking.

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