Custom gaming PC

Why build your own custom gaming PC?

Building your own gaming PC is likely to not only be more cost efficient than a pre-built PC from a store but it will also enable you to build to your own specifications, especially if you’re a serious gamer.

Your own custom built PC will be a lot easier to upgrade as it will be composed of the parts that you have selected for your own needs, such as; CPUs, GPUs & Motherboards as well as graphics cards. You’ll also be able to decide how it looks with your own custom pc case as well as the necessary parts to keep it functioning to the best of its spec.

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How much does it cost?

The cost of a gaming PCs is dependent on your budget but you can build a pretty good gaming PC from as little as $300. You can select your budget from the navigation but prices range from the cheapest gaming PCs at $300 up to the high end of $5,000 but it all depends on your requirements.

Budget gaming PC builds

We’ve listed below the main differences between budgets so that you can select the best gaming pc based on your needs & how much you want to spend. 

  • $300 Budget Build – Good place to start & can easily handle low intensive games such as CS: Go & Fortnite. 
  • $400 Budget Build – An upgrade on the $300 build & what we class as a console killer for the money. 
  • $500 Budget Build – Does come with less storage than the $400 build but this is easily sacrificed by having a much better GPU.
  • $600 Budget Build – A 1080p gaming machine that showcases decent aesthetics, great cooling, and comes at a very affordable price point

Mid budget gaming PC builds

  • $700 Budget Build – Mid-level performance gaming pc that will let you enjoy AAA games in high detail.
  • $800 Budget Build – The sweet spot between price and performance. You’ll be able to enjoy your games in high settings with relatively good performance
  • $1000 Budget Build – Into the realm of premium builds where maxing out AAA titles at 1080p and 1440p becomes a doddle. At this price, you start to delve into the possibility of 4K and VR gaming.

High end gaming PC builds

  • $1500 Gaming PC Build – In the $1500 range, you can expect every game to run without any issues and a system that won’t let you down for years to come.
  • $2000 Gaming PC Build – More than capable of handling 4K gaming and Virtual Reality. Packed with a powerful CPU and GPU combination. For the price, this custom PC has fantastic gaming ability and will stand the test of time.

Building your own gaming PC is always a great option, but if you don’t feel experienced to build one yourself or don’t have the time there are a large number of companies out there dedicated to producing the best custom PC builds for you. Take a look at our rundown of the best custom PC builder out there.

We also have recommendations for the best Prebuilt gaming PC.

How to build a gaming PC

Never built a PC before? Let us guide you through everything you need to build your first PC, even if you’re a complete beginner!