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Apex Legends Tier List – Season 10

How do all the Legends in Apex Legends' tenth season stack up? Here is how they rank in an Apex Tier List

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Apex Legends is EA’s battle royale title, developed by Respawn Entertainment. As of Season 10, there are 17 characters available to play, referred to as Legends. All 17 Legends have many different kits. Each Legend fits into in-game roles described as Offensive, Defensive, Support, and Recon Legends. We will go through each of the 17 Legends, ranking them in order of their strengths and viability in an Apex Legends Tier List specifically for the Battle Royale Mode.


Apex Tier List Methodology

This Apex Legends tier list features several ranks, from S Tier down to D Tier. The various brackets allow us to easily distinguish the various power levels of every Legend in the game. Furthermore, we’ve included a miniature tier list for every role in the game. This way, you can easily jump to a role you like playing, and see which ones you should be prioritizing in Season 10.

  • S Tier – The picks in this bracket are the strongest in the current metagame. These are the picks you’ll either be seeing in the esport tournaments, your favourite streamer play, or in higher-level ranked games.
  • A Tier – Picks in this bracket are overall very good. They are the characters that are historically always strong, but not quite meta favoured at the minute. Perhaps these are the picks that are not necessarily dominating the game but are certainly strong enough to be competitive.
  • B Tier – Overall, these characters are the most balanced. You’ll see that the characters in this bracket are fine and serviceable, with as many strengths and niches as possible. You’ll also see niche picks in here that can perform in certain settings.
  • C Tier – Sadly these Legends are slightly weak. Generally, you should avoid playing them unless you want a bit of fun in casual
  • D Tier – These Legends are completely unplayable and weak. They need a serious buff or a huge meta shift to become relevant again.

Apex Tier List

S Tier

Wraith Apex Legends

The key part of the Season 10 Apex Legends meta is that it’s based on mobility. The key aspects of this are via Bloodhound, Octane and Wraith. Depending on which region or your preferences are, a composition either consists of Octane and Bloodhound, or Bloodhound and Wraith. The third piece of either composition uses Gibraltar, as his abilities offer safety and the ability to frag as well.


Gibraltar is by far the best tank in the Apex Legends tier list as of Season 10. He has replaced Caustic as the dominant tank for this season. It is easy to see why, with elements of his kit, such as the Dome, being a necessary tool to create temporary cover. He can also dive into combat, abusing his 15% damage reduction passive and Arm Shield to help frag.


Bloodhound is one of the most aggressive characters in Apex Legends Season 10. The character is by far a necessary piece for making the composition work, regardless of whichever meta comp you play. The character is a Recon Legend, designed for using their ultimate and passive tracking to find where enemy teams are headed. These abilities flag enemy footsteps and direction, with Bloodhound’s ultimate making enemies glow red. You can opt to charge a team down yourself with all this information or 3rd party (become the third party that enters a fight between two other squads) and control the game’s pace more favourably.

The Flex Picks


Octane is a pick that has always been historically bad. However, with the game very much favouring the up-close-and-personal meta, along with getting into a fight with minimal fuss, Octane has recently become a great pick. His ultimate puts down Jump Pads, which right now is valuable for traversing, fleeing, and engaging as a team. Also, the game has become much more vertical, as fighting in the air makes gunplay more interesting and skillful.


Wraith has historically been the best pick in the game. While Respawn Entertainment has finally got the rest of the Legends in the game at an optimal level, Wraith doesn’t look as broken. But don’t let that balancing fool you. Her ability to disengage a battle, place portals between two locations and get added tactical information with her passive makes her a very strong pick. While she is not that meta anymore, she remains a very popular among Ranked grinders out there.

A Tier


Horizon is another solid alternative that has been a favored pick since she joined the game in Season 7. Although, in Season 10, she has dropped in the Apex Legends Tier List. The reason why is because of the nerfs targeting her Gravity Lift. The Gravity Lift now doesn’t launch players anywhere near as high as they once did. Instead, they glide much lower, coming back down to earth quicker than before. The nerfs make it easier to fight the airborne assaulters, which is partly why Octane is the preferred airborne Apex in the current meta. Although Horizon’s Gravity Lift still works to make quick escapes, the odd duke, or get to new elevations. Lastly, her Black Hole is a great ability for enclosed spaces or late game circles though that isn’t that useful in the current meta.


Lifeline is one of the best Support characters. Her Drone rework has made her a solid pick for Ranked gameplay, and her ultimate Care Package was given a boost. For Season 10, her ultimate was changed to guarantee a gear upgrade from the Care Package’s inventory. Also, her Drone now heals for 8 HP a tick. Sadly, her Drone doesn’t shield downed allies anymore, but it’s still effective at reviving while Lifeline provides cover fire. Overall, Lifeline is one of the best characters for Ranked pushers in Season 10, hence her A Tier position in the Apex Legends Tier List.


Valkyrie joined the roster for Season 10 and is already dominating the gameplay. Her jetpack allows her to reach numerous points on the map, along with her ultimate launching her team into the air and redeploying the entire squad. Also, her tactical ability, Rocket Swarm, stuns all enemies hit by the salvo, which is a nice way of securing a kill, team wipe, or down.


Seer is the Legend joining the Apex Games in Season 10. This character in some ways is both a worse and better Bloodhound. The information you can gain from both his tactical and ultimate ability gives pin point information, enemy health bars. If you need to fight indoors, or in area with lots of cover, Seer is a perfect pick. If we ever head back to a Wattson or Caustic meta, this pick is going to be even better if we ever return to a hunker down meta.

B Tier

The Average Offensive Legends


Bangalore is a middle-of-the-pack character because of her kit. Her Smoke Grenades are nice and all, but they are only really useful for providing cover for an escape and a lot of other characters simply do it better (looking at you, Octane, Valkyrie, Wraith). Finally, the Rolling Thunder’s ultimate is limited to wide-open spaces. It forced enemies to reposition, but with so much aerial gameplay in the game, it doesn’t matter at the minute.


Loba is a character that has been up and down the tiers all through the game’s lifespan. At one point, she was easily one of the worst characters in the game. However, she can come across as an A-Tier pick in the right hands. Her Burglar’s Best Friend ability is decent, allowing her to move and shoot while teleporting to a new location to escape the fray. Although, her ultimate is still a rather niche and impractical for team compositions. She isn’t bad for climbing through Ranked though.


Revenant has always been a B-Tier Legend at heart.  At one point in 2020, the Legend was popular when pro teams made him a core part of their aggressive playstyles – although his popularity has waned since. His Ultimate Totem ability is a big part of his kit, making him useful in the current meta for resurrecting himself. However, Bloodhound, Octane, and Valk simply offer more when it comes to team movement speed and information gathering. That being said, Revenant remains a healthy and edgy middling character in the Apex Legends Tier List, and capable in the right hands.

The Old Guard


Pathfinder was one of the most dominant Legends in Apex Legends for a very long time. However, much needed nerfs to his weird hitbox, Grapple and Zipline, left Pathfinder in the dust. There are simply lots of other characters that now do what Pathfinder did, such as Loba’s improved Tactical, along with Wraith, Octane and Valkyrie offering more viable team-wide movement utility.


Wattson was once the queen of Apex Legends, creating her own meta on her release in Season 2. The game has evolved a lot since then, and she is now merely an average defensive Legend in the game. The reason why is simply down to Respawn buffing, making it easier for other Legends (such as Crypto) to counter her. Also, her abilities don’t work at the minute, with the meta focusing on killing and travelling fast rather than hunkering and bunkering. If the meta changes, she could shoot back up to A Tier.


C Tier

Mirage Apex Legends


Crypto was a Legend that was once an S Tier Pick. Sadly, his place in the meta is no longer warranted. He was once the ultimate Tank Buster, nuking enemy encampments stalwart defences in the form of Wattson and Caustic abilities with his Drone’s EMP. Due to the two latter picks dropping out of the meta, Crypto follows them down the Apex Tier List ladder. Crypto’s biggest weakness is when he enters Drone mode. If he gets caught in that mode, especially in the fast-moving meta of Apex Season 10, he will likely feel a dagger to his back, making him more of a liability.


Fuse’s launch in Season 8 was rather disappointing. The character is all about delivering heavy ordinance, nuking down abilities and creating utter chaos. However, his abilities offer nothing to the team and can be very predictable. Also, Respawn Entertainment doesn’t want to make Fuse a character who can kill with abilities alone. With that philosophy limiting Legend design, Fuse will always feel slightly weaker when compared to other Offensive characters.


Mirage had a fairly recent rework, making them much more complex and difficult to master. He now has several doppelgangers shadowing his movements, in an effort to bamboozle and outwit opponents. As for his team utility, he does make himself and his downed ally invisible while in the Revive mode which can be incredibly useful, even in a firefight. Although, it isn’t as effective as Lifeline’s team utility as both he and his downed teammate can be gunned down after the revive is done. For that reason, Mirage remains low on the Apex Legends Tier List.

D Tier

Rampart Season 10


Caustic was once the S Tier pinnacle Tank. His grand fall from grace came after Respawn Entertainment nerfed his damage ticks on both the ultimate and canisters in the Apex Legends Chaos Theory patch. Furthermore, gas isn’t as effective at the minute, with many players launching themselves in the air and across the map, rather than hunkering down in buildings or fortifications. If his damage goes up again and the meta changes, there is no doubt that Caustic will ascend the tiers. But for now, he is in the past.


Rampart is sadly a character that is destined for failure. In a game that relies on mobility and constant manoeuvring, Rampart is at a disadvantage. Her AMP Cover walls are simply too unreliable in combat, with enemies able to destroy them before they’re deployed. Also, the Shelia turret ultimate ability causes more issues than its worth with static positions. Also, Wall defences are largely irrelevant when an enemy team can just fly over them. Rampart is a very very situational character, and sadly as of now, there’s not been a situation to use her in.

Best Legends in Apex Legends

If you are looking for an easier to follow ranking of all the Legends in each class, here is a quick rundown on the best Legends per role

The Best Defensive Legends

  1. Gibraltar
  2. Wattson
  3. Caustic
  4. Rampart

Best Offensive Legends

  1. Wraith
  2. Octane
  3. Horizon
  4. Revenant
  5. Bangalore
  6. Fuse
  7. Mirage

Apex Legends Best Recon Legends

  1. Bloodhound
  2. Valkyrie
  3. Crypto
  4. Pathfinder

The Best Support Legends

  1. Lifeline
  2. Loba


This concludes our Apex Legends Tier List. We hope you enjoyed our run through the Apex Legends Season 10 best picks and meta-analysis. Let us know how you fare in Season 10 in the comments below.

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