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Great PC builds need great PC cases, fact. From tempered glass to RGB, high-end to budget, we’ve got all the best cases for your PC building needs. We bring you the best brands, the coolest designs, and our own top-pick cases across the board so that your gaming PC has the kind of quality it deserves. Choosing the right PC case goes beyond simple aesthetics, it can improve your build quality, and make further upgrades as easy as possible. Although, you can’t underestimate the wow-factor of a good looking case either.

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Why is a PC Case important in gaming?

Apart from keeping your hardware components safe, the PC case has one main goal – to keep your hardware cool. Paired with a decent set of fans, a PC case can be the difference between an optimally running piece of hardware and one that is overheating. If you have a case with poor airflow, the components inside will naturally get hotter. This will lead to decreased life expectancy and hardware that runs at reduced performance levels.

We constantly review all types of PC Cases ranging from full tower, to Mini – ITX, for all different types of budgets & requirements, so you’ll be able to decide the PC Case that suits your gaming needs.

How to choose the best PC Case for your Build

Choosing a PC case can come down to a few factors, but mainly it is space and aesthetics. Whilst that’s the case, below are a list of factors you might want to consider before purchasing a case.

  • Form Factor – Form factor can dictate a lot of things in a PC case, mainly what hardware it can accommodate. If you plan on building a powerful PC with high-end components, you probably want to opt for a mid-tower/ full tower PC case. That being said, if elaborate water-cooling is on the agenda, a full-tower case is pretty much the only way to go. Cases do go as small as mini-ITX, meaning you can create a small desktop PC that is both inconspicuous and space saving.
  • Cooling/ Airflow – When it comes to gaming, cooling should be one of your number one priorities. Choosing the right case can seriously impact your hardware and how efficiently it runs. Choose a case that has the ability to cool your hardware efficiently, and you’ll have a great foundation for your build. We are always on the look out for the best PC Case for airflow  so it’s always worth checking our reviews first.
  • Aesthetics – If you want something that looks fantastic you could always consider getting either a Tempered Glass PC Case or an Open Air PC Case. It is important to consider that these fantastic looking cases are primarily there for aesthetic value, so careful consideration should be made regarding cable & component management & most importantly airflow, although the open air option will provide better heat dissipation.

Why It’s Important To Check What Components Your PC Case Model Supports

The easiest way to do this is to either check the user manual, or go to the manufacturer website and check the specifications out. It will outline key specs like CPU fan clearance, case fan support, GPU clearance, PSU clearance, etc. This is quite important as you will want to keep all your components in optimal conditions as well as being able to showcase them.

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