Best Mini ITX (MITX) Cases of 2019 & 2020: 5 Budget & Top Picks

Best Mini ITX Cases Top 5 for your gaming rig

Casual and hardcore gamers alike have been chasing the ultimate small footprint setup for years and over the last few we have seen some impressive mini-ITX cases packed full of features. For those looking to build the ultimate compact system, the best mini-ITX case is crucial. These cases make transporting your system very easy and of course, they take up less room in your gaming environment.

Mini-ITX cases may be small in stature but builders have still managed to get some impressive results out of them. Whether it's impressive temperatures or a crazy water cooled setup they always seem to look amazing.

We came to the conclusion that the NZXT H200i is the best mini-ITX case overall and although it may not feature in our best PC case of 2019 article it's still highly regarded. Below are some tips to consider before buying the best mini-ITX case for your needs. With these tips, you can be sure of making the right choice.

The recommendations are of solid construction, have spacious interiors, and promote excellent airflow. Let's take a look!

Top Pick
NZXT H210 – Mini-ITX

NZXT H210 – Mini-ITX

Best Mini-ITX Case

The NZXT H200i is a premium case and the smallest in the H range from NZXT. It's packed with features and has brilliant airflow. The design is well thought out and it features a tempered glass panel and some great cable management options!

NZXT seems to frequently provide some fantastic little cases and they almost always have high build quality with performance to boot.

The H200i like the larger iteration is all steel construction with this version we picked being mostly black with an accent of red running through the design. It may be a mini-ITX sized but it wouldn't be the best mini-ITX case if it didn't have a tempered glass panel to show off the compacted treats inside.

not only do you get some savvy places to mount your storage devices but as it's the 'i' series it comes with a fan controller. The performance of this case will not let you down and is highly recommended!

Runner Up Pick
Phanteks Evolv Shift mITX

Phanteks Evolv Shift mITX

Best Mini-ITX Case Runner Up

The Phanteks EVOLV Shift mITX case is one of the sleekest looking mini-ITX cases currently available. With its brushed aluminum, tempered glass, and unique design it would great in your office/ gaming room but also could feature quite nicely in your living room too!

This slimline case from Phanteks is a refreshing take on the mini-ITX case and is constructed with high-quality materials. This case boasts multiple component mounts and plenty of features to boot.

This case also supports radiators up to 120mm and is a fantastic option for anyone looking to water cool a mini-ITX build. This tempered glass case may be small but it packs a big punch and would look fantastic anywhere.

Silent Pick
Fractal Design Nano S Mini-ITX Case

Fractal Design Nano S Mini-ITX Case

Best Silent Mini-ITX Case

The Fractal Define Nano S is a mini tower with a very spacious interior for simple building and great airflow. The case does support some full-sized components and comes with 2 fans. This case is designed with silence in mind and it does a fantastic job of dampening the sound from inside.

The Nano S looks just like its bigger brothers and reminds us of the windowed R5/R6. It comes with all those nice touches from Fractal, like easy drive mounting and fantastic cable management options. You get dust filters and of course great airflow for such a small case.

Of course, the main draw for this mini-ITX case isn't just the quality its the sound dampening ability. You can now get a silent PC at a fraction of the size and that is thanks to the carefully designed Define series being able to run powerful systems quietly.

This case has fantastic cable management solutions and will make producing a clean PC build pretty easy to accomplish. It has all of the features you’d want in a case stuffed into a mini-ITX design.

Aesthetic Pick
InWin 901 Mini-ITX Case

InWin 901 Mini-ITX Case

Best Looking Mini-ITX Case

This little delight is the aesthetic choice of the mini-ITX cases. It should be obvious but the brushed aluminum finish and thick tempered glass give this case a high quality feel in your hands, it looks fantastic and feels pretty heavy.

This mini glass case is something to behold. The InWin 901 features as our top aesthetic pick and shows some very unique design work. The small form case features 2 tempered glass panels and they are very thick compared to other PC cases. The panels have a tint to them but it's not so dark you can't see inside your system but it does encourage some extra lighting to be included. The tinting seems to be well thought out as it blends in with the brushed aluminum chassis quite well.

The case doesn't have the best ventilation and won't keep your temps down as much as the Fractal or the NZXT cases but this doesn't mean to say it doesn't perform well. You compromise a small amount of performance for one of the most visually pleasing cases and I think that's fair.

As long as you mount some great airflow fans and a semi-decent CPU cooler you are good to go and you can enjoy viewing this machine from several angles.

It is worth noting it can be tricky to hide your cables with the dual-sided glass panels but if you get it right your build won't look better than when it is in this case.

Budget Pick
Thermaltake Core V1

Thermaltake Core V1

Best Budget Mini-ITX Case

This budget pick may be cheap but it comes with the biggest fan out of the entire list! the Thermaltake Core V1 Cube is our top budget mini-ITX case and that is largely down to it being reliable and the surprising amount of space inside and this barely costs much at all! The tardis!

With the Thermaltake Core V1, you may not be able to get a water-cooled setup but you can sneak a peek into the build as it features a windowed panel on the top of the case.

It doesn’t have any flashy features or bright blinking lights, but that doesn’t mean the case isn’t any good. This case offers the budget builder something functional and compact at a very low price.

This budget pick does come with a fan mounted on the front which is a Thermaltake 200mm fan. This huge fan does a stellar job pushing air through the cube so all you really need to add is a small AIO cooler at the back to pull some of that hot air out.

The case does feel a bit flimsy but it has extremely good consumer ratings and reviews and should be considered if you are looking to shave those extra pennies off your system build.

How We Chose the Cases

All the cases on this list are viable options that we ourselves would build in and in most cases have built in. We conducted a search to discover which mini-ITX cases would suit gamers best. In this search, we strive to balance those with the highest reviews against those with better value but aesthetics also factors in a bit too.

We want to try and offer recommendations to fit as many needs as possible so we read reviews from various manufacturers daily to find any potential issues a case can have.

Things to Know About PC Cases

All of these factors are important to take into consideration before buying your case. That’s why we’ll go over these things in some more detail.

Regardless of the form factor, there are a few things to consider before we go jumping into a case purchase. Firstly be aware of the size of your components (form factor). Motherboards, GPUs, and PSUs form factor can vary in size so it is important to check it will be compatible! before jumping into a build it is worth considering how many fans you will be mounting, hard drives you require and what size radiator your cooler has!

don't worry we will go into these different factors in some more detail below.

Motherboard Form Factor

You are going to need to know your motherboard’s form factor before you begin. The common motherboard sizes are ATX, Micro-ATX, and Mini-ITX, with ATX being the bigger of the 3 and Mini-ATX the smallest.

Smaller boards will have less room for your components and will generally have fewer features too. This isn’t bad if you don’t need a lot, but if you’re making a high-end gaming build or a mid-range build you intend to upgrade in the future, then you might want to stick with the classic ATX board and therefore visit some different case options.

Your Case

You will normally find the motherboard compatibility labeled in the name of the case or very easily in the specs and this outlines the maximum sized motherboard you can fit into the case! As you can see from this list of cases they are all labeled 'mini-ITX' which indicates you will be needing components of similar form factor.

There are 3 prominent types of computer cases (although there are more) and each is compatible with different types of motherboards:

  • Full-tower cases are the largest cases and can work with ATX, Micro-ATX, and Mini-ITX. Their large size is more meant for extra components rather than exceptionally larger motherboards.
  • Mid-tower cases are the most popular and can also work with motherboards that are as large as ATX.
  • Mini-tower cases sacrifice the larger ATX boards, but can still use Micro-ATX and Mini-ITX boards.

It is worth noting that your mini-ITX build will only look great in a mini to micro-sized tower and this is down to the cable length often struggling to reach a mini-ITX board from a larger case. Some cases may have taken this into consideration but you may struggle when it comes to cable managing your front panel connectors as they will be stretched if your case and motherboard arent of similar form factors.

Things to Consider Before You Buy a mini-ITX Case

When purchasing a case with a smaller form factor, there are certain things you will need to consider before just purchasing components and trying to make them fit!

Component Compatibility

Are you sure you want a compact build? If you are looking for the best mini-ITX case in 2019 you are probably looking to build a small compact system. It could be that you are looking for power at a fraction of the cost, you could be tight for space, or you could just like the look of a mini build as they do often look quite cool!

Power supplies and motherboards will display their individual form factors in the description so you should always make sure it will be compatible before buying! Other than the specific component size it's all about making sure your cooler fits as some will have a large heatsink!

Cable Management Is A Must

Cable management is highly important but often forgotten about when you get into building a mini-ITX system because sometimes there just is no extra room to properly manage cables. Smaller systems tend to be of lower quality but that isn't always the case and cable management is more important than ever due to the decreased airflow in your mini-ITX case which often has less fan mounting solutions to properly cool the inside. So keep those cables routed properly around the system to maximize cooling performance.

Taking a Closer Look at the Best Mini-ITX PC Cases

Now it is time to look at each case, examine the pros and the cons, discuss the cases’ design, and any notable features.

Top 5 Best Mini-ITX Cases 2019

Product Details
NZXT H210 – Mini-ITX

NZXT H210 – Mini-ITX

  • type: Mini Tower
  • motherboard support: Mini- ITX
  • dimensions h x w x d: 349mm x 210mm x 372mm
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Phanteks Evolv Shift mITX

Phanteks Evolv Shift mITX

  • type: Mini Tower
  • motherboard support: Mini-ITX
  • dimensions h x w x d: 470 x 170 x 274mm
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Fractal Design Nano S Mini-ITX Case

Fractal Design Nano S Mini-ITX Case

  • type: Mini Tower
  • motherboard support: Mini-ITX
  • dimensions h x w x d: 330 x 203 x 400mm
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InWin 901 Mini-ITX Case

InWin 901 Mini-ITX Case

  • type: Mini Tower
  • motherboard support: Mini-ITX
  • dimensions h x w x d: 292 x 552 x 502mm
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Thermaltake Core V1

Thermaltake Core V1

  • type: Mini Tower
  • motherboard support: Mini-ITX
  • dimensions h x w x d: 276 x 260 x 316mm
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NZXT H210 – Mini-ITX

The H210i from NZXT features the same tempered glass and steel design of their larger versions of this case and is available in the same variety of colours, such as black and white, black and blue and also the one we feature here, the red and black. The H210 is a mini-tower(small) and only supports boards that are mini-ITX. Despite the H210’s hefty price tag, there aren't many downsides to this case as it is one of the best performing Mini-ITX cases we have had the privilege of using.

The H210’s strong performance and value are good enough reasons to purchase this alone but with its aesthetic steel and tempered glass design, it's a real sight for the eyes.

The case allows for a 120mm fan at the rear, one just above it on the top panel, and 2 can be mounted to the front of the chassis. It is worth noting you get 2 x 120mm fans with the case to aid with airflow so you will have something to keep your components cool from the get-go.

Just like in the bigger versions of this case it features removable dust filters so you can keep the interior as dust free as possible and ultimately keep those temps down. Inside there is a removable 2.5' SSD mounting bracket and the brightly coloured metal strip inside is also removable for extra wiggle room(not that you would want to take it out).

Overall, the case won't let you down. It’s compact yet spacious design packs in plenty of features into a small design with great airflow and support for water cooling too. A great pick for many needs and it lights up with a pretty RGB strip!


Phanteks Evolv Shift mITX

This tempered glass case from Phanteks is visually near perfect. The Evolv Shift mITX gives gamers a compact case that doesn't compromise on style whatsoever.

You instantly notice the elongated form of this case and its unique build is something you can't ignore. Despite not being a typical chunky little case it actually has a surprising amount of room and its notoriously easy to build with. It may feel roomy thanks to the motherboard tray being inverted I'm not sure but what is also great is the option to mount your GPU vertically in behind the motherboard its self.

A stunning exterior combined with a well-engineered interior layout makes it the perfect case to bring 4K PC gaming to your living room. Don't forget as well with this case you can get some pretty nifty water cooling solutions running which look out of this world!


Fractal Design Nano S Mini-ITX Case

If you are looking for a quieter mini build then the Fractal Design Nano S is the perfect case for you. Not only do Fractal cram this with ATX case features but it also keeps the noise lower than the rest with its noise dampening materials.

The case is literally a mini looking version of the Fractal R5 and even though it is smaller you still get great airflow in a spacious interior. There are no compromises on cable management options either with ample room to route cables and rubber grommets for a more aesthetically pleasing build!

This case isn't the smallest mini-ITX case you will find but it's certainly one of the best overall and that's down to its versatility. Inside you can fit an ATX PSU if you required which is great and you can easily fit a custom water cooling solution inside if you so wished.

This is built for peace and quiet and it delivers on that promise!


InWin 901 Mini-ITX Case

The InWin 901 features as are most aesthetically pleasing cases in this category and you may not agree just looking at the pictures but when this has a system inside it to light it up there are few others that look better!

The minimal design is a masterstroke with the simple brushed aluminum making the case look and feel high class. The dual tempered glass side panels are thick and heavy giving the case a feeling of high quality whilst also adding serious style points to the case.

The front panel is located on the side and you get 2 x USB 3.0 and your classic 3.5 mm audio jacks which is quite a cool design feature but I suppose it had to go there.

There is a very useful drive bay which also has connectors in the end for easy installation/ cable management but it does unfortunately only support slim drives so be wary.

Overall a great looking case and if you are pretty good with your cable management then you will enjoy making a clean build in this chassis!


Thermaltake Core V1

This budget mini-ITX case from Thermaltake is functionally brilliant, especially when you consider the low price tag that comes with it.

This cube is actually pretty tough once it's built in and although airflow isn't the best it comes with a huge 200mm fan on the front panel to pump through that air! The fan runs at 800RPM and actually only produces around 13dBa which is pretty quiet.

There is also space on the rear panel for an outtake fan but we think its best to mount your liquid CPU cooler on this if you consider getting an AIO cooler.

The front panel is comprised of 2 x USB 3.0 ports with your audio jacks just below. The panel with your power button etc is located on the side which helps aid cable management as they are closer to the bottom of the case which is where you will be running a lot of cables.

You do get a window on this case to view the system from above and its located on the top panel which can be removed independently from the side panels. You also get a lower 'chamber' underneath where your motherboard will be mounted and this gives you some extra room to hide a few cables and does improve airflow around your components.

there is a hexagonal pattern cut out on the side panels to allow the hot air from your GPU somewhere to escape rather than collect in the system.

A good little cube to house your components on a budget!


The importance of a PC case cannot be overstated. Your case protects the rest of your components and provides them with airflow to ensure they’re running at a stable temperature but with a mini-ITX case, you may not get the best temps inside however, you get convenience and some real space-saving solutions!

  1. If you want the best mini-ITX pc case for gaming overall, go for the NZXT H200i. A great option for airflow, cable management, and overall quality!
  2. A close runner up in the mini-ITX case category is the Phanteks Evolv Shift mITX as it offers premium build quality with a really unique design.
  3. The Fractal Design Nano S is our best silent case for the mini-ITX category thanks to the noise dampening materials but it also offers the airflow and quality design you expect from Fractal.
  4. The Win 901 is unrivaled in terms of looks for a case this big! dual tempered glass beast looks insane and you really notice the high-quality construction as you would expect from a case this price. 
  5. If you're on a budget but still want a suitable mini-ITX case to show off your new compact build then the Thermaltake Core V1 is the one for you.

We would like to know what case you went for to house your build in and also if you have any alternate suggestions we should look into!