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New patch notes for The Finals make your teammates less of a burden

Now your annoying teammates can't get in the way (as much)

Updated: Apr 10, 2024 1:17 pm
New patch notes for The Finals make your teammates less of a burden

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Embark has just released the latest patch notes for The Finals, for update 2.4.0. Alongside the usual update to the store, there have been quite a few quality of life changes. All the things you’d expect such as bug fixes and security updates – but also an important change regarding teammate collision with projectiles.

With the game improving pretty much every week with consistent updates, it’s a great time to get into The Finals. Our best CPU and best GPU for The Finals guides can set you on your way if you happen to be putting together a new build or upgrade.

Projectiles passing through teammates is easily the best change

As fans of The Finals, we can’t say just how many times a teammate running right by as you fire an RPG and blow yourself up has happened, but it is frustrating to say the least. Particularly with the rather spammy CL-40 grenade launcher. Either way, the patch note in question reads as follows:

  • Added functionality allowing projectile weapons, such as different Grenades, the RPG, MG32L, and CL-40 to pass through friendly teammates
    Dev note: This change is to address repeated issues where players would damage themselves if a teammate passed close by them right as they fired the weapon 

Based on the wording, we’ll assume that this collision check is relevant for when a teammate is in very close range as you fire, rather than simply letting all projectiles pass through at any range. Some testing has to be done though. Regardless, it seems like the our sentiment is shared on Reddit.

The Finals 2.4.0 patch notes

The full patch notes for The Finals 2.4.0 can be found here. We’d say the biggest highlights are the quality of life improvements, including the change to projectile collision with teammates. There is also a new community event kicking off for the Power Shift gamemode, with a special prize incentive. On top of that, you’ll find changes spanning the following categories:

  • Audio
  • Gameplay
  • Modes
  • Maps
  • UI/UX
  • Animation
  • General
  • Contracts
  • Security Updates

One hotly-discussed issue in this Reddit thread is the update to Contracts. Many people disagree with some changes to challenges, feeling as if they’ve been dumbed-down quite a bit and don’t offer much of a challenge at all, considering you have two months to complete them.

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