Top 5 Best Gaming Mice Under $50 of 2018

Razer DeathAdder Chroma

A mouse is one of the most essential items for truly taking control of your gaming experience. Even more so than a keyboard, a mouse allows your hands to interact with the game directly and control how you play.

However, a lot of mice (especially gaming mice) are incredibly expensive, coming in at $100 plus for a multitude of features that may not be needed. So, we found the top 5 best gaming mice under $50 to find the perfect balance between price and performance.

Out of the lot, the Corsair Gaming M65 stands well above the rest, being totally feature rich at a very low price point. The premium fit and finish combined with excellent performance make this one of the most solid mice on the market in general.

Still, there are other fantastic options out the mice on this list either complement the features of the M65 or take them in a completely different direction. Despite what your needs may be, we’re confident we’ve found a mouse for you under $50.

Breakdown of Top 5 Best Gaming Mice Under $50

Details Our Rating
The TankCorsair Gaming M65

Corsair Gaming M65

  • dpi: 12000
  • construction: Aircraft Grade aluminum
  • color: Grey+RGB
  • buttons: 8
The Best SellerRazer DeathAdder Chroma

Razer DeathAdder Chroma

  • dpi: 10000
  • construction: Plastic
  • color: Black+RGB
  • buttons: 4
The MMOLogitech G600

Logitech G600

  • dpi: 8200
  • construction: Plastic
  • color: Black
  • buttons: 20
The WirelessLogitech G602

Logitech G602

  • dpi: 2500
  • construction: Plastic
  • color: Grey/Blue
  • buttons: 11
The CheapoVicTsing MM057

VicTsing MM057

  • dpi: 2400
  • construction: Plastic
  • color: Black, Purple, Blue, Red, or Silver
  • buttons: 4

Corsair Gaming M65

Corsair is synonymous with quality products and their excellent line of keyboards and mice show why the name holds so much weight in this industry. The M65 is incredibly built, completely slick, and easily worth double the asking price.

The first thing that sticks out about this mouse is the exceptional build quality. Corsair cut no corners with a completely aircraft-grade aluminum body that’s lightweight and feels solid like a tank in your hands.

The performance backs up the build. The high accuracy, gaming tuned sensor is capable or resolutions up to 12000 DPI producing a highly accurate gameplay experience meeting the demands of most competitive titles.

Aesthetically, the mouse is built in a way that screams “gamer” without being too tacky. The industrial look seems to fit in perfectly with any rig, subtly complimenting it and telling the world just how badass you are.

To further tweak the look, the M65 houses LEDs that can be taken control of with Corsair’s CUE software to produce up to 16.8 million different colors. This software ties the line of Corsair peripherals together, allowing you to create a color scheme across all products.

Overall, the Corsair K65 is an incredible value at $39.99. It is rigidly built, highly accurate, and comes with one of the most feature rich pieces of LED software that is out today.


Razer DeathAdder Chroma

On Amazon, the Razer DeathAdder Chroma is the #1 best seller in gaming mice and for good reason. This mouse is a no frills peripheral with solid build, performance, and flair to outperform mice even double it’s price.

The first thing that sticks out is the classic, understated, Razer aesthetic. The clean curves of the mouse just look “right” in almost any gamer’s arsenal and the Razer logo underneath shows that the mouse is no sham.

A 10000 DPI sensor, while not as high resolution as the K65, is plenty to for even the most demanding gamers. The sensor is highly accurate and performance that comes out of it shows Razer’s experience in the peripheral market.

However, like the K65, Razer has included RBG LED lighting inside of this mouse in addition to the black aesthetic. Both the Razer logo and scroll wheel can produce up to 16.8 million different colors with Razer’s software.

However, this software isn’t nearly as feature rich as CUE. The DeathAdder Chroma can still provide spectrum cycle, breath, and static effects, but falls massively short compared to CUE when trying to produce more complex LED effects.

Still, the Razer DeathAdder Chroma is a #1 best seller for a reason. The solid build, reliability, and brand behind the mouse show why it’s a fantastic choice at any price point and especially good at under $50.


Logitech G600

Of course, no list we compile would be complete without Logitech showing up somewhere on it. No matter how many options are out there, Logitech always seems to jump to the top for gamers.

The G600 is no exception to that, but for a much different reason. Yes, feels incredible and performs incredible, but this one in particular is built for MMO play.

This mouse comes complete with 20 buttons (16 remappable), allowing you to assign a multitude of effects to each of them. The 12-button arrangement that lies perfectly where your thumb rests make every effect you could assign easily accessible.

Additionally, the extra G-Shift button on the mouse provides flexibility on top. This doubles the right button, allowing you to recall up to five different DPI adjustments on the fly, as well as double up the actions of each of the other buttons.

Unsurprisingly, no stone has been left unturned here either. Each of the buttons is labeled and backlit by RGB LEDs which can be stored with the each profile to be easily seen and clicked.

While the Logitech G600 isn’t for every player, it is a solid option for players that need a lot of buttons and quickly. The G600 is feature rich and tuned specifically for MMO fans, perfecting complementing the complex and fast-paced play styles of many MMO titles.


Logitech G602

Gaming mobily on laptops is getting more and more popular as well as an influx on HTPCs being built. With that, a solid wireless gaming mouse is required to stand up to the task.

The Logitech G602 proves to be a solid gaming mouse in it’s own right with little to lag in wireless transmission and an incredibly comfortable feel.

Starting off, the G602 has 11 programmable buttons, giving a solid middle point between the Razer DeathAdder Chroma and Logitech G600 for flexibility in game.

Thankfully, these button clicks aren’t in vain either. Logitech has included top notch wireless communication over USB 3.0 that creates a lag free gaming experience.

However, there are trade offs. Transferring over wireless, the sensor only has a max resolution of 2500 DPI, trading off the high accuracy in favor of wireless communication.

Still, the wireless is excellent and the 250 hour battery life means this mouse will run for quite a while before the two AA batteries need to be replaced.

Overall, the G602 is an excellent choice of mouse for those looking for a solid performer on the go. While it doesn’t match up to the top-end devices in many ways, it still performs incredibly well especially considering the wireless functionality.


VicTsing MM057

Praise Amazon for having an almost endless amount of products that are dirt cheap and still perform well. The VicTsing MM057, despite the name, is a solid mouse for basically free (well, $10, but come on).

The MM057 is a wireless mouse that can perform up to 15m away from the source, delivering 15 months of performance before the single AA needs to be changed.

While the mouse isn’t the best gaming option overall, the 2400 DPi sensor is impressive considering the price. On the fly adjustments in this range allow you to tune the performance to your needs, a feature seen on true gaming mice.
While not insanely flexible, the two programmable buttons provide a little bit of tweakablity in game as well.

In context, the VicTsing MM057 really does provide a lot of value to gamers looking for a mouse on an extreme budget. It’s not perfect, in fact it has a fair share of problems, but for less than the cost of dinner, this mouse performs very well and should be an option for those looking for a mouse for next to nothing.

Selection Criteria

There are about as many mice on the market as there are T-Shirts. A lot.

We needed to narrow the playing field to ensure we got the best of the best, perfectly suited for gaming.

So, we put some criteria in place for evaluating the 5 best gaming mice under $50.


The first thing with mice that must perfectly be in place is the high resolution of the sensor. The DPI is essential for ensuring that moves are quick and accurate, especially for those involved in any sort of competitive gaming.

While not every mouse on this list is ultra high in this area (the last two have trade-offs), they all meet a good standard for general gaming and offer on the fly adjustment, a crucial part of tuning your gaming experience.

Construction and lifespace

Mice get beat up just as much, if not more than keyboards. Because of that, they need to be built rigid and feel solid in the hand all while maintaining a good lifespan on the switches.

Most of these mice sit around the 20 million click mark per switch, meaning they’ll stand up to a beating for years to come.

While only the M65 comes out with an aluminum construction, the rest of the mice feel solid in the hands, built with high quality plastics that will stand up to the test of time.


Like all peripherals, the appearance has to be top notch in order to be truly deemed “gaming”. Shallow? Maybe, but it’s true.

LAN parties, events, and more require that your entire rig looks good, including all of your peripherals.

All of the mice on this list (with The Cheapo as an exception) include some sort of LED lighting and an overall aesthetic that is subtle but still screams “gamer”.

Wrapping it Up

There’s a lot of mice out there not just in the gaming range. From ergonomics to massive amounts of buttons, mice cover a wide range of devices.

Still, the tried and true brands for gamers like Razer, Logitech, and Corsair come to the top of the list proving to create devices that provide looks, performance, and build quality.

Corsair wins out on this list by a long shot with the K65. The highly accurate sensor, rigid build quality, and integration with CUE software make this most one of the most complete packages out there.

Still, for those looking to go on the ultra budget end will find that VicTsing MM057 to be an incredible value at only $9.99. While the sensor isn’t the best and there isn’t much aesthetic flair, it’s a solid mouse at a dirt cheap price.

With all that considered, these have been our top 5 picks for best gaming mice under $50.

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