Best Gaming Mouse Pad – 2019 Top Reviews

Best Gaming Mouse Pad 2019 Top Reviews

Mousepads are one of those crucial things in PC gaming that provides tons of value for a very low cost. We skip past the low-quality mouse pads that plague the internet and find the best currently available for gaming.

A solid gaming mousepad is arguably just as important as a good mouse. Sensors on top-end gaming mice feature very high resolution, meaning you need a consistent surface to ensure all that detail is picked up.

With tons of options out there, many of them not meant for gaming, we hunted down the best gaming mouse pads currently available.

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For our money, the Logitech G Powerplay is the most advanced mouse pad that money can by, turning the physical peripheral into more of an electronic component. The wireless charging, while not for every user, provides the user with unlimited wire-free gaming.

The Best Gaming Mouse Pad: Breakdown

Product Details
Best WirelessLogitech G Powerplay Wireless

Logitech G Powerplay Wireless

  • size: 11" x 12.5"
  • material: Cloth & Plastic
  • features: Wireless Charging
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Best ClothSteelSeries QcK Gaming Surface

SteelSeries QcK Gaming Surface

  • size: 17.72’’ x 15.75’’
  • material: Soft cloth
  • features: Stitched edge
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Best ExtendedASUS ROG Sheath


  • size: 35.4" x 17.3"
  • material: Soft fabric
  • features: Stitched edge
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Best HardLogitech G440

Logitech G440

  • size: 13.4’’ x 11’’
  • material: Hard polymer
  • features: Matched for Logitech G sensors
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Best Hard RGBCorsair MM800 POLARIS RGB


  • size: 13.7’’ x 10.2’’
  • material: Hard polymer
  • features: 15 zone RGB LED
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Best Cloth RGBSteelSeries QcK Prism – Cloth

SteelSeries QcK Prism – Cloth

  • size: 35.43" x 11.81"
  • material: Cloth
  • features: RGB
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Logitech G Powerplay Wireless

The Logitech G Powerplay is one of the most advanced mousepads we have seen. There are alternative charging solutions out there at the moment but there are none as sophisticated as the Powerplay.

The G Powerplay features wireless charging across the entire surface meaning you can play and charge at the same time with the need for some 'Qi spot'. This wireless feature essentially offers gamers unlimited power for the mouse and it will virtually never run out if you turn the RGB off.

The charging station is conveniently placed to the back left rather than the middle which is welcomed as we found it was harder to bang the mouse into. Now it is true you need a wire for your mousepad but this sort of technology is a huge leap forward in the removal of cables.

This mousepad is rather expensive and isn't worth it unless you are going to get a compatible mouse like the new G Pro. That being said for a truly wireless experience, there are none better than the G Powerplay.



SteelSeries QcK Gaming Surface

SteelSeries is arguably one of the most reputable brands for mousepads, with the QcK series being popular amongst pro and casual gamers alike.

Steelseries balance control and speed well with this pads high thread count. The pad comes in a variety of sizes and the base is completely rubber to prevent any slips no matter where your mouse is.

The design is plain but it works and looks fantastic on any desk. The edges are stitched with these pads to prevent fraying but there are alternatives from SteelSeries without this and even with RGB.

With this mousepad, you are getting a variety of size options and it is easily one of the better cloth pads on the market.




The Asus Rog Sheath is one of the larger pads available on the market and it fits the name 'desk pad'.  These type of mousepads are perfect for the low sensitivity/DPI gamer or anyone who wants the desk to be mostly mousepad.

Due to the mouse pads enormous size, it accommodates for large arm and wrist movements and you are rarely going to take the mouse over the edge with this.

The surface is a tightly woven fabric which provides you with one of the smoothest cloth surfaces we have seen. The mousepad features a stitched edge to prevent fraying and it has been put under stress from Asus themselves to ensure this pad lasts longer than most.

The base is coated in rubber to prevent any slipping but it still remains relatively low profile (3mm Thick). The ROG Sheath is easily one of the best extended mousepads available and if you have the room, it's certainly one to consider.


Logitech G440

Logitech offers a wide range of gaming peripherals so it is no surprise to see them appear on the best gaming mousepad list. This simple looking mousepad has come down in price recently making it even more affordable and it offers gamers a hard optimised surface.

This low-profile pad offers gamers who use higher DPI settings an ideal surface for those micro-adjustments and fast flicks. As mentioned, the design is plain and we see the Logitech logo sat in the bottom right corner which doesn't interrupt your mouse sensor.

The hard polymer surface can be wiped down easily and is extremely water-resistant and it seems to work wonders with a variety of sensors currently in the market.

While this mousepad won't turn many heads it offers gamers a solid 'normal' sized hard surface that has been optimized for precision, a great choice.



The Corsair MM800 Polaris RGB is Corsairs take on the RGB solution. It may seem pointless having RGB in a mousepad, but these days it is all the rage and we love it.

From a practical standpoint, the MM800 matches the G440 with a hard surface overall. At an unconventional size, the mouse pad 350mm x 260mm, sitting in a strange, slightly below “medium” size. This is to accommodate for the USB pass through and cable coming out of the top of the mouse pad.

The USB power is needed to drive the 15-zone RGB lighting placed around the mousepad. Being the standout feature, the lighting illuminates the perimeter of the mouse pad as well as the Corsair logo in the bottom right corner. The mousepad works with Corsair’s CUE software, allowing you to program very advanced lighting effects and syncing with other CUE-enabled Corsair products.

Overall, the MM800 offers all the benefits of a hard pad but with the added bonus of RGB!



SteelSeries QcK Prism – Cloth

The extended Prism RGB cloth pad brings the same quality as any QcK pad from SteelSeries but with the added glow from the RGB wrapping around the edge.

As mentioned before you don't really need RGB on anything but it really seems to work with mousepads, especially with the extended cloth ones. This has only improved the already brilliant QcK and is easily one of the nicest looking extended mousepads available on the market.

The height is only 300mm which is fine for most but low sensitivity players may have preferred the mousepad to be larger in that area. The main benefit to this as an RGB mousepad is the fact the power unit in the corner is not going to interfere with right-handed gamers at all. The main negative for left-handed gamers is, of course, the fact you may hit this power unit while playing which could be an issue.

We would have liked to have seen a USB passthrough seeing as it is going to take one of your USB slots away from you but its not a major issue. You can link this to the SteelSeries engine to personalise the RGB quadrants.

In terms of functionality and style, this is one of the best mouse pads currently available and should definitely enter consideration.

Selection Criteria

There is an insane amount of mousepad options out there and it can sometimes be difficult to find a suitable one for your gaming needs. Just about every peripheral company has a mousepad on the market with each claiming it to be the best but it is often just marketing.

Because of all the gaudy options out there, we followed specific criteria to find the best gaming mouse pad much like tomsguide.


While mouse pads aren’t necessarily “constructed”, they have to endure quite a lot of stress and wear down over time. When picking the best mousepads, we paid close attention to the quality of the pad.

A vital aspect of longevity in a mouse pad is stitching around the edge as sometimes the molded edges can become scratchy and less aesthetically pleasing over time. Since gamers are constantly adjusting and ripping their hands across the pad, we picked out options that had quality stitching that wouldn’t fray over time.


Most mousepads are either hard or soft. The materials commonly used are; a plastic for hard mousepads and a tightly woven fiber for the softer cloth mousepads. Hard plastic mousepads are easier to clean than their soft cloth counterparts but the cloth mouse pads can be easily rolled up which can be a game-changer if you take your mouse pad on the move to events or even a friend's house.

The surface is down to the gamer's preference with smooth surfaces offering speed. The speedy smooth surface allows for quicker reaction times without compromising on accuracy.

Extra Features

While most mousepads remain simple in their construction and design we see a wide variety of extra features coming out these days. You can get attachable wrist rests for mousepads, RGB illuminated mousepads and even wireless charging mousepads that will keep your wireless mouse going.

Making Your Choice

So, there we go. Those are our picks for the best gaming mousepads out there.

Your mousepad is just as important to the overall experience as your other peripherals, especially if you have a textured desk. Performance in-game will only increase as you raise the level of consistency in your game.

The Logitech G Powerplay mousepad offers the ultimate wireless experience when paired with the compatible mice. This pad would be overkill if you were not going to purchase the G Pro or G903 so make sure you have considered the extra cost this may bring.

Mousepads are crucial to a lot of gamers as they provide a consistently flat surface which helps detect small, incremental mouse movements. There is a mousepad for everyone out there and hopefully, we have helped you find yours.

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