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Types Of Gaming Headset

As with anything in this world, there isn’t just one choice available to you if you’re looking for a new gaming headset. So, let’s take a look at the different types of gaming headset available to you:

  • Wired gaming headset – The traditional option is to go with a wired over-ear headset. These typically come with a microphone that may or may not be detachable depending on the brand. Since they’re plugged straight into your PC or console, you won’t have any connection issues, meaning your gaming can go on uninterrupted.
  • Wireless gaming headset – For those who prefer a bit more freedom with their audio, going for a wireless gaming headset means you get just that. While the connection may not be as reliable as wired options, these headsets are miles better than they used to be and can be a viable option for many gamers.
  • Gaming earbuds – You also have gaming earbuds which, while less popular, are still an excellent choice. Instead of sitting over your ear like a typical headset, they instead sit in your ear, making them ideal for people in warmer climates who don’t want their ears hotting up throughout gaming sessions.

What Gaming Headset Should You Buy?

Choosing the best gaming headset for you all depends on where your priorities lie. Most gamers tend to prefer the more traditional over-ear, wired gaming headset. There are a few reasons for this, one of which is simply the idea of “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”, but there is more to it than that. Having a wired connection can be vital to make sure you don’t miss out on anything with your game, and it also means the quality of sound is usually superior. 

But, wired gaming headsets won’t be for everyone, which is where our other options come in. If you’re playing mostly on console, chances are you won’t want a cable attaching you to your controller, so wireless headsets will be more your speed. Or, maybe you don’t want a headset at all, and instead, want to go for a computer speaker – all valid options.

Best Gaming Headset Brands

Just like every other part of your gaming setup, you want to make sure your headset is up to snuff. While there are plenty of low-priced options available on Amazon from random brands nobody has ever heard of, it’s usually a better idea to go with a reputable brand, like one of the ones below.


Steelseries has made quite a name for themselves thanks to their good quality gaming headsets. We’ve reviewed a couple of their gaming headsets here in the office, and we’re big fans of both.


While they’re mostly known for their other peripheral products, Corsair have also been making gaming headsets for some time as well – and they live up to the same high quality as their other creations.


Astro aren’t one of the most well-known headset brands out there, but that doesn’t mean their offerings don’t pack a punch. We’ve reviewed a few of their headsets here at WePC, and they always appear on our best-of lists too.


Mostly known for their mid-range headsets, HyperX are a top brand in the gaming audio world. They’re a common sight in many gamers setups, and for good reason.


Possibly the most well-known gaming peripheral brands out there, it will be no surprise to many of you that Razer are also one of the best gaming headset brands out there.