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You’ve built the perfect PC, you load up your game, and all of sudden, the power cuts out, right as you were about to land the winning blow. Sounds like you didn’t install the best PSU for your build! Having the right power supplies help to make sure you stay connected and powered up for as long as you want – no power outages here thank you!

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What is a PSU & what does it do

Your Power supply unit is your computer’s main source of power. It takes electricity from the wall socket and supplies the PC components with the necessary power to run efficiently.

PSU’s come in a number of different varieties which range from; wattage, form factor, efficiency, and modularity.

What impact can your PSU have on gaming

The PSU is an essential hardware component, especially in gaming builds. As many gaming PCs run high-end hardware, the power required to run everything efficiently is much greater. Always use a PSU which has a slightly higher wattage output than your PC’s needs. This way, you’ll ensure your PC is running at optimal levels.

How to choose the right PSU for your build

When it comes to choosing the best PSU for your PC, there are a couple of things you should consider before doing so. Whilst many PSUs will be fine for your needs, these simple to follow rules will ensure you get the most out of your PSU:

  • Component requirements – When you build a PC, each component requires “X” amount of wattage from the power supply. Adding the required wattages of each hardware component will give you a pretty good idea of what PSU you need to purchase. Having said that, there are tools that do this job for you. They’re called PSU calculators and make choosing a PSU much easier.
  • Power Efficiency – Every PSU comes equipped with a power efficiency rating. The ratings usually vary from 80+White (lowest) to 80+ Titanium (highest) and determines how efficient the PSU is at providing the power it draws from the wall to your PC. As a general rule of thumb, you want to get the highest rated PSU your budget can afford. Having said that, anything above 80+Gold is considered very good.

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