What Internet Speed Do You Need To Stream Games?

Online gaming has changed our gaming experience over the years, and this was all made possible by wonderful broadband internet. Of course, playing online with a good connection was never really an issue for most, as even the slowest of broadband connections could get away with relatively low ping. But what internet speed do you need to stream games?

What Internet Speed Do I Need To Stream Video Games?

Streaming on platforms like Twitch and YouTube has not only brought in a wave of new-age gamers, but it has also brought games and personalities a large following. The problem many will find is that for a good quality stream, there is a minimum requirement internet speed. 

With gamers now broadcasting their gameplay to their respective audiences, a fast internet connection has never been more important. Twitch recommends its streamers have at least 3 Mbps upload speed. Of course, this recommendation should be taken with a pinch of salt as it largely depends on the resolution you wish to stream at.

For the best results at 1080p, you are going to want to make sure you have a minimum upload speed of around 5-6 Mbps, but you can broadcast at a resolution of 420p with as little as 1 Mbps. 

What If My Internet Isn’t Fast Enough?

Slow internet is the bane of any gamer’s life; the last thing you need when playing is lag. Luckily there are a few things you can do to increase your internet speed while gaming/ streaming. These tips we will outline below could help you get a better online experience without the need for upgrading your current internet package. 

  • Check bandwidth usage While it is true that online gaming doesn’t take up much bandwidth, if it’s congested with other internet usages (someone watching Netflix), then you are going to notice an unstable ping when playing. For a quick fix, turn off Netflix, make sure no one is downloading, and you will see a huge difference.
  • Move your router – If you are connecting wirelessly to your router, then you may want to try relocating the device closer to your gaming PC/ console. The improved signal could boost your general internet speed.
  • Ethernet cable Try going wired! That’s right; we may live in the age of wireless technology, but a wired connection can offer you a much more consistent experience, and it negates the issues with dropouts.

If these changes aren’t making a significant impact on your experience, the chances are your internet isn’t quick enough, and you are going to have to upgrade your package or potentially switch providers. 

How Does Ping Impact Streaming?

The quality of your stream can depend on your ping rate (the speed data is sent from your PC to the server and back). Ping or latency as it can sometimes be known is measured in milliseconds, and the lower this rate is, the quicker your data is transferred, and the smoother your gameplay will be. For optimal online gaming, you are going to want a ping around 30ms, but games are very playable up to around 70ms.

What Internet Connection Type Is Best For Streaming?

You are going to want to avoid using Wi-Fi unless you have seriously quick internet. For the best results, use a wired connection and opt for Fibreoptic if you are looking to change your current internet package. 

Final Word

If you are looking to provide a quality service from your channel and you feel your internet speed just isn’t up to it, then I’m afraid you are going to have to up your current ISP package. Alternatively or while you wait for the upgrade, consider recording gameplay and uploading the content for viewers to watch on-demand.